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Jeni and Her Stepfather : Part 3

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Caleb woke to the feel of Jeni’s lips sliding down the length of his cock. He knew it was her because Teresa had left on a business trip several hours earlier. He sat up on his elbows and looked down at her as she tried to take his whole shaft into her mouth; he was surprised again when she took all of him without gagging. “That’s Daddy’s girl,” He said, “Take that dick like a pro.” He groaned as she slid back to the head then slowly worked her way down again, deep throating him. When she pulled back again he got up on his knees so he could fuck her face. He grabbed her head and began to fuck her, her throat bulging as he pulled her farther down him, “Yeah, eat Daddy’s dick.” He said, looking down at her. “Do you want me to fuck you Baby?”

He asked, pulling back so she could answer. She looked up at him adoringly and nodded, “Yes Daddy. I want you to fuck me, and then after I squirt all over your big dick I want you to stick it in my ass.” She blushed as she said it, trying to look away. Caleb smiled, “I told you before baby, I’ll rip you in half… But I can use your mom’s toys on you…”

Jeni smiled up at him, “Fuck me, Daddy… No one makes me feel like you do Daddy.” She said, turning and presenting herself to him. Her pussy was dripping, and he could tell she had been playing with her asshole. He wondered briefly how long she had been in the room before he woke up, then took Teresa’s buttplug from its place in the drawer on her side of the bed. “Have you been a dirty girl?” He asked, getting behind her. “Have you been playing with mommy’s buttplug?” He asked, spitting on it to get it wet, then sliding it between her pussy lips to catch some of the juices gathering there before sliding the tip of it into her asshole.

Jeni gasped as Caleb began to slide the buttplug up her ass, she squealed a little then pushed back at his hand as he shoved the toy all the way into her rectum. She grunted and dropped her head, “That feels so good Daddy.” She moaned, “Fuck me now Daddy… I need to feel your big cock inside me Daddy.” Caleb didn’t have to be told twice; he positioned himself at her opening and slid into her, going balls deep. “Mmmm Jeni, Baby, you feel so good.” He said, pumping his hips and pistoning his rock hard dick into her dripping young pussy.

He could feel her trying to push the buttplug out as he fucked her, and cupped his hand over the toy in her ass so it couldn’t pop out as he slammed his dick into her pussy. “Do you like that?” He grunted, “Do you like Daddy’s big dick?” He asked just as her back arched and she squirted all over the sheets, he kept fucking her hard, and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her head back. She continued to shake, her arms getting rubbery. “Oh God, DADDY!!!!” She screamed just as he pulled out of her pussy, grabbed the buttplug, and pulled it out of her so he could cum all over her ruined asshole. He aimed the head of his cock for her anus and shot his load deep in her rectum.

“That doesn’t count because I only came in your ass.” He said, rolling her onto her side with the head of his cock still in her asshole. “Who do you love, Baby?” He asked, his eyes drifting closed. “You Daddy, only you.”

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