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Jeni Loves Her Stepfather

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Jeni watched her mother flirt shamelessly with the waitress at the Olive Garden where they had gone to celebrate her step-father’s birthday. She was sure her mother would attempt to make a pass at the woman if her step-father hadn’t been there. It disgusted her, not the whole lesbian thing, she totally got that, but the fact that she could treat her sexy daddy as though he weren’t even there. Jeni smiled across the table at him, “Happy birthday, Daddy.” She said, “I left your present at the house, but I can give it to you later.” She dropped him a little wink, knowing her mother wasn’t paying attention.

He smiled back at her, “So, Teresa” He cleared his throat, “Are we all set here?”

Teresa looked over at him carelessly, “I just have to run to the ladies room, I’ll meet you at the car if you want.” She said, getting up quickly and following the waitress towards the front of the restaurant.

He shook his head as he watched her walk away, “Jeni, baby, you can’t be like that with me in public… Or ever…” He said when he saw Teresa turn the corner towards the bathroom.

“But Daddy,” Jeni pouted, “I love you so much… And mom treats you like you’re nothing… You deserve so much better.” She licked her lips, “Someone who would do anything for you.”

“And where do you suggest I find that, baby girl?”

Jeni pouted again and gestured at herself, just as Teresa returned from the bathroom. “Ready to go?” She asked cheerily, “I just got a call from work while I was in the bathroom.” She said, slipping her phone back in her purse. “I’m sorry Caleb, but I’m gonna have to go in for a little bit…” She didn’t wait for him to say anything, she just blew him a kiss and fluttered her fingers at him in a quick wave before she headed off.

Jeni smiled at him, “Now I can give you your present!” She cried out in delight, clapping her hands excitedly like a child. “Let’s get out of here.” Caleb payed the bill and they headed towards his car. Jeni grabbed his arm as they headed out, drawing envious looks from some of the other men in the restaurant. Caleb didn’t mind having Jeni on his arm, he was genuinely proud of her and loved her like a daughter, even though the thought of her in her tiny school uniform gave him a raging hard on.

When they arrived back at the house it was pitch dark inside and Teresa’s car was not in the garage, not that they had expected her to be there. Jeni had no doubt in her mind that she was going to give her Daddy the best gift she had ever given anyone. She had been very good ever since the first time he had had his hands on her. She hadn’t “accidentally” walked in on him in the shower, she had made an honest effort to act like nothing had happened, but it was the hardest thing she had ever had to do.

She often went to bed thinking about his huge dick sliding between her pussy lips, not penetrating her, just rubbing her sensitive clit. She would lay alone in her bed, tugging on her nipples and working two fingers in her pussy and asshole, imagining his big hands on her body as she coaxed herself to an orgasm. She had been watching her mother with him, and it made her sick. Caleb’s big cock was always hard in the morning when he came downstairs for coffee, and Teresa would breeze through with a big smile on her face and not even a peck on the lips for her clearly frustrated husband. She acted like he wasn’t even there most times, and Jeni couldn’t stop picturing him fucking her with her mother’s own glass buttplug.

Jeni didn’t realize that she had stopped dead in the doorway until Caleb walked into her back, almost knocking her down on her knees. “Sorry,” He said, grabbing her by the elbow so she wouldn’t fall. “I was thinking about something…” From the urgent prodding at her backside, Jeni had a feeling she knew exactly what he had bneen thinking about. She purposely arched her back and ground her butt on his cock before fully righting herself and heading farther into the kitchen.

“Did you turn off the light timer?” She asked Caleb, reaching for the light switch. He shook his head no as she flipped on the kitchen light to reveal a large butcher block in the middle of the room and a very modern kitchen besides that. Jeni took off her jacket and slung it over the back of a chair, revealing her tight black top. Caleb wondered briefly if she had a bra on underneath, but figured she didnt because he would probably be able to see it. She hopped up on the butcher block, sitting with her knees tightly together but her feet wrapped around the sides of the butcher block.

“Daddy,” She started, slowly letting her knees fall apart, “I wanna give you your present now.” She said, lifting the hem of her little red skirt. “Do you want it?” She asked.

Caleb stood back where he was, trying hard to keep the thickness out of his voice, “We can’t do this Jeni.” He said, tilting his head involuntarily to catch a glimpse of her bald pussy just in the shadow of her skirt.

“Yes we can, Daddy.” Jeni said, pulling the skirt up around her waist and sliding a finger between her pussy lips. “I’m so wet Daddy.” She said, purposely overusing the special name she only used for him. “I want you Daddy. I want your cock.”

At that Caleb lost his self control, he took three long strides across the room and had his face buried in Jeni’s pretty pink pussy before she even finished saying “cock”. He slid his tongue up and down her moist folds, devouring her musky juices as greedily as a man dying of thirst. With his face buried in her pussy, and her hands tangled in his sandy blonde hair, he slid his middle finger into her cunt, roughly fingering her as she bucked against his face. Without hesitating, he took his thumb from the same hand and slid it into her puckered asshole.

Jeni jumped, surprised that he had gone straight for her asshole this time, but incredibly turned on. She wrapped her legs around his neck and ground her pussy on his expert tongue, “Oh, Daddy!” She cried out, back arching as she reached her first orgasm.

Caleb continued to eat her pussy as she shuddered from her orgasm, wanting her to be slippery and ready for him when he took her virginity, and from the tightness on his finger, he was sure she was a virgin. His cock throbbed at the thought of being the first to enter her, and he pulled back from her, unzipping his pants and pulling out his dick. He was hard, harder than he had ever been, his cock pointing directly at her. Jeni reached for it with both hands, but Caleb stepped back out of her reach.

“It’s my present, right?” He asked when she pouted at him, when she nodded he stepped back between her legs and pressed the head of his cock against her dripping cunt, sliding in easliy. She took in a sharp breath as he pressed deeper into her, and he pulled back uncertainly, watching her reaction.

Jeni reached for him again and he began to slide back into her, she moaned, “Oh, Daddy…” She sighed, as he slid deeper into her, he was sure he’d hit her hymen at any time, but was surprised to slide all the way into her without causing her pain. He pulled back and entered her again, faster this time now that he didn’t have to worry about hurting her. She sat up and wrapped her arms around him, bringing their lips together, and tasting herself on his tongue. “Daddy…” She whispered, laying her head on his shoulder as he gently rocked into her.

“Yes, baby?”

“I’m not a virgin, you don’t have to be gentle with me.” She wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into herself, “Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me hard.”

At her words Caleb began pounding into her young pussy, eliciting excited squeals from his horny step daughter. He ground his dick into her, lifting her up off the butcher block and repositioning them so he had her bent over it as he rammed into her from the back, with her feet about six inches off the floor. He slid his thumb back in her ass as he pounded her pussy, she cried out then, arching her back and orgasming again as he pulled out of her and shot his load all over the back of her legs, pussy and ass. He let her slide down so her feet touched the ground, then let his body weight down on top of her as they lay panting across the butcher block.

“Happy birthday, Daddy.” Jeni said then, “I hope you liked your present…”

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