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Jake's Speedo

(Part 1 from 1)

Mark watched eagerly as the water polo team emerged from their locker room, wearing nothing but Speedos. They were laughing and talking as they moved towards the pool, it was a big game.

The game was a close one, each player played as hard as he could. In the end however, they lost. The home team showered and then left soon to go party. The rival team went to the locker room and showered. The crowd began to disperse but Mark stayed behind, pretending to read his book. One of them was still in the pool while the rest were in the locker room. He was practicing lap swimming. Eventually, the rest of the team began to leave, and soon he was the only one remaining. Soon, everybody in the bleachers was completely gone and it was just the two of them. The player swimming laps and Mark “reading” his book.

Finally, the player got out of the pool after nearly twenty minutes of swimming alone and walked over to the locker room. He pulled the door, but it was locked. Everybody had left and now he was locked out of the locker room without his clothes! He swore and considered his options. He thought about calling somebody even though he knew that would be humiliating. Anyway, his cell phone was with his money and his clothes - locked inside. He turned and noticed Mark reading a book in the bleachers. The guy looked to be about twenty five and had blonde hair. He looked around, there was nobody else around. He realized that he had two options: ask this stranger for assistance/a ride home, or wander around in just a Speedo looking for a phone to call for a friend.

He finally walked up to Mark who had been tracking the guys desperate situation. Mark was excited at the prospect. He introduced himself and his predicament. He was a sophomore at the rival university and on the water polo team, his name was Jake.

Jake had short brown hair, was tall, well defined, and judging by his speedo bulge - well endowed. Jake asked him for a cell phone. Mark didn’t have one but offered a ride home. Jake couldn’t refuse that offer at this point. It was getting dark and cloudy, and it was very humid, even for summer on the south coast.

Mark told him he didn’t have anything for Jake to put on but that his car wasn’t far away. As they got into the car, Mark asked Jake where he lived, Jake told him that he lived almost sixty miles north., a few miles from the university. “Some of us drove here in separate cars and others took the bus, my car keys are with everything else.”

While they drove the one hour drive there, Mark and Jake had a surprisingly normal conversation, considering that Jake was sitting in a speedo in a strangers car. Jake told Mark about himself. He had been playing water polo and swimming since high school and now he was majoring in Architecture. He was nineteen years old, twenty in a month.

Mark asked what Jake was going to do about his stuff in the locker room. Jake told him that they had to go back for another game next week and that his stuff was in a locked locker. As he was explaining this, it began to rain and thunder rumbled above. Looked like that tropical storm was arriving ahead of schedule. As the rain got heavier, so did the wind. Lightning flashed across the sky and bolts came down in the distance. Mark turned on the radio which was advising that people stay in their homes and get off the road. They were still forty miles from their destination but it seemed to be getting dangerous to drive. Mark told Jake that would have to stop for the night. Jake said that was fine - he was in no hurry to get home.

They pulled off the nearly deserted highway and pulled up to a motel. Mark went inside and requested a one king bed room. Mark then went out to a waiting, speedo wearing Jake and told him that they only had one room left and it was a one king. Jake said that was fine since there was no other hotel around nearby. They parked near the room and Jake, in his speedo, ran up to the room. They both hurried it, it was freezing cold and very stormy outside.

Once inside, Mark took off his soaking sweatshirt. “Damn it, it’s soaked through“, he said looking down at his wet t-shirt. He took off his wet t-shirt and his wet jeans and placed them on the radiator. Jake felt ridiculous as he dried his speedo with a towel and then came out and lay town on to bed to watch TV. Mark came over and lay next to Jake. Jake felt kinda weird, laying in nothing but a skimpy speedo on a bed with a stranger in just underwear. Still, Jake looked over at Mark to see what he looked like half naked. Mark was pretty well defined and a few inches taller than him. They sat and watched some badly acted, action, made-for-TV movie for an hour.

Mark was very excited but tried to not let it show. He glanced every few moments over to Jake’s crotch. Outside the thunder rumbled.

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At about eleven o’clock, Jake said he was going to go to sleep, Mark said he was too and they both got under the covers, mere inches from each other.

Jake lay awake. He had a raging hard on, that’s why he said he wanted to sleep, so it wouldn’t be visible. He was so horny he would fuck anything right now. He wanted to jack himself off but he was afraid he would wake up Mark. He slid his hand into his Speedo and started massaging up and down slowly on his penis. He did this for a moment. He hadn’t cum for two entire days for a variety of reasons: he didn’t the have time nor privacy, he had been saving up for a special occasion that never came, and he had been so tired from the intense training and classes in the past couple of days that he never had much energy. He badly wanted to get up and do it in the bathroom but he’d wake up Mark and then he’s put two and two together - embarrassing. So, he lay there rubbing slowly and hoping that he could cum eventually.

“Want some help with that?” said a voice out of the darkness. Shocked, Jake jumped and promptly fell out of the bed. He stood up. Mark was looking at him and sitting up. Jake turned bright red and started stammering. Mark pulled the covers over and stood up, he had a huge hard on in his boxers. They stood there, looking strait at each other, only a foot from each others faces. Mark dove in on Jake.

Mark kneeled in front of Jake and pushed his head up to the front of Jakes Speedo. There was a large bulge in the front and a figure of a cock going sideways along his front, pinned down by tight fabric. He kissed the figure of the cock from it’s head to it’s source. He reached back and clasped Jake’s firm, tight ass. He pulled down the Speedo quickly and Jake’s hard cock sprung out, released from it’s _____. Mark grabbed a hold of his sausage and stuffed it into his mouth. It was well sized, large but not unmanageable at about eight inches and reasonably thick. While he took Jake’s cock further and further into his mouth, he fondled Jake’s

Mark sucked on Jakes pride for a while and then Jake started to approach climax. Mark immediately stopped short or orgasm which confused (and disappointed) Jake. Mark told Jake to get on the bad and Jake knew he was going to have anal sex. Jake got onto the bed on all fours and contemplated his situation while Mark set about lubricating himself and Jakes asshole. He was about to have hardcore gay sex. He thought about leaving, he was scared of being penetrated, but he knew he couldn’t and plus, he felt curious.

As Mark lubricated Jake’s tight ass, he noticed how tight it was and smiled - this was gonna be a good one! He finally readied himself behind Jake. He loved looking at them like this, on fours, waiting to be dealt with, and oh so hot. He placed his hard dick at the end of Jake’s ass pussy. He pushed it forward just a bit, opening it. He knew that most people would try to stretch and relax Jake’s asshole first but he liked it better this way - the pain Jake endured would make it more sexy anyway. He pushed further forward.

Jake’s mouth opened wide but he said nothing, it hurt so damn much and he wanted to stop him but strangely, he was enjoying the pain. It pushed further forward and Jake thought he would go crazy - it hurt so good. After fiddling about with the tip of his cock in Jake’s ass, Mark decided to get serious and proceeded with the insertion. He pushed steadily forward into Jake causing immense pain. Jake felt the dick moving further and further into him, it reached a point where it couldn’t go any further - then went even deeper until he felt Mark‘s balls press against him. All this time, Jake had been speechless but as soon as Mark began to withdraw, Jake let out a long, constant moan which enthralled Mark so much he could swear that his dick grew bigger.

Mark pressed on forward again, a bit faster - getting another moan out of Jake. At this point, Mark was surprised to hear Jake commanding “harder, faster” which Mark was more than happy to oblige. He thrust his cock in and out of Jake who yelled out in delight. Soon, the only noises were that of the smacking of balls against ass and of Jake’ yelling for more. Mark stopped and told Jake to turn over. He then proceeded to fuck Jake even harder on his back. Jake felt himself approach climax and begged for Mark to give it all he could. Mark was ramming his cock so far up Jake and so hard and fast, that Mark feared the safety of this bitch. Then, Jake began to have an ejaculation not unlike a volcanic eruption, splattering all over Jakes hard body, gushing down his cock and covering his balls, cum shot strait up and even got onto Mark’s abs. Jake continued to cum, with ever fuck shooting out some more, much of it landing on Jake’s ecstatic face.

The sight of Jake being fucked and covered in his own semen would drive anyone to orgasm and Mark was no exception who had a huge ejaculation inside of Jake. He came ropes and yelled as he experienced a spellbinding orgasm, he pulled out of Jakes gaping, now-dripping-with-cum asshole and looked down at his work. Laying on the bed, was a cum covered, well fucked, teenager in heaven.

The next morning, they got up, still naked and went to have a shower, Jake walked with a slight limp. In the shower, Mark washed Jake from head to toe - with his tongue.

Once out on the road, with the skies clearing, Jake said little, still donning nothing else but his Speedo - which Mark had secretly jacked off into this morning. When they came within half an hour, Jake asked if he could please suck Mark’s dick. Mark, without saying anything, adjusted his seat and kept driving with a head in his lap. Eventually, he found the feeling to be so great, that he pulled over so that Jake could finish up and swallow everything.

Mark invited Jake to live with him for the duration of college after he moved closer to the town Jake attended University on the condition that Jake brought water polo friends back home once in a while.

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