Jack and Jill

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It was late afternoon when they finally had the house to themselves. The evening was getting dark with the last light of a beautiful but cold November day fading. Isobel was in the kitchen preparing dinner for them both whilst sipping a glass of wine and Peter was stoking up a huge log fire in the drawing room.

Hearing him come into the kitchen behind her, Isobel turned and smiled at him whilst handing him a glass of wine. "Brrrrrrrr" he said, a wicked glint in his eye as he rubbed his hands together, "it's damn cold today, I need a heat!" Laughing as she turned back to the vegetables, Isobel told him to go back and sit by the fire if he needed some warmth. 

Peter however had other ideas as he sneaked up behind her and slid his icy cold hands under her top and cupped her breasts. Isobel squealed as his cold hands touched her warm skin and tried to wriggle to get away from him. "You Bastard" she shrieked in between giggles, "STOP!!! Stop it!! You'll pay! You'll damn well pay for that!!!" 

"I like the sound of that," Peter teased her, as he held her close to him feeling the effect his cold hands were having on her nipples. Reaching for a kitchen chair he pulled her down onto his lap, so she was sitting facing him straddling his thighs. 

"Funny isn't it," he mused, "how a woman's nipples grow hard with the cold, whereas it has the opposite effect on a guy?" 

"Mmmmmm," Isobel grinned seductively, as she mooched around on his lap, "something has had an effect on you alright, and I don't think it was the cold!"

Lowering her head Isobel kissed Peter softly on the lips, teasingly at first but with every breath growing more passionate. Peter's hands continued playing with her breasts, reaching into her bra and toying with her by now erect nipples. Subconsciously she started to move her hips as she sat on his knee, gyrating against his awakening erection. Kissing her back with fervour Peter grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the bedroom, both of them shedding their clothes as they went, giggling like two school kids, eager, hungry to feast on each other's bodies.

Collapsing onto the bed in just their underwear they resumed kissing and caressing each other. Peter ran his hands up and down along Isobel's arms and back as she clung to him, their legs entangled, their mouths and tongues locked together as they kissed and breathed in each other's breath. 

Expertly Peter unhooked her lacy bra and slid it off her shoulders. Burying his head into her full, soft yet pert breasts he groaned huskily "you are sooo sexy Baby, and you have the most beautiful tits in the world." 

As if to prove his point he ran his tongue around the edge of her breast, working his way in little circles towards her nipple, his hand firmly clamped on her other breast. Biting and nibbling on each breast in turn he could feel Isobel's body responding as she moaned in pleasure beneath him.

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Pulling away from her and getting to his feet he pulled his boxers off then deftly pulling her thong over her hips and onto the floor. His erection was now really throbbing as he admired her lying sideways across the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of black lace top, thigh high stockings. Lying on her back, and manoeuvring her head so it was almost hanging off the edge of the bed, Isobel reached hungrily for his cock, guiding it slowly into her mouth. Her eyes locked on his, she began to slowly lick and suck the tip of his cock, loving the taste of his salty juices as they oozed from his slit. Opening her mouth more she slid him in deeper until his heavy balls were against her forehead. Gasping, Peter began to feed her his cock, hugely turned on as he watched it disappear into her mouth as she lovingly sucked on him.

Her tongue worked on his cock, her lips squeezing him and her teeth grazing against his throbbing erection. The angle of his cock was perfect as he slid in and out of her mouth, sliding deep into her throat and then slowly withdrawing before she took him deep into her mouth once again. Her lips were covered in his juices as she noisily sucked him. 

Needing to taste her now he bent over her body, gently spread her legs and ran his tongue along her by now dripping slit. He adored how wet she got for him; she always told him it was one of the greatest compliments she could give him. Her juices tasted sweet and creamy, and he could feast between her legs for hours. His face smeared in her juices, he continued licking and lapping at her smooth, wet pussy, teasing her swelling clit before his tongue drove into her tight, wet cunt and then onto lick and kiss her tight rosebud. All the time Isobel was hungrily sucking his throbbing cock, his balls feeling ready to burst.

Not wanting to climax too soon, Peter broke their embrace. Moving to lie down beside her on the bed he wrapped his arms around her, pulled her close and kissed her hard on the mouth. They each tasted of each other and this only served to turn them on even more. Reaching down Isobel grasped Peter's hard cock in her hand and started pulling on his foreskin, running her hand along the tip of his cock and then smearing the shaft with his sticky precum. In response Peter slid his hand between Isobel's legs and began to circle her clit with his thumb as his fingers pushed into her wet pussy.

Kissing each other, wrapped around each other they continued to stroke and masturbate each other, each lost in a world of pleasure. Peter's fingers were expertly stroking Isobel's slit, increasing the pressure on her clit and then plunging deep into her soaking pussy. Her breath was coming in short almost raspy gasps as he continually brought her close to the edge without letting her lose control. 

She in turn was jacking his cock off, her hand alternating between pumping his shaft and cupping and squeezing his hard balls, something she knew that drove him wild. Her legs were thrown open wide across his, each of them with an arm around each other, their bodies facing each other and their lips and mouths pressed deeply together.

Rubbing Isobel's swollen clit furiously while feeling her hand working his cock, Peter alternated between finger fucking her cunt and her ass. Both of them were now covered in a thin film of perspiration, their fingers almost slipping off each other with a combination of excitement and juices.

Isobel's moans were driving Peter faster towards the edge and he could feel her body driving her towards orgasm. She was panting and moaning loudly, her tongue driving hard and fast into his mouth, her pussy completely exposed and her hips bucking against his fingers as she writhed against him with complete abandon. Simultaneously her hands were working frantically on his cock, sliding up and down on his hard shaft as he moved his body in tighter to hers. 

"Don't stop," she gasped into his mouth, "oh God, don't stop," as his fingers rubbed her clit incessantly, the sensations driving her towards an explosive orgasm. "Peter!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as her body shook and shuddered as the first wave of her orgasm crashed over her. Her body bucked and writhed against his fingers as wave after wave of extreme pleasure overcame her. 

Still pumping his cock in her hand she felt him suddenly stiffen and groan as he could feel his tight balls exploding and hot wads of cum shooting up inside his shaft, exploding over her hand and belly. Crying out to Isobel in ecstasy Peter shook and pumped his load of cum into her hand until his cock became too sensitive and finally they collapsed into each other's arms, gasping for breath and panting.

Both of them breathless and completely sated, Isobel curled into Peter's arms as he wrapped her in his embrace, softly kissing her forehead and smiling at her. "I love jack and jilling with you Lover," he murmured softly into her hair as he held her close, "that was just so sexy and so erotic." Snuggling down under the duvet they both drifted off into a relaxed and content sleep.

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