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It's Blackmail, Pure and Simple

(Part 3 from 3)

She walked to the bed and retrieved the tube of lubricant; handing it to him she crawled on the bed, pulled her pillow to her face and rose on her knees. “Lube me Johnny.”

He stood dumbfounded finally saying, “Monica?”

“Get me ready Johnny, if I’m going to be your lover I have to be able to handle you. I can’t right now so I’ve gotta learn. Now come on and get me ready.”

She wiggled her butt at him.

Her sphincter hadn’t yet regained its tightness, she was still slightly agape. Johnny applied the lube directly into her, rubbed some around her pucker then coated himself.

He spread her cheeks and guided his cock to her, he pressed in.

Monica moaned when he entered her, his head stretching her again. She started sobbing into her pillow as he pulled back on her hips piercing her with his shaft. He wasn’t violent but he wasn’t slow either, steadily he pulled her back as he slid deeper into her.

She felt her bottom contact his pubic hair, he was in her. He started to pump.

Johnny liked it better this way, he could watch as his cock pistoned in and out, alternately filling her and emptying her bowel, her anus turned inside out when he pulled back then was pushed back in when he thrust into her.

Monica was making little mewling sounds interspaced with the occasional sob, she sounded like an injured kitten.

Nearly ready, he was nearly there; he mounted her and fucked her harder, going deeper with each thrust, impaling her, stabbing into her guts. He pulled her back to him as he thrust once more and he exploded, he roared as his scalding cream washed her insides.

Monica had screamed when he jerked her back on him then had collapsed limply to the mattress. Johnny rode her down, still pumping her as she lay stunned.

He pulled out of her. Cum, two loads flowed from her, pooling on the sheet between her splayed thighs.

He rubbed her back; she still lay, silent and unmoving. Johnny feared that he’d killed her. But no, she was breathing, shallow, panting breaths; she was alive.

He lay down beside her. When she could finally move she pulled herself to him and buried her face in his chest.

She was wetting him with her tears, she whispered, “Ah man, Johnny what are we going to do, what are we going to do, I fainted, Johnny I just couldn’t take it.”

She put her head back down, Johnny stroked her hair.

When she was finally able she rolled over on her back.

“Go home Johnny but come back again tomorrow morning after the guys are gone, ok?”

When Johnny was gone Monica went to sit on the commode, she didn’t have to go but she had to leak, drained, at least partially, she put a light days pad in her panties, just in case, donned a pair of shorts and a blouse, sandals, a scarf and sunglasses. She wanted a little bit of a disguise for where she was going.

Monica had never been an adult store before but she knew where one was, she parked around back so no one would recognize her car and slinked in.

She knew what she wanted but she was too embarrassed to ask the girl at the check out. She wandered around until she found the rubber goods. She couldn’t believe the selections and some of the names for the things, there were butterflies and rabbits, long dongs you name it, they had it.

Ah there they were; butt plugs. From finger small to humungous, flesh, black, purple, pink damned near a rainbow of colors. She thought, what difference does the color make, the thing was going where the sun don’t shine anyhow.

She grasped them, measuring from memory until she found several that approximated Johnny’s size. Just standing there they looked huge. Now color, she’d never had a purple cock in her, never even seen one, she’d have her own. Some of them didn’t do anything, just plugged holes but several were motorized, battery powered. She picked a purple one, wireless, a hand held remote control with three vibrating speeds. She was startled to realize, just holding the thing, imagining where it was going, she was getting wet.

She went to the check-out; she paid cash, $43.50. She sure didn’t want this purchase showing up on a charge card statement.

Back home she looked at the clock; it was only 2:00. Byron wouldn’t be home ‘til 4:30, Ben got in at 6.

She went upstairs and undressed, she felt a tingling of excitement, this was the unknown, the forbidden, she rinsed her new toy and lubricated it, then herself.

She lay on the bed and tried to cram it in. She couldn’t, maybe someone else helping could have got it to go but she couldn’t. All she was doing was hurting herself then the damned thing would slide out.

In frustration she put it on the seat of her vanity stool and squatted over it. She got it aligned then she sat down. EEEOOOW, she just knew she’d split herself in half, she just sat there, impaled and hurting, God what she had to go through for a man. She picked up the remote, why not she thought, she switched it on low.

Ah, that was more like it; the vibrations gave her a little tingle. She turned it to the medium speed. God that was even better, it was more than a tingle; she could feel the vibrations in her uterus, her breathing increased as she enjoyed her uterine massage.

What the hell, go for the gusto, she upped it to high, wow, she felt like she was riding the A train, a steady buzz in her bottom and all the way up. It made her want to move. She wiggled back and forth on her stool. Now this would keep her moving when she did her housework. She slipped her panties back on; she didn’t think it could fall out but why take the chance, put on her shorts and blouse and went down stairs.

She was right, it did spede her through her chores but there was a drawback, for all the time she saved speeding along, she lost, she wanted to sit down and grind on the damned thing every ten minutes of so and her panties were wet, she was lubricating.

Boy, she’d like to sleep with it in her but no way, she and Ben slept together, she wasn’t sure he’d understand. The next time he had a business trip though, she would.

She took it out, washed it and hid it, it was a little after 4:00, Byron would soon be home.

Coming out was darned near as painful as going in; it didn’t soften like Johnny did.

The house was clean and dinner cooked by the time Ben got home.

Next morning the coffee was made waiting for Johnny, Monica was again wearing a robe, a different one, this one was a pale lilac but just as revealing. She was nude beneath it.

They finished their coffee and went upstairs. She didn’t need any foreplay, she wanted him in her, in her bottom, she wanted to be able to gage her progress.

I t still hurt when he entered her and she still saw stars when he really pounded her but it wasn’t as bad.

She had him come every morning for a week and she still wore her toy when she was alone it the house. Johnny was able to slide into her pretty easily by this time. She knew it was risky, having him come every day, they decided they’d meet on Thursdays, he’d gotten his college class schedule and Thursdays were vacant.

So Johnny only visited on Thursdays but her friend was still with her in all her private moments. She was already on her forth set of batteries.

It was October, Johnny was in his second month of college and it was Thursday. Monica was leaking just thinking about his arrival, she wanted sex, pure unadulterated pussy pounding sex. Her bottom wasn’t hungry but her vagina was starving, God she wanted his big cock in her.

When he finally showed up she drug him upstairs, no coffee, no conversation, just cock, she undressed him and pushed him backwards on the bed.

Johnny I want cock today, in my pussy, I want stuffed she said, she dropped her robe and straddled him.

She lowered herself on his mighty pole, she was full and she was satisfied. She started to post on him like a steeplechase rider, up and down, her cheeks pounding his hips, sliding up and slamming down, she tweaked his nipples and urged him,

“Play with my tits Johnny, pull on my titties.”

He twisted and tugged on them as she rode him. She pounded harder and faster, her released her breasts and gripped her hips meeting her pounding with thrusts of his own, she came down hard, ground her bottom against his and screamed out her climax, her juices were turning their crotches into a swampy morass when he came, shooting up into her with jet after jet of his hot semen. She finally slowed then stopped, sitting on him, still filled.”

“Wow, that was fun, I felt like Dale Evans with old Buttermilk between her legs if that horse’s saddle had a nine inch saddle horn.”

When she finally dismounted she stroked him several times, he was slick with their fluids then took him in her mouth until he was erect.

She knelt beside him saying, “Johnny I want you in me from behind. Not in my bottom though, I want you to fill up my pussy, come on, fuck me.”

She got on hands and knees and arched her back like a cat in heat. That’s how she felt, like she was in heat, she wanted to be banged and banged again, God her vagina was thirsty for his cum.

He got behind and mounted her, he could slide into her easily now, she was bigger, lots bigger. Johnny wondered how old Ben felt when he took his monthly, probably like he was opening a gate and fucking down a road.

He rode her hard; he wanted to hear her moan.

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His hips were slamming her bottom, they could hear the slapping of flesh on flesh, he was stroking her hard, fast and deep. She was moaning but not in pain, she was throwing her hips back, meeting his thrusts, forcing him deeper. He gripped her hips and powered in. Her vagina must have been stretched; he didn’t hit her cervix any more. What had been small valleys, her vagina and her anus were now gaping abysses. He stroked harder into the abyss that was her vagina.

It often took longer to cum, the friction wasn’t the same but he still loved to fill her. He didn’t worry about hurting her anymore; she could take as good as he could give; they could get wild.

Monica started to quiver under him, her body was trembling and her wail was intensifying. He swelled and spewed into her, she screamed her orgasmic scream as her body was shaking, contractions pinching him as he pumped out his load.

Monica lowered her body to the mattress; Johnny followed her down, still in her.

She sighed and said, “Wow Johnny Boy that was pretty intense.”

He rolled off of her and she turned onto her back, she spread her legs asking, “Ready to go again, I am.”

He looked down at her open invitation and joshed, “Easy enough for you to say, you only catch, I’ve got to pitch.”

With a wicked gleam in her eye she asked, “Well come here pitcher, let me warm you up.”

She stroked him, teasing the head, restoring his arousal, he hardened in her fist.

He crawled between her legs and entered her, pushing in his full length.

Monica sighed, “Oh that feels so nice Johnny, so nice.”

They took it slow and easy, long languid strokes, he toyed with her breasts, playfully pinching, twisting and tugging on them while he filled her.

She lay cooing, accepting his easy ministrations, enjoying his hands on her and his penis filling her. They climaxed the same was, hers a gentle release, his a flood into her. They lay together; he was still in her until he’d softened.

Beside her he drew her into his arms and kissed her the deep passionate kiss of a lover. They were lovers, never to be more. She was now thirty-eight, he was nineteen.

“Johnny, I’d like something to drink, you want a Coke or something?”

“Thanks Monica, a Coke would be nice.”

She slipped back into her robe and, barefooted, went downstairs.

Johnny was sitting up in bed when she came back, she handed him his Coke then lay down with her head in his lap.

She sighed, “Johnny do you ever think how we got started, what you did? I do, and I’m glad it happened. If you hadn’t such a sneaky bastard and taken those pictures we would have never have gotten together and I’d have missed out on all this. Johnny, I’ve never said it because it can’t go anywhere but, I love you, I suffer through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday mornings come and I’m wet, my panties are soaked until you get here, and yes before you get here I’ve got panties on. My thighs would be dripping if I didn’t.”

“I love you too Monica, sometimes I fantasize what it would be like for us if you were nineteen or I was thirty-eight, I’d want you for my wife. But I’m so happy you are my lover.”

“I want to take a little nap but I want you to stay, it may be the only chance we’ll get to sleep together.”

She rolled onto her side, her back to Johnny, “Spoon with me, hold me Johnny.”

He held her and nuzzled her neck, kissing it and nibbling on her hair, his hand went to her breast, he caressed her and she snuggled against him.

Johnny, could you put it in me, I’d like to sleep with you in me.”

She arched her back presenting herself to him, he was nearly hard, he slid into her awaiting vagina.

She squeezed him and whispered, “Maybe one more before we nap?”

He stroked into her, slowly deeply, filling her, she snuggled back against him and breathed, “Johnny, this is nice, so very nice.”

He felt a little orgasm flow through her, the contractions of her vagina brought him to climax, he added a forth deposit of his sperm deep within her.

“So very nice now stay in me, please Johnny.”

They slept for two hours, he was still in her when the wakened, filling her, plugging her soft flesh, keeping his sperm in her.

Once Johnny had left Monica still lay on the bed. She didn’t want to play with her toy and she didn’t want to do house work, she wanted to stay on the bed and reminisce.

She felt sluggish and logy, her tummy was bloated and her mood was lethargic. Her period was due in two days, maybe that was why she’d been so desperate to have her vagina filled and why she felt like she did now.

She dozed off.

The two days came and went. Her period didn’t start. Monica was as accurate as an atomic clock; she’d had her first period at twelve and every 28 days for the next twenty-two years. She thought, there’s always a first time, she’d wait a week

She waited a week; the only thing that happened was she began to feel sick in the mornings, if she ate anything more that toast and coffee she’d vomit it back up.

Johnny had come over two days ago, the sex had been raucous but she hadn’t mentioned what she was beginning to think of as her problem.

She put on shorts and a top, brushed her hair and drove to the drug store. She chose the ClearBlue three pack and went home.

After reading the directions she learned that the test was most accurate in the first urination of the morning, she hid the kits in her lingerie drawer.

The next day was Sunday, Ben and Byron were going golfing, they had an eight A.M. tee time, she was alone by seven thirty.

She got up, took off her nightie and retrieved one of the kits.

Sitting on the commode, she spread her legs and released. She stuck the test into her golden stream, it turned pink, she nearly panicked.

God what was she going to do, she tested herself twice more, the next two times she made a trip to the toilet, the results were the same, there was no question, she was pregnant. She tried to remember when she and Ben had last made love, she squirmed on the seat, damn, she couldn’t remember. She knew it had been at least two weeks. What was she going to do?

Fortunately Ben had never had a vasectomy; at least he wasn’t firing blanks.

Ben was just going to have to make her pregnant, she got his Viagra supply and took several of them, down stairs she chopped them up and put them through the food processor, pulverizing them into a fine powder, his food was going to he seasoned with Viagra for the next few days.

It worked, that night in bed Ben patted her hip asking, “Do you think we could Monica?”

She lifted her gown above her hips, “Yes Ben, I want you.”

He slipped into her, she could hardly feel him after Johnny but that was ok, she was getting what she needed.

After four nights of sex she asked, “My, what’s gotten into you Ben, you’re like a stud; I’m not complaining mind you, I love making love with you.”

“Guess I got my second wind, whatever it is I’m sure enjoying it.”

When Thursday rolled around she was waiting in the kitchen for Johnny, she was in one of her robes and she was naked underneath. They’d have a good time today but it would be the last time, she’d end it and be a good wife to Ben and a good mother to the child, Johnny’s child.

They had their coffee then went upstairs. They took pleasure in each other’s body but it was bitter sweet for Monica, it would be the last time.

After she asked Johnny to join her in the kitchen, they talked and she told him what had occurred, she told him this would be the last time.

“But Monica, you told me you were protected, that I didn’t need a condom, what happened.”

“Johnny I didn’t say I was on birth control; when you asked I told you that you didn’t need a condom. I’ve been sexual active since I was sixteen, twenty-two years and I’ve never used anything. I thought I was sterile but I guess you proved I wasn’t.”

Sadly, Johnny walked out the door.

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