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It was a hot Friday afternoon and Carrie felt tired as she made her way down the steps into the tube station. It had seemed a long day at school and Carrie just wanted to get home.

She waited for an age on the busy platform waiting for the circle line train that would take her home. She just managed to get through the doors into the tightly packed carriage. She was surrounded on all sides by the people pressing against each other.
The doors closed and the train pulled out of the station. It was stifling as they slipped into the darkness of the tunnel.

Then she felt it. The hand pressed against her bottom. It was an accident. The carriage was so packed.

But then it pressed harder against her firm rounded cheek and fingers started to grasp her through her blue pleated skirt. Fear ran through her. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t even turn her head to see. The hand squeezed again then slid down over her curvy bottom to slip under her skirt.

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She was petrified as fingers caressed her tight flesh through thin white cotton. She wanted to cry out but couldn’t. She felt helpless as someone took advantage of the overcrowding. Fingers slipped between her slim thighs to stroke the smell strip of material between her legs. She tried to squeeze her thighs together but couldn’t stop the invasion.

She felt her underwear being pulled to one side and her wetness being parted. Two fingers slipped into her tight virginity. She tried desperately to move but couldn’t. She felt hotter and hotter as fingers worked in and out of her most intimate place. She felt herself involuntarily parting her thighs as her breathing deepened and her body tingled.

She felt the fingers slip out of her and move to massage her clitoris. Little circular motions as her eyes closed and she gave in to the treatment. Her head was swimming as new sensations went through her. She began to press herself against the touch and was blissfully unaware of her surroundings as she moaned softly.

The tingling increased and she felt waves of heat go through her as the fingers continued to massage her tiny intimacy until she let go completely and a rush of ecstasy ran through her tight young body and a warm flood of juices was released over the fingers and her flimsy white cotton knickers.

It was a hot Friday afternoon and Carrie felt exhausted as she made her way up the steps from the tube station. It felt like a long time until Monday.

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