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Incest in beach hotel

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My sister, Jane, who lives not far from me, had a live-in boy friend, but has sent him packing. She introduced me to a friend, Ethel. I was told that she recently divorced her husband when he went off with another woman.

Ethel told me that, before her divorce, she and her husband used to go to a nice hotel on the coast which is near a sandy beach. As Jane and I were due for a week`s holiday would we like to go there with her? We would, and we all went to the hotel. The two women shared one room and I was in the room next to their`s.

When we were sitting in their room Ethel told us that the beach was a naturist one and she and her then-husband often went there. Would Jane and I like to do likewise with her?
I replied that I wasn`t sure about that because it mean that I would be naked with her and my sister and I`d never been naked with anyone. To be nude with my sister didn`t seem right.
Ethel asked me "How old are you, John?"
"Oh, come on!" Ethel exclaimed. "Grow up. This is the twenty-first century, not the nineteenth. There would be no harm in it".

I looked at Jane and after a while she said "All right John. Let`s try it. As Ethel said, there`s no harm in it"
The next day Ethel took us to the beach. There, with no hesitation, she stripped completely naked. I supposed that she was quite used to being naked with others.
My goodness, what a lovely figure she had. I had never seen a naked girl before, not in the flesh, though I`d seen photos in the sex magazines I buy. I sometimes masturbate when looking at them. It helps to control my sex urge. I was what I now know is called a `cock virgin`, never having had sex with a woman. I was content to masturbate.

The sight of the naked Ethel made my cock begin to rise and it may have shown as a bulge in the front of my trousers.
"What are you two waiting for?" asked Ethel. "Get undressed. You said you would try it".
"All right" said my sister. "We said we would so I suppose we are committed. Here goes then".
She removed her dress to reveal she was wearing a bra and panties. It was a view I liked. She had trouble unfastening the bra and Ethel did it for her, removed it, and dropped it on to the sand near the dress. Another nice sight, for her breasts, like Ethel`s were firm with erect nipples.

Then, a little hesitation. Perhaps she was somewhat reluctant to be completely naked. Ethel pulled the panties right down to the sand and Jane stepped out of them. She was now completely naked. Flat stomach, shaven pussy, like Ethel`s, and long, slender legs. I stared hard at my sister`s lovely, naked body and my cock hardened even more.

"Come on, John" said Ethel. "Get it all off". So I did but was slow in removing my briefs because my prick was nearly up and I wondered what they would think if they saw it. Would they be embarassed?
But it was Jane who pulled my briefs down and I was quite naked and my erection was revealed. Both Ethel and Jane seemed amused when I put my hands down to cover it. It was Ethel who pulled my hands away saying "Jane and I are showing everything. We want to see all of you. Both of us have seen a man`s hard-on. Don`t worry about it". Then, pointing at my erection, "Not bad, John".

The three of us sat on our towels for a while, with me in the middle, looking around. There were nudes, but a good way from us. We lay on our backs and let the sun shine on our fronts. My cock wasn`t fully up but at a slight angle to my body. I could see that both Jane and Ethel kept eyeing it. Then, a very big surprise, Ethel reached over and held it. That did it! My cock grew to full size.
"Goodness, that`s big" she said. "Bigger then my ex-husband`s".
"And bigger than my ex-boyfriend`s" was Jane`s reply. "I`d like to feel it". Ethel took her hand away and Jane held my erection. Now it was being held by my sister and I wondered if she would stroke it but she didn`t go that far, though I wished she would.

Eventually we all stood up, I with an erection. As there were no nearby nudists to see it we ran into the sea to swim. When Jane was a little away from us Ethel asked "Did you like it when I held your prick".
"Very much".
"I think you fancy me" said Ethel.
"Yes, I do".
"Perhaps we can do something about that" she said.

I confessed to her that if we did it would be the first time I`d had sex.
"I guessed that when you said you`d never seen a naked woman".
"If we do have sex it would have to be when Jane is not with us" I said.
"Judging by the way you kept looking at naked Jane I think you fancy her, too".
"Yes I do, now that I`ve seen her naked but that is out of the question. She is my sister after all".
When we had dressed and returned to the hotel we went to their room again. There, and I`ve no idea why, Ethel told Jane that she and I wanted to have sex together. Would she mind leaving us so that we could do it.
I will if I have to but can`t I stay?" asked Jane.
"Why?" asked Ethel.
I`ve never seen anyone having sex. I think it would be interesting to see it".
Ethel turned to me and asked what I thought about that.

"Why should I object? It wouldn`t worry me". I didn`t say so, but all I wanted was to fuck Ethel and I didn`t care who watched us doing it.
I think that as Jane and I are pretty well known to each other she must have known that I had never had sex with a woman.
"Let`s get on with it then" said Ethel. "John and I will undress".
"So will I" Jane said. "I think it will be exciting to watch you doing it if I am nude, too".

We all stripped naked and we were all standing fairly close to each other. My cock grew again but I made no sffort to hide it. It was helped when Ethel took hold of it. It was long enough for Jane to hold it with her hand next to Ethel`s. To my delight they both started to masturbate me using their two hands. I couldn`t believe my luck. I was being jerked off by two women and one was my sister. I was in heaven but I stopped them long before I would ejaculate.
It was at this stage when Ethel told Jane that I fancied her as well. Jane made no comment. Perhaps she was surprised or even annoyed.
Now Ethel lay on her back on the double bed and I lay beside her. Jane stood, watching us.

Ethel and I began masturbating each other again and again I stopped her before I would come. She, however let me make her cum, and she did, panting out "I`m cumming, John. It`s wonderful". I looked at Jane and she had fingers in her pussy, masturbating herself as she watched us.

Ethel now told me to lie on top of her which I did and Jane took my place on the bed. Ethel guided my erection to the lips of her cunt and said "Go in slowly, John". I did and both of us started cumming immediately. I pounded my cock into her, feeling it sliding against the flesh of her vagina. I was having the best sexual sensation I`d ever had, much better than when I masturbated. She wouldn`t let me withdraw until she had had several orgasms. Jane, I saw was still masturbating herself as she watched Ethel and me fucking each other.
Lying beside me Ethel said "That was the best sex I`ve ever had, John. You fancy Jane, so why not have her, too if she wants".
"But Jane is my sister. It isn`t allowed for me to have sex with her".
"I do`t care about that, John. I want to try the cock that gave Ethel such good sex, John. Come and do me".

I lay on my sister and fucked her. As Ethel did she came several times, squealing in her ecstacy before she was satisfied and I could withdraw. I didn`t ejaculate into her because I need about an hour before I can cum again after ejaculating. I discovered that when masturbating.
When we were again sitting on the bed Jane said "You were right, Ethel. My brother gave me wonderful sex. The best I`ve ever had. It must be the size of his cock that does it. He was wonderful and a `first timer` too. We must all do it again, don`t you think?"
We all thought we should but I said I was concerned because I`d ejaculated into Ethel. To that she said I needn`worry because she was on the pill. Jane said she was too. "The next time", she said, "I want John first because I want him to cum into me. He didn`t, this time".

For the remainder of our holiday I fucked Ethel and my sister each day. We all agreed it was a wonderful holiday, because Ethel had persuaded me to fuck my sister.
In fact, when we returned home, we often had threesomes.

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