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In Her Parent's Bed

(Part 1 from 2)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

It was a rainy Friday afternoon, and I was feeling a bit down. Two days ago, I had broken up with my first ever boyfriend Tony, and although it was for the best, I could still feel the sting of loss. I was stirred out of my moping by a tap at the door. Mommy stood there, with a mug of hot cocoa and a smile.

“It looks like someone needs chocolate,” she said.

I took the steaming mug, its warmth comforting in my hands, thanking her as she sat down beside me on the bed. She stroked my hair gently. I put down the mug, and nuzzled into her warm body.

“So you want to tell me what’s wrong, Lia? Sometimes it helps to talk about it”

“I broke up with Tony, Mommy.”

She pulled me in close for a hug, by face pressing into her soft breasts. “Oh sweetie. What happened?”

“Promise you won’t get mad it I tell you?”

“Of course, Lia.”
“Well, Tony and I… we had sex…”

“Really? I hope you used protection.”

“We did, I swear. The last thing I need is a baby right before I start college.”

good girl. Did you like it?”

“Oh Mommy, it was horrible! He went so fast. He just jabbed it in me, and it really hurt. It was over in just a few seconds. It was nothing like I dreamed it would be.”

Mommy held me tightly, letting me whimper on her fuzzy sweater. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, “I’m so sorry.”

After a while, she said, “Tony’s just a young boy, and obviously had no idea what to do with a woman. You need some with experience, someone who will take time to show you all the pleasures of love and sex.”

“Sometimes I get so jealous,” I confessed, “that you have Daddy, while I get a jerk like Tony. I’ll bet your first time with Daddy was great.”

She smiled, “Mmmmm, it was.”

“Did Daddy take your cherry, Mommy?”

“No. I didn’t meet your father until I was seventeen. I lost my virginity when I was fourteen, like you.”

“Was it bad?”

“Oh no. I was lucky. I had a very handsome, experienced man who I loved very much to take me through my first time. It’s still one of my fondest memories.”

“Who was it Mommy?

She kind of blushed, and then said, “Now it’s your turn to not get mad or anything, ok?”

“I promise.”

“My first time was with my father, your granddad.”

I felt a shock go through me that had nothing to do with disgust or revulsion. The news mainly hit me between the legs, a sexy tingling in my pussy. The truth was that I had the occasional incestuous thought towards my daddy, and even Mommy sometimes, but I dismissed them as childish fantasies as I grew older. Now my own mother had confessed to committing the very act I had always dreamed about.

“Wow Mommy, that’s amazing. It must have been very special.”

“Yes it was,” she said. Then she looked me in the eye, “And I want you to know that anytime you want, you can come to Daddy and I, even to our bedroom, just to talk… or whatever you want. I know for a fact that it would make your father very happy.”

She gave me a soft wet kiss on the mouth, and then left me to my hot chocolate and racing thoughts. My mind was made up before I even finished my cocoa. I was going to my parent’s bed that night.

We had a nice dinner that night, and watched a little TV, then Mommy and Daddy said good night. With my heart beating fast in my chest, I went to my room to change. I stripped down to my panties, and slipped on a long t-shirt. Then, I went to their door. I stood outside for a long time, too nervous to move. But finally, I took a deep breath, held it, and gave a timid knock. From behind the door, I heard Mommy say, “Come in.”

I opened the door, and saw my parents in bed, wrapped in each other’s arms under the sheets. They pulled apart, and Daddy patted the space between them.

“Come on pumpkin,” he said with a gleam in his eye, “It’s nice and cozy in here.”

I crawled up on their bed, and as Daddy pulled open the sheet for me, I could see they were both naked. My panties were already wet.

Daddy kissed me on the cheek, “Mommy tells me you had a bad experience with Tony. I know it’s hard, but I think you made the right decision to break it off with him.”

Mommy spooned me from behind, running her fingers through my long brown hair. “Yes. Daddy and I don’t want that experience to turn you away from sex. We want you to know that it can be as wonderful as you’ve dreamed about. Probably even better!”

She pushed my hair to one side, exposing my neck, and began to run little kisses down its length. Goosebumps rose on my flesh.

“Show me,” I whispered, “I want you and Daddy to show me.”

I turned into my mother’s embrace. She pulled my face to hers, and kissed me deeply. Her lips were softer than anything I had ever felt. Our tongues played between us, teasing and wet. As Daddy cuddled into me from behind, I felt his hand slip under my shirt, cupping a breast. His large masculine hand roamed over my tit-flesh, making me moan with pleasure into my mother’s mouth. My slit quivered as Daddy’s hard cock rubbed into my leg.

Mommy pushed the sheet down, exposing our bodies. “Let’s get your clothes off.”

She pulled the t-shirt over my head. As we resumed making out, I felt Daddy’s warm breath over my naked tit. His tongue began to lick around the stiff nipple, and I turned my body a little to give him better access. He sucked at one tittie, and then the other, taking his time as he explored my young body with his hands. Mommy bent down, and joined Daddy on my boobs. Then she met him in a long kiss. “Daddy’s going to suck your pussy, aren’t you Daddy?”

He answered with a smile, and kissed his way down my slim tummy, tonguing at my navel. I lifted my butt off the mattress, to help him as he pulled down my panties. As Mommy sucked on my nipples, I spread my legs wide for Daddy.

He pushed his finger into my wet slit, finger-fucking me slowly. When his tongue made contact with my clit, I almost came right there! I propped my bare feet on his shoulders as he ran his lips over my pussy. He gently sucked my love-nubbin into his mouth, fluttering his expert tongue over the sensitive pink skin.

I cradled my mother’s head, bringing her to my lips for another kiss. I whispered, “I want to do this to you. I want to taste your pussy, Mommy.

As Daddy continued to eat me out, Mommy straddled my face. I kissed the supple flesh of her tan thighs, the skin slightly salty from sweat. She positioned her trim snatch inches from my mouth. The heady aroma, coupled with my father’s oral manipulations, made my insides burn with desire. I had never smelled another girl’s sex before, and I found my mother’s scent clean and tart. Her vulva was a moist dark pink, with soft auburn hair caressing the outer lips.

I began to run my tongue up and down her weeping gash, trying to copy what Daddy was doing to me below. She rocked her hips, screwing her cunt into my face. Her juices ran over my tongue and down my chin. My lips found her clit, drawing it into my mouth as my tongue swirled around the tiny expose head. Mommy held the back of my head with her hand, moaning, calling me a good girl.

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