I thought I was straight, until I fucked my best friend

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Ok here's my story of how I became gay. I was 17 at the time and me and friend bradley would always invite lisa and brook around to fuck the shit out of them, well this friday didn't go to plan, me and brad were waiting at my house after school on a friday for the girls to rock up as always, me and brad had a fair bit to drink when we noticed it was getting late and wondered where the girls where, Brad came up with this idea that we should go skinny dipping so when the girls rock up we where already in our birthday suits and ready to go, so we both took our clothes off and jumped in the pool, after about 20 minutes in the pool we got a phone call, I jumped out of the pool and answered the phone and yep we got blown off, brad jumped out of the pool to and I noticed he had a massive boner, I couldn't look away and before u know it I had a boner to, then brad said "am I getting you excited you can't look away." I snapped out of it and said "I was just amazed by the size compared to mine".

I really didn't know what to say that's all that came to my head lol. He replied "haha ok come back in the pool". So I jumped back in the pool and was still, well I guess turned on by the size he had around an 8 inch penis and I was trying to come to grips about how turned on I was and it was a guy. I finally let it go and I knew I was to turned on not to try to see if he felt the same way, I kept sitting on the edge of the pool with my legs wide open laying back hoping maybe he would just slide his head up and start blowing me, I did notice he kept staring at me but wouldn't come closer, I guess I will make a move I thought, about 10 minutes later he hopped out of the pool and just as he was about to get out I tackle him back in and before you know it we are having a good on pool wrestle, and we were both naked and none of us cared, it was so hot both our dicks where so hard, i kept wrapping my legs around his belly, u could call it wrestling but I just wanted my dick to be touching him the whole wresting game, a few minutes into the wrestle I noticed he grabbed my arse while my legs were around him and pushed me up agaisnt the wall, we both stopped wrestling and started making out, it was crazy, I pulled away and said does this feel right to you, brad replies "it feels so right" then we started making out while grabbing eachothers cocks, then I told brad we should go to my room, we got out of the pool and tried to walk past mum and dad hiding our boners.

When we got to my room I pushed brad on my bed and started to give him a hand job, his dick felt so good, I then laid beside brad still grabbing his cock, he then spread my legs and instead of giving me a hand job he put my cock straight in his mouth, oh it felt so good, I came so close to coming when I told him to stop, he asked what was wrong, I then said ill be right back, I snuck into my older sisters room hoping to find baby oil or sex some sort of sex lubricant. I ended up finding a pack of condoms with wet stuff lubricant packets, I ran black into my room and brad looked a little confused until I showed him the condoms and asked him to fuck me in my arse.

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He loosened me up with the lubricant and his fingures, then he pushed my back down and I could feel the tip of his nob on my arse, he then slowly started to push it in and I tell u what it hurt, but once he had his nob in it got a lot better, and about 5 minutes of slowly loosening me up and getting his penis more inside of me each minute, I then didn't feel any pain and it was the best feeling of my life. I never thought I would be the one taking a dick tonight.

He kept pumping me in doggy style, it felt so good every time his nop would come back to the rim and push in all the way down until I could feel that hot sack of his on my arse, we then switched a bit later I wanted to be ontop and ride his dick, he lied down and I got on top of him and started to bounce on his dick, about 10 minutes into doing that I felt him shoot a load in my arse, I flinched a little bit then smiled and looked at him, I told him how hot it felt with his cum dripping from my arse, maybe we should of used the condoms not just the lube but hey then I wouldn't have all that cum in my arse for round 2, he said if he blew I have to so he gave me the hottest hand job and I blew all over his crutch and chest, now we both just had an orgasm we both weren't really in the mood anymore but we kept kissing and still wouldnt chuck our clothes on, I walked into my ensuite to have a shower, then brad jumped in with me halfway through the shower, and before u know it where kissing and giving eachother headjobs again, we got out of the shower and brad bent me over the bathroom sink and started licking my arse and before you know it he had that 8 inch sexy dick onside of me again, I coudlnt help but moan in the bathroom, and that's how mum and dad found out because the walked into the room to find me with my back on the bench with my legs around him while he was fucking the shit out of me, we didn't even notice her seeing us until she told us the next morning, ok back to the sexy, he pulled his dick out and cummed on my chest, well looks like I gotta get back in the shower lol, I walked into the kitchen after cleaning myself up I could feel my loose arsehole from the 8 inch thrashing I just got in the bathroom, - grabbed a drink then went back to my bedroom and me and brad went to sleep spooning eachother, the next morning I woke up to brad with his arm around me and I could feel his big morning glory on my arse, I turn around and he was allready awake, we both agreed that last night was the best sexual experience we had both ever had and he started to say he wanted to fuck me again, I was so keen for that, so I grabbed the lube and he doggiestyled me, once again I couldn't help but moan his dick just gets right inside me and hits the gspot without me even have to touch my dick.

Every pump was so good when that long shaft would slide against the rim and u feel the nob touch the lips then shoot 8 inches inside of me geeze he had a good penis, after the morning sex, we walked out to have breakfast and mum and dad where both there, the first thing dad said was u 2 boys had fun last night, mum said yeh u 2 never told me u guys where gay. It was great after the first night of gay sex my mum and dad didn't care, they where happy for me, later that day brad told me he wants to be with me, because it felt so right between us, I didn't say a word I just started kissing him.

Me and brad broke up about a year and ahalf later, we are both still gay and I will never forget you brad, u showed me what love really is and how to handle a 8 inch penis everynight hehe. I will never forget that long shaft with that nice thick nob that would pop through the rim everytime he took it out. Well that's how I turned gay please rate and let me know.

I and 100 percent gay now and had much more male on male sex then brad but there other stories ;)

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