I sold my virginity to daddy

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Hi, I am Shaina, I am 18 years old and here is my story.

I was alone in my house with my daddy and he walked into my room when I was fingering myself. To my own surprise I did not stop it when he walked in and my hand remained inside my panties from under my skirt. I saw hunger in his eyes. I could actually see his gigantic penis standing erect under his pants. He told me he would give me 25 bucks if I did not tell anyone about this and let me be his whore for a day. I agreed. I had never been in bed with anyone. I thought it would be the best if I could do it in the "safe" hands of my own daddy.

He undressed me. I was shivering with fear and excitement. He demanded to take a look at my plump virgin cherry before he could break it open and turn me from a girl to a woman. I was shy at first but I agreed. He parted my legs and got hungrier for me. He began licking it. I felt extremely good and allowed him to do it. Then he brought me back to reality. He made me get on my fours and stuffed his dick in my mouth.

I wondered if it did not fit in my mouth then how would it fit in my pussy. But he assured me that he would do like it should be done. Next he told me to turn around. He told me that he will first penetrate anally and then would taste my pussy. He spat on my ass to lubricate and then with one hard thrust he entered. It hurt real bad but I did not tell him to stop. He kept humping and it started feeling good.

Then he made me bend forward and pushed his penis into my vagina. The pain was intense but I wanted to serve him well and I did. He fucked me till he could do it no more. He came inside me several times. He dropped his cum on my face, in my mouth and on my boobs. I loved the feeling of being covered in his hot tasty cum.

Since then, daddy and I have been fucking everyday without my mother's notice. I have truly become a real woman.

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