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I run into my uncles ex wife

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

She had divorced my uncle many years ago. He lost alot because of her. She was nasty to him and always talked bad about him. She is in her late fourties,spanish,with a huge ass ,wide hips, a tiny belly,and some pretty big tits.

While they were married i was boy and just a horny,confused bastard. When we were at family dinners and such she would be flirtatious with me. I Would usually run to the restroom and jerk off to the thought of her body.

So, now i'm in my mid 20s, i have been blessed with a larger cock, and I know how to make the women crazy in bed. So, its a hot summer day and i am shopping for shoes at the mall near her house. I purchase my shoes and walk out of the store and get plowed into by a random woman.

I pick my bag up and turn around to see my aunt apologizing. I asked if she reconized my face. Ater a second she screamed my name and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. We talked and she offered luch at her house to make up for runnin me over.

We get inside her house and she is wearing spandex leggings and a sports bra. I watched her ass roll around as she walked around. She knew what she was doing. She asked if i had a woman to which i replied not at the moment. SHe laughed and said,"that makes two of us baby."

She said,"you grew into a hansome man." I thanked her and told her i had to ask her something personal. She looked at me from across the counter and said,"shoot." I asked her why she tormented me as a teen. I had to jerk off everytime we talked because she would flirt.

She walked over to me and we sat on her chairs in the kitchen facing one another. SHe put her hand on my leg and said," I knew you wanted me and figured one day i'd let you take me." I laughed and looked in her eyes not even noticing her hand creeping toward my cock. She ran her fingers on my member through my shorts and said,"mmm. it was worth the wait."

I knew it was time to let those years of frustration out on her hot spanish pussy. She kissed me on my lips and took my hand. She guided me to her bedroom and sat me on the bed. She walked a few steps in front of me and bent over and pulled her leggings down and shook her huge tan ass in my face. Suprisingly she had a bald pussy and was firm.

I reached out and played with her ass and slid my finger along her pussy lips making her moan. She turned around and had her bra off in a split secong exposing her huge tits and nice, brown nipples

She sat on my lap and i began licking her nipples until they were solid. We kissed deeply before she said," lay back and let me make it better." I Laid back as she pulled my pants and boxers off. My long thick member made her say," baby i am in love with your cock!" She started to suck on it. SHe would try to deepthroat and get about 6 inches in before gagging. SHe licked my balls as she stroked me with such tenacity until i was bulging.

I brought her to her feet and positioned her so her ass was on my face. I licked her clit as she sucked my cock. She would have to stop sucking and breath because i had her clit swollen and her pussy was so sensitive.

We stopped and she looked at my cock and said," i dont know if it will fit baby." I assured her that after the initial gaping shed love it. SHe pushed me on my back and said," I wanna see your eyes when you take me baby."

She laid on her back and i mounted her and she pulled her legs back and spread her tiny hole. I rubbed my thick head on her opening and pushed firmly against her opening which made my cock bend before it popped inside of her tiny box.

She yelled in spanish as i thrusted deeped inside of her. i got most of my cock inside of her and laid inside of her stretched womb. I asked her if she was ready. She said," oh baby,fuck my little pussy!"

I pushed her legs back more and started reaming her cunt until she begged for mercy. ANd that made me slam her balls deep causing her to scream my name at the top of her lungs. Her pussy made plunging sounds from the air inside of her before she squirted all over.

I didnt stop for anything. I fucked her non stop for an hour until i had to cum. I asked her were she wanted me to blow my load. She said,"anywere you want baby!" I took long deep strokes watching my cock come out and disappear within her until I shot my load inside of that devoured pussy making her beg for my seed.

I finished up and we snuggle for awhile until I was ready for round two. to be continued...

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