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I let my room mate fuck me

(Part 1 from 1)

I am not gay first of all I just love inserting something in my ass whenever possible. i do this all the time even when I am in class.  i remember when I was 18 years I store my sister small vibrator and inserted it in my ass. i went to class only to cum when I was flirting with this girl. she laughed at me saying she made me cum without even touching me.  i knew off course she was not the one the vibrator in my ass was.

on this day my roommate comes in the room frustrated. Her girl did not allow him to fuck her. my roommate was not good looking. he is a type you dont talk to when you passing pretty girls. i even wondered how he managed to hook up with one of the beautiful girls on campuss. i just hope her refusing him to fuck that day had something to do with his looks. This day he comes cursing at the girl. when I looked at him I couldnt help to notice he had the gratest borner of all times.  I asked him what happenned. he just showed me his borner telling me how he had planned for a very good fucking night. He had what is called thubulo,a local version of viagra. i told he should jack off he said he had tried that already and it did not work. i felt sorry for him. it told him to close his eyes maybe I should help him. This guy has a problem with gays he does not want to be touched by anyman. I believe he realised this was an emergency.

knowing that this was an opportunity of a life time I gave him a handjob I believe the best of his life. He cum three times screaming like a motherfucker. i have never seen someone cum that much not even the great mandingo cant surpass him. H e screamed loud while beating the pillow. His dick jerking. he told me I should not stop. i was not planning of stopping anyway.

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There it was three orgasm and more than three loud moarning. what I did not understand was that he still retained his borner. i asked him what do we do now?it was just a rhetoric question. what I was asking is can I give u a blowjob. my mouth was dripping wet with saliva. i ha d a borner as well before he could even answer I was giving him a blowjob. playing with his balls. This is what I usually do,i like touching my balls and touching his was never a problem. he came again in my mounth. if he was not allergic to gays I could have given him a kiss with his cum in . He came again this time it was small drip but still taster. Despite this more cumming he still retained his borner.

i didnt ask him this time. i just bernt on my kneels instructed hime to fuck me me. he hasted for awhile. i believe he realised that the worst has been done already he was rthen on top of me fucking me dog style. knowing that he has never fucked another man before and that most pussies are abit not tight. i helped him fuck me I came just as soon as he had started fucking me. I believe thuis kinda turned hime on again for he fucked me real had and came in my ass again.

Remember I told you that I am not gay what I really mearnt is that I dont like to be fucked by a man. i like to fuck the man. the tight ass making me to cumm like a wild human beling in the forest of africa.


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