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I Seduced My Friend

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

 Hi ISS Readers, hope you all are enjoying this site...Reading plenty of stories in this site really made me to make an attempt try someone.... to seduce them and bring them to bed. I read a story from this site and wanted to try the same seducing attempt. I was totally confused with whom should I try with, whether my aunt or the girl next door or my any of my close friend. This seducing attempt can be tried by both guys/gals by changing the character. Let me tell about myself I am average athletic shaped guy in both height and weight, am basically from Chennai but now in Mumbai. Read this story carefully, even you can try this attempt and get someone to your bed. To be frank this is not fake story but a real incident happened to me in my life.

I was studying in college and I had plenty of friends in my college. Yes, lot of girls were also there in the group but what’s the use I am still a virgin. Among the group of girls I had a very close friend named Reshma. To tell about herself she was average brownish in complexion but to add her beauty she had very good sized boobs. Her boobs are enough to attract anyone in the college, her skin were silky, clear and soft. I had rubbed her skin accidently many times when we sit together with friends. After reading sex stories, my thoughts use to shift slowly on her, to which I use to roll on bed without getting sleep fondling my big hard 9 inch cock. That time I decided she is my target.

Reshma as a friend use to share everything about her and her family and even I use to share about me to her. We became very close and good friends; She took care of me a lot as a friend, some time we use to fight for small small things which we forget to share. I noticed that the day I am absent from the college without informing her she used to start a war that evening for not coming to college. As per my plan the day started, I stopped speaking to her in phone properly for few days, Reshma asked me what happened why i am not speaking properly now a days. I dint utter a single word as this was my plan. After two three days I started saying her that am not able to speak and hanged up the call. Now her questions were more and more on me. I said sorry for her questions and kept silent.

Again one day I dint went to college. I know Reshma would have searched for me all around the class and also would have waited till the first session gets over. She confirmed that I am absent. That day evening she rang me and fought very badly why am not talking to her properly now a days. She said she wants to know the reason today itself. I thought this was the time and as per my plan I told her that I went to doctor so only dint come to college(actually i went to one movie). She asked me why I went to hospital what happened to me with shivering voice. I said I can’t say said but Reshma was asking again nd again. Then I said I will tell only to you and promise me that you will not tell anyone regarding this. She too promised. I then slowly said that I had pain in my balls so only I went to doctor. I also added that this pain is not all of sudden but was from last month because of which am not able to come to college and also not able to sleep properly. My plan was well going on. She said “oh my god, what happened- why all of sudden-did you fall somewhere- did u got hit somewhere”. I dint answer anything.

Then she started asking me what doctor said. There I developed my story with a big hospital of that location. I said I went to doctor and waited for a while, my turn came, then I went in. I noticed her asking then what happened then what happened I came to know she is interested to know a lot about my balls. I said there was a male doctor I explained my problems to him and became silent. She suddenly asked breaking my silence what happened what doctor said. I said that the doctor asked me few questions for which I replied. She again eagerly asked what he asked. I said that he asked whether I am virgin, when I masturbated last time. She asked be what does that mean (she pretended as if she don’t know). I kept silent making her to ask again and that happened she asked me what his masturbate bla bla... I acted as if am telling in shy and just told her that it means “self sex” rubbing the penis and ejaculating some liquid. Now she understood what I was talking about. She asked me then what you said. I came to know that she wants know whether I masturbate or not. I said No to doctor. Oooohhh.... then ... The doctor directed me to the bathroom and told to try masturbating and then come back. I went inside bathroom.... again gave a big pause for her question... She asked what happened.....please tell did you masturbated... My naughty mind laughed out loud Ha ha....but i was silent ....

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Then I turned to bring her completely into my plan by narrating my seducing story slowly and stepwise in a lower voice, I told her...Ya..after the doctor forced me a lot I went to bathroom, closed my door, then opened up....... and started rubbing slowly..... She acting smartly said I dint understand “you closed the door and opened up ? what you rubbed ?.... tell it clearly...Please....” I in a very low voice said that ya doctor told me to go I opened my Zip and my Pant.... then ....then......took my penis and rubbed slowly as the doctor told me to do. I heard her voice turning slow and hot. She asked me did some liquid come out after rubbing. Yeah boy my plan is working out...thinking this in mind I said nothing came out it only became red and pained a lot. I also added that I left the bathroom with my pants on and straight away went to doctor. He asked me anything came out and i said no..... “Oh my god”...was the sound from Reshma again.... then wat happened... is there no other solution...? I said, the doctor explained me that since I have never masturbated in my life, the ejection of sperm is difficult so you need to get into sex mood and then only you can feel the erection. He told me to wait in the inspection room inside and made a call somewhere...after about 5 minutes he came and said me to lower my trousers and lye on the bed, a nurse will come now.... Reshma suddenly asked nurse? ....then what happened?... then what happened?.

I smartly replied that, I thought nurse is coming to give some injection and lied down without lowering my pant. The nurse came and asked my name, enquired about my problem...after few conversation she told me to lower my pant. I turned back and lowered my trouser to some extend but she told me to turn around and pull your trouser and briefs completely down. she told she will help me out in masturbating...”Oh my god... then what happened” ... ha story dint stopped here..i said her that i dint allow the nurse to do that.... Reshma giggled and questioned why dint you allow the nurse you could have been relieved from your pain also would have enjoyed na.... I said no reshma I cant... I cant show my private area to any unknown person. Then I said to the nurse l am leaving i don’t want treatment. While leaving she said you can only get cured by a girl either by having sex or one girl should masturbate you... I said thank you and came out of hospital.

Reshma now asked hey now what are you going to do... I said i don’t know. I ll not come to college tomorrow... she again asked is there anyway... I said, i don’t know... I don’t have any girl friend otherwise would have told her to do but i don’t have.... (Hope my words would have touched her). I said shall I call you later, she agreed and I hanged on the call. Actually i wanted her to take time and think about my need. After dinner she again called me, after some formal talk about dinner and all she opened the same topic by asking.. How are you feeling now... I said , the same ....and added.., Hope today also ill not get sleep.. don’t know what to do. She said you could have taken treatment from the nurse itself...I said stop it Reshma... I don’t know who she is, how can I open and show my DAASH to her. After some 2-3 min of silence it was my turn to open up. In a lower voice ...i said ,Hey reshma...!!! she asked..what?... Can you help me out from this... What?...How can I, No I cant... I said, you are the only girl known to me so asked, ok sorry...sorry for asking. Its paining a lot and i have shared this problem only to you so only asked am sorry if am wrong.. really sorry... Again silence utilised its time between us... She then said, sorry I can’t do...also i don’t know what to do... I suddenly broke out and said I know what to be done you just follow what I say.... Then she said will you be ok after that... I said hope so... Its only for your goodness am agreeing ... she told and said bye good night....

I was in heaven imagining Reshma holding my penis and masturbating. I was not able to sleep the entire night and was thinking about that particular day where I will be standing naked infront of my Reshma. I now started planning how to seduce her more to bring her from masturbation to sex. But my entire additional plan suddenly flopped next day. She said that her parents will be at home weekend and there is no chance for doing that at her home. I too was left clueless. She then asked how about doing that in a theatre in the darkness.... I disagreed with her idea as I will not able to enjoy her completely after a long plan and discussion to satisfy myself for the weekend I agreed.

The weekend came, She told me that we will go for one movie... again I said no because that was new movie and i know more crowd will be there. I wanted such a movie where there are only few people inside the hall. I planned the theatre along with one noon show. We went together to the theatre till that time she dint utter a single word for what she was coming with me. I too dint open my mouth on that. As I expected that day the theatre was with only few people hardly some 20 or 30 in such a big theatre that too most of them were couples. We entered, as the theatre was empty we decided our seat at corner and sat. The show started, I was just physically present but my mind was thinking how to start, after around 30 min of the movie Reshma turned towards me and asked why are you sitting silent. I said i don’t know how to start. She said somehow start let this problem get solved today itself. In the theatre darkness I unzipped my pant and wipped out the existing fluid which was already present on my hard cock Penis tip. I slowly pulled my trouser down. Now my my bare buttock was kissing the theatre seat. Now too reduce my penis size which was already big thinking of reshma...i diverted my mind to make my penis size to go normal... for which i forcefully concentrated on the movie. My cock which was in the attention position now started bending down. Within 2-3 min its size became normal.

I went close to Reshma’s ear and said give me your hand. I held her hand and brought it towards my penis meanwhile he was awakened again a bit. This was the first time i said to myself OH MY her hand brushed my penis. I could feel her breath becoming harder and harder as she was sitting close to me holding my penis. Next 2 min she just kept her hand still without any movement. I again holded her hand and showed her the direction to rub the cock. I was really enjoying this particular moment. She started doing UP-DOWN movement after around 15min i told her do something else also all around, the nurse told. She then left the penis and started caressing my thighs a bit and moved bit inwards where she touched my balls and then started playing with my balls with her soft touch. I really wanted her to take my entire cock in her mouth but there was no way for that. After a while she asked me how come it’s so big. I explained her that this is semi erection only. The penis gets erect from normal position based upon the mood that is generated. Now i am in half mood only so only small erection. She said if this is half erection how big it will be if you are in full mood. I asked her, do you want to see how the erection starts. She too said yes. I was enjoying for her each yes. I told to take her hand off. She took it, then I again concentrated on the movie, each and every movement of the movie now my penis started to fall, I realised that but continued concentrating the movie. When it was completely down I took her hand and kept one my penis and controlled my emotions she said oh... how it became so small.... then I told her to rub it softly, she did it. Now my cock started saluting and came to attention. She said wooow am feeling the erection.. I know she is enjoying her time like me... she said but it’s the same size like before. I said not in full mood na so only. Then I kept my right hand on her shoulder,she dint say anything as she would have thought i am keeping them for some support.

I started caressing her shoulder .I felt her Bra strip i continued making circles. She was giving UP-DOWN movement to my cock and I was slowly rubbing her shoulder, when she questioned me what are you doing I simply said my Cock needs full mood and full erection then only that liquid may come out so only am placing hand on you. She too said ok. Now I moved my hand slowly inside her Salwar. I was feeling her soft bouncy and spongy breast top portion. My hand went on and on very slowly. At one time it touched her harder nipples. Where she got my hand and said still you dint get mood. I said only when the liquid comes out my mood will go. She left my hand and started stroking my penis... I told her to do it faster and she did it. I too now started caressing her entire breast... so beautiful silky breast. I told Reshma to give harder strokes. I know i have occupied my territory now what ever i do she can’t resist as she has become too hot. I bent and went closer I meanwhile started sucking her nipples. She too became hot and was not able to avoid what I was doing. She gave faster strokes i too was enjoying ...after some time at last came my planned fluid. Which I let it go under the seat . I told her that the sperms came out. Hope she was not not happy as i was satisfied and she is not yet satisfied. i was still fondling her boobs now. Suddenly the movie got ended. And lights were ON. Before anyone could see I dressed up soon.

We had to go. I was somewhat happy as my full plan was not successful. If i had implemented this plan in her home or my home, we would have had a complete sex. There after I dint got single chance to go out with her because of our final year exams. I realised my mistake , I should have implemented this plan in 3 rd yr itself. College days got over. Meeting her is know not at all possible. Yes my friends “I STILL REMAIN VIRGIN”. I wanted to share this story as this plan may help you in seducing anyone your friend, your girlfriend, your sister, your mother, your maid or any other person you like. Just follow the same steps. This story suits for both a boy and girl. Both can seduce anyone, just replace the characters. You can succeed in your sex life. I need your feedback .If you succeed in your attempt .... plz mail me to my id(raja.raja05 at yahoo dot com) . Or even if anyone wants to break my virginity or want to have safe sex can mail me. BYE...

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