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I Fuck My Cuz

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My cousin and i see each other every two weeks him to visit his god mother me to visit my dad , it started when we where 18 we where still virgins. 

One day we had to sleep in the same bed because some friends of my dads where staying over so we had to sleep in the portable bed down stairs.  We where both laying there it was a cold night and and there wasn't a heater he could feel me shaking 'are you cold' he asked 'come here we can cuddle to keep warm.

I was freezing so i crawled over to him as we where spooning i could feel his 30' cock harding up.  I was getting really wet.  I tuned around he grabbed my face and kissed me. sliding his tongue into my mouth.  i kissed him back as he slid his hand under my bra to grip my pinty nipples. 

I slid my hand down his pants you touch his penis qitch was sticking up things were getting hotter i wriggled down so my face was so close to his dick i pulled down his pants cupped his cock i sucked it as roughly as i could as i listened to him moaning in pleaser.  He pulled me up threw me down and pulled the covers over us. 

He pulled down my panties and started to lick and suck my pussy.  Then he pulled himself up and entered me it was sooo rough and passionate we do it whenever were alone now.

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