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Hypno Sex with Mom

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Being a professional hypnotist, I was exhausted from being on “the road” for so long and decided I needed a break. I figured visiting my widowed mom would be fun since she lives out in the country by a relaxing stream all alone and would enjoy my company. I immediately started thinking about when I was younger and use to fantasize about my own mother while I laid in her bed and jerked off with her panties.

Long story short, I got to my Mom’s house and the very first night I had her under hypnosis!

I thought hard about what to do next. (Unzip my pants) My Mom reached forward and unzipped my pants, looking at me like now what? (Pull out my cock) I asked her "What are you doing Mommy?" She looked up at me and said, "I'm holding your penis, Richie". “Mom, penis sounds silly, I want you to say cock, can you do that for me?“ OK Richie, cock.“ I tensed up and she pulled and played with my cock meat. Her hands were red hot as the sensation was amazing. (Use Your Hair), Mom wrapped my cock several times in her long gorgeous hair and stroked my cock for all it was worth. I wanted more. (Suck me) she leaned over more and put the entire shaft in her mouth, but I didn't feel anything yet. She formed a perfect "O" with her mouth and made my cock disappear with out touching it. Without warning she sucked in her cheek and with one motion my entire cock was covered in wet, hot, smooth, tight mouth, her tongue went crazy over my sensitive gland area.

She moved her head back up the length and let it slip out of her mouth. She pulled the shaft tight and flicked the head with her tongue. Having never had this before I could not keep my balls still for a second more. I moaned as she jacked the shaft up a down as I shuddered and tensed, my first spurt hit her lips and ran down her chin as the second went into her silky hair, she turned her head slightly and the next three caught her forehead, lips and cheek. (Rub it in) I thought. She released my still pulsing cock and brought her hands to her face. Like a fine facial cream she rubbed the cum all over her face licking her fingers and spreading my jizz on her face more and more. I went to take a shower and mom followed with only a slight suggestion of course.

When we started soaping up I inspected her over, I smacked her ass a few times, okay, a lot of times, and there were red hands all over her butt now. I lifted one foot and soaped it, caressing her legs and thighs as I went higher. By the time I reached her crotch, I could smell it. I didn't like the bush around it so I stepped out of the shower for a second to remedy the problem. I took my small straight razor I use to shave and grabbed the shave gel. I frothed the gel and coated her steaming pussy with the white foam. Slowly I dragged the razor over the edges of her mound. The hair seemed to melt away with each stroke. Soon there was nothing left but a few strays. I took my electric razor, one with the "goo" that comes out and went over the whole area. The swollen lips were amazing. The mound was raised and swollen pink and she was dripping wet from all the stimulation on her pussy.

Setting the shaving things aside I slowly massaged the lips and outside. I traced a finger from her ass to her front. She moaned and got down in the shower, she laid with her back to the wall, her legs spread in the tub. I leaned forward and she once again took me into her mouth. Looking down at her lips parted with my hard penis was an amazing sight. She took the shaving gel and lathered me up. Slowly she shaved me too, using the electric razor on my balls last. The smooth feeling of her hand on my newly shaved skin was enough for me. I came again, almost buckling my knees beneath the immense pleasure. This time she aimed my fire hose at her tits, covering her chest in five ropes of white sticky cum. She washed off the rest of it as I stepped out and dried off.
We went to her room next, completely naked and hairless crotches in the air.

My mom laid on her waterbed and spread her legs. I climbed on the bed and took my place between her legs. Even after drying off my mom was still smooth from the shower and her pussy was already running like a faucet. (Pull your leg up) She responded by pulling her legs into the air and grabbing them wit her hands, now truly spread eagle for her only child. I took my penis and pulled back the foreskin revealing my already drooling pecker. As I rubbed her warm vagina up and down with my cock, she moaned and moved forward trying to get penetration from me. I pushed in and was rewarded by slipping into the hottest, slickest, wettest hole imaginable. I pushed as far as I could push my pelvis in to hers. I withdrew and slapped the head against her again and again. Little trails of cum linking out bodies. Finally I dove in again and began fucking in earnest. Once I reached a rhythm I tried to get as deep as possible.

Moaning and shaking she bounced up and down. Her tits were going crazy bouncing up and down in rhythm to my fucking. Her legs were still held up and I leaned forward to her, licking and kissing her face while I pounded her. My balls were slapping against her ass as I frantically pounded her. Her pussy was leaking onto the bed as her trail of lube pooled by her asshole. The feeling was great. 19 years ago I came out of that hole, and here I was pushing myself deeper into it. The squishing noises were really turning me on I couldn't believe my dear sweet mother was juicing like a machine. I pulled out and turned her over, I wanted to go at it doggy style before I blew my load in my moms cunt. Again I rubbed the head of my penis up and down the slit, finally catching the hole. I slid in again and felt her warm folds envelope my rock hard cock. She hadn't said much yet, still in a trance like state. Our hairless bodies slammed into each other again and again.

Now my lower stomach was covered in her juices being leaked and creamed around into a froth of sex. I felt my balls tighten as I started to come for the third time in hour or so. I pulled out of my mom's juicy cunt, and pumped my cock as it spewed onto her back, a large pool of cum soon formed in the small of her back since she hadn't come yet I moved my head closer to her slit and lick around it. I could taste her lube that leaked out, it was like a slightly salty goo, like a candy from my mom's vagina, just for her lil' baby to lick up. I licked and licked till I thought I was going to die. Finally she pushed back against my face and I felt her pussy squeeze my mom inside of her, I took my hand and pushed 3 fingers into her, and fucked her with my hand while she came.

Finally she slumped down, letting the cum pool on her back drip across her ass. I took one finger and stroked it around her asshole poking in and out with my cum covered finger, seeing she wasn't interested I decided to leave it at that for now. I grabbed a towel from the floor and mopped up my cum from her back, when I was done, I hopped back on the bed. I flipped her over again, her breasts going to either side, without saying anything I slipped between her legs and inserted my self once again, slowly and smoothly I sunk in one more time. Putting my head on her chest I drifted off to sleep.

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