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Hunting for a male

(Part 1 from 1)

I dated with Dan two months. Actually, we just met in the café near the office, then drove to his home, then fucked. Simply, dully, no more than one time per night. The first sensation of sexual life has vanished quickly as it had begun. But it was not enough for me. Maybe he has been satisfied, maybe not. Anyway, one round always was enough for him. I wanted more. For an unknown reason I could not stop after the first porno orgasm - his or mine. I dreamed about whole night run - sex, coffee, sex, kisses, sex, chat, sex, wine and so on and so on. He did not understand it, and after sex it seemed he had been just turned off. Or, maybe, he had thought he has accomplished his duty and can retire. The duty… it was very suitable for him. So it happened, he had a six week long business trip when I just finished my tests for bachelor degree.

I missed him. Seriously. For one day. Then I stopped to think about him, because any thought about time with him forced me to finger myself. Without any image of him. That was the weirdest thing. I wanted to fuck so badly, that any straight or vertical thing drove me crazy.
Possibly Lidia, the office manager, ten years older than me, somehow recognized it. Maybe she needed company only. Anyway, she asked me to make her a company to the disco club on Friday.

The sexy club was in an inconspicuous building, nothing special outside - metal door with a camera and microphone, few folks seemed to be waiting for something. Lidia has shown her card to the camera, said I am her guest and the door opened.
Inside there were two halls - the bar, with tables and sofas around and the dance floor. To my surprise we could speak almost normally, but I was not sure that we could do the same at the dance floor - the music there was very loud.

Anyway, firstly we have ordered wine, by Lidia's suggestion, and had a talk at the booth not far from the bar table.
"Do you like Dan?"

It was a bit of a surprise, and I did not know what to answer. She smiled.
"It is obvious you are dating. Tell me, does he still sleep deadly after sex?"
Now it was my time to laugh. I told her that she was right. She laughed too.
"Forget him, dear, he is good for short time dates only."
Then she has raised his stare.

"What do you think about them?"
Firstly, I did not understand what did she mean, but then look at the direction she had pointed has cleared things. Two men near the bartender, both tall, one younger, blonde and brunette, wore polo shirts and denim jeans, the young one is athletic, the older is just of average shape.

I doubtfully looked back at Lidia. But they have caught our stares and headed to our table. Lidia greeted them and purposed to make us a company. I still could not understand what she was going to do.
After the short talk, I have known that younger, Alex, was a sales manager, and the older, Igor was his supervisor, they were looking for a good time.

Igor purposed to drink for acquaintance, and go to the dance pool. He was seeming to talk to me and Lidia, but I can say for sure he was attracted to her. Actually, Alex had a nicer look for me, so I did not care.
The dance floor had stunned me. Loud music, bright lights and crowd. They just made me feel myself small in the ocean of the action, so I gratefully welcomed Alex's hands on my waist.
That feeling was so sweet. The strong man hugged me and was not going to leave alone.

The music suddenly has changed from fast and aggressive to something romantic. I dreamed about candles and dimmed light, about the strong man who gently undresses me and makes love to me. The music has stopped. Alex asked me, would I like to stay here a bit more, but I did not. So we have returned to the bar. Now he hugged me tightly to my pleasure.
When Lidia and Igor have returned, they saw me at Alex's laps kissing him. Igor did not show he noticed that, but Lidia has winked at me and suggested to move to her apartment.

Igor said he can drive, so Lidia has chosen the forward passenger seat, me and Alex set behind.
Now I have stopped to wonder about our adventure, I simply followed the events.
At Lidia's apartments we naturally separated - she with Igor went to the bedroom, I with Alex left in the hall. Till this moment I did not think to stay with him alone.
I heard soft Lidia's giggling from the bedroom, then a kiss sounded… I looked at Alex in wonder will he do like Dan, or should I make a step first.

He did neither. He set down on sofa, leaned back and lured me to him. I set on top of him, just to feel the bulge in his pants against my pussy. I decided not to wait. Hell, I wanted to have sex, so I unbuttoned my shirt under his stare, then removed the bra. It seemed to be a signal for Alex - he has pulled me to him with the power I even did not expect. Then he quickly turned me down, so a moment before I was above and then I am under him.

He has pulled my jeans from my legs with panties in one move. I spread legs, wanting him to fuck me, but, instantly, he lifted my legs up literally break me, so my pussy was high and opened. Without any warning, his fingers pierced my pussy. I screamed, but he did not hesitate and started to finger me hard. It was hard to keep my legs high, so I hugged them for relief. Meanwhile, Alex continued drilling my pussy with his fingers. To my surprise after a couple of seconds the discomfort had been changed with pleasure and almost instantly an orgasm has come.

Alex did not stop. When I felt that first orgasm's waves had gone, I saw him without pants and his cock was covered in condom. Next he lifted my legs again, stand above me and directed his almost vertically into my pussy. I do not know what had I felt - either pain or pleasure. Anyway, this time he was fucking me with all his mass, almost hitting oxygen out of my lungs. But I did not care. The sensation of his brutal porno force caused more pleasure than I had ever felt. Also, I did not care was I noisy or quiet. Every his push made me moan and cry for the next. After a minute or so of this rough action he made me loose, but only for a second. Without any question he turned me on the belly, lifted my butt and penetrated my pussy again. I think I was on the edge of orgasm all time when his cock drilled my pussy.

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Suddenly he has stopped. That was ridiculous. I was half expecting he want me to change the pose again, instead he just lifted my butt again and pressed my hips very tight. And again, his cock penetrated me. Probably, this time he just met the most sensitive place in my pussy, because my orgasm has happened exactly when his cock reached the maximum deep. From that moment I lost control on my body. It jerked in rhythm with Alex's frictions, my fingers curled into fists every time his cock dived into the depth of my pussy, but I indeed could not sound, so he has come in silence.

I do not know how long after his cock left my pussy I was shivering and jerking, trying at least to turn on my back. Finally, I set, Alex was sitting beside, stroking my legs. Yet, I felt myself semi out of this world.
"Nice ride, baby."
Uh, yes, it was an exact word.
"It is pity, we have to go - early train and so on."

I nodded. Nothing was to talk about. I obviously has reached my physical and mental limits. Moreover, I was not sure I would like to have this kind of 'ride' again.
He raised, kissed me on the cheek and went out.
Lidia came shortly.
"Poor girl. How are you?"

To my relief I was able answered something alike 'fine' and started to dress. Panties went easily, after third or fourth try to wear the bra, I gave up and put the shirt only.
Lidia chuckled. Maybe her chuckle triggered something in my mind, because I laughed.
"Do not worry, dear, some males could be really brutal. But I suppose you have had good time."
Yes, she was right. I liked the adventure, and have asked her about her plans about the next one.
She winked.
"How about today?"

I looked out the window. The dawn just started. I could not believe that I was fucking almost the whole night. She understood my hesitation.
"Time always runs faster when you are having fun. And I was kidding. I have plots for the weekend. Also, you need to restore, I assume you rarely met such males."
Well, she was right. I still was not sure, will I able to make it to my home.
"By the way, dear, if you want to have a hand of males to choose, your jeans and shirt will not help you."
Hm, Dan told the same. Lidia continued.

"These days the weather is good for skirts and dresses. The one you wore in the office is good, but not very good."
I listened. Maybe her words had sense. Actually, I noticed the change in men's stares when wore the dress, and indeed I liked it. Lidia was continuing.
"It is not hard to attract attention, especially having your shapes. You need to follow two rules only. Never show more than men expect to see and never hide what you want to show."

I overheard her words. The rules seemed to be mutually exclusive, because I could not understand how I can show and hide anything at the same time.
Obviously Lidia has read my doubts. She laughed.
"Do not make things complicated, dear. Back to your dress. It fits you perfectly, that mean you show everything that you want. It makes your shapes noticeably, but that is all. Men look at you and see… what? Only the well fitting dress. They have to see you. Make it shorter for two or three inches, a bit wider cleavage, and they will notice an attractive girl wearing the pretty dress."

I tried to imagine the view she has described. No luck. I needed to have a mirror and the dress to understand what she was talking about.
Back home firstly I… went to the bed. The night really has exhausted me. I slept till the evening.

I woke up about 6pm. It was seemed I have restored after the night. Moreover, I needed to fuck. It was strange. I drunk a glass of apple juice, took a shower, checked the fridge for something to eat. And every passing minute I felt the lust was growing higher and higher. I wanted man's cock so bad. So, the hunt has started.

Push-up bra, not very helpful, but men should bite on the bigger breasts, dress is worn on, makeup, a bit brighter than usual, hair is kept loose. Last one look to the mirror… Everything was in place.

Then the troubles have begun. First of all - the place where to hunt for a male. Street, common transport, taxi so on I have dismantled instantly. Shops, boutiques, cinemas were very doubtful as instant dating places. Cafés and bars should work, but I really did not know much of them. I had a preferred café one block away from my home where I liked to get my morning coffee, but the place was not being right for my goal, mainly because I did not want to meet familiar folks.
With those thoughts I have stopped in front of bright façade of the bar. The crowd inside was not seeming huge, so I could have a choice for spectacular place.

Inside the bar the site was different. I found free chairs only at the bar table. Firstly, I hesitated, but then have found courage and headed straight to the bartender. I have ordered a margarita and looked to the TV at the far side. Actually, I was looking for signs of attraction, but the folks seemed to be deep in their own conversations. Damn, no one even had not looked at me. I was disappointed. How the hell it might happen. After twenty damned minutes and half the cocktail I was more frustrated than sober.

"Hey, girly, are you all right?"
The voice to the front and left could belong to the bartender only.

I nodded. Sure, I was. Maybe at least in his mention of 'all right. I finished my cocktail, paid the bill and went out. The night just started, people were on their ways to a home, to a bar or anywhere else. I blindly walked until I saw my apartments.
At home, I stood in front of the mirror and started undressing. I looked at my body and tried to figure out why no one asked me about a date…

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