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How Mom Seduced Her Son : part.2

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

As I lay next to my mother spooning her, the smell of her sex seems to radiate from her every pore. Her ass pressed firmly against my pelvis allows my cock to nestle between her still moist thighs. The heat from my moms pussy seemingly urging my dick to please her just once more before morning.

And yet my thoughts return to the way she acted after I made her cum the first time. Of course she could have felt guilty, and after teaching her own son how to eat her pussy to orgasm, I expect she did. I guess maybe I should have felt the same after she sucked out my cum and swallowed it with giggling delight. I mean it was my mom, not to mention that I cheated on my girlfriend.

But the way she turned jealos. The way she became possesive in a sexual way. And the way she almost had me beging for HER to be the first woman I have sex with. What does she expect me to do? Leave my girlfriend? Maybe I'm thinking to much. She's asleep and never brought it up again. Hopefully she doesn't think we have to be exclusive.

While I start to drift off her body moves slightly under my embrace. She repositions my hand onto her breast to ward off a slight chill settling there. Her hips rock back slowly to open her ass cheeks and invite more of my stiffening cock closer to her pussy. "Is that for me?", she whispers. I answer by pressing into her ass with my mound, my ass clenching as she matches my push. My member plows through her folds and sinks deep inside her. With a long low moan she signals her readiness and looks back into my eyes and begs for a kiss. Our tongues push into each other with thrusts that mimic our slow fucking. We stay locked at mouth and genitals never saying a word, only speaking pleasure with moans. Her pace quickens and we scream into each others mouths as we cum together.

"I guess you'll have to take my ass tomorrow", She says with a grin. "I can't wait." , I say. She giggles and draws me closer. I drift to sleep, eager to explore her only remaining hole.
Next morning I'm off to school and not much was said between mom and I. As if things had gone back to normal. I pick my girlfriend up and she seems happier than usual. She says, "Today's the day!"

"The day for what?" I ask. "Today my mom takes her trip to see her dad and she'll be gone until some time tonight. So that means if you ask nice you might get lucky." she matter of factly explained. Wow I thought. No longer a virgin, and pussy seems to come from everywhere.
So all day at school and all I can do is ask nice to the point of begging. And still have thoughts of my mom wanting my cock in her ass when I get home. This could be the best day of my life. In the car on the way to her house after school we say nothing. Through her front door we just laugh nervously. In her bedroom she trembles and her face blushes as her breath grows hotter.

We undress and I lay her on her bed and go down on her. Her shaven pussy fells better on my tongue than my mothers, but I revert back to that golden lesson and eat her just as my mom liked it. My girlfriends hips gyrate into my face, the taste and smell was clean and fresh. Her moans echoing her aproval.

I move up her tight body as her hands grace my back pulling our bodies together. She quivers below me. My throbbing cock finds her flower and begins to push her hymen. The look in her eyes conveys pain and assurance all at once, and with slow forceful pushing I sink deep inside her. My dick is rewarded with a vise like grip and a short scream ending in a wimper. I could have came right then, but the sound of the front door opening had us up and getting dressed. Her mom was home early!

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