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Hot and Steamy

(Part 1 from 1)

I absolutly hate to fly. So, I got to the airport and checked my luggage in. I decided to go to the bar and have a drink to calm my nerves. Im wearing a pair of tight skiny jeans , white furry boots that come right below my knees, And a white and red striped sweater that hugged my body. My 32 dd tits are just poping out. I walk up to the bar and order a drity martini. I get my drink and have a seat so I watch all the poeple walk by.

This man walks up to me, and says, "Hi, is this seat taken?" I look up and say, "No, go ahead." His name was Alex. He was 28 and from Chicago. He was dressed in a really nice pair of jeans with a red polo shirt. He had dark hair that was kinda long and shaggy, with the most amazing light blue eyes. "Where you headed?" "Aspin, you?" He chuckled "Me too." "Oh wow what a small world, lemme guess wedding? "No, business." I stood up and told him I was gonna go get a magazine for the ride. He followed me and we had the most amazing comfersation. He was smart, and extreamly sexy. We went an took a seat at our termanial and contuined with the conversation.

We got on the subject of sex and it was amazing. He was telling me about this fantisy he had. It was about meanting a beautiful women and fucking her brains out 300,000 ft. in the sky. I was kinda tipsy from all the drinks I had, so I leaned in and wispered in his ear "Well, Im right here, why dont we get started a little early." Then I nibbled his ear lobe. He stood up and grabed my hand. I sw that his cock was hard and wanting to get out of those jeans. we went into the bathroom stall, and he pined me on the wall, kissing my lips, my neck, pulling my shirt off kissing the top of my soft round tits. pulling them out of my bra, and sucking on my nipples nice and hard.

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I begin to moan. I pull his pants off and grab his throbing cock. I begin stroking it for him. He pulls my jeans down and takes 2 fingers and starts fucking my pussy. The harder and faster he finger fucks me the harder and faster I stroke him. "OOOOOh Alex, Im gonna cum" I moan. I cum all over his fingers and I get on my knees in the stall and suck his long hard cock. I put his balls in my mouth and suck them, while i stroke his wet cock. He pulls me up and opens the door, He sits me up on the sink and rams his cock deep in my wet pink cunt. "OOOOOOh AAALllexx, ur cock feels sooo good" I moan. My moans turn into screams. Alex starts to suck on my nipples and softly biting them.

Im rubbing my clit soo hard, "OH Im gonna cum!" He moans. Alex pulls his cock out and starts stroking it, I sit up and take over for him, stroking his hard cock and rubbing his balls. His hot cum shoots all over my stomach and on my tits. We clean up and get dressed. They just started boarding. We take a seat on the palne and wait till we take off. We both ordered a few cocktails. "Meet me in th bathroom in 2 min." I wisper in his ear. I get in the bathroom, and take all my clothes off. I spread my legs apart. Alex walks in and pulls his cock out and just starts pounding my cunt. He bends me over the sink and fucks me from behind. I start sceaming louder as he pulls my hair back.

He sits on the toilet seat and i start to ride him soo good. AAAAhhh his cock is soo deep inside me. Alex starts to massage my tits while I fuck his cock harder and faster. I start bouncing up and down his shaft. Moaning and screaming as we're both about to cum. "I wanna feel you spray your hot load deep in my cunt." I moan. He pus his hands on my hips and bounces me harder on his cock. "Oh yea baby, you want this cum?" "OOOh fuck yea I do baby, I want it soo bad." "Well, here you go."

I fuck him harder as i feel his cock twitch as he cums deep in my pussy. We get dressed and walk back to our seat. "That was soo amazing." "I know." I said. after an hour Alex needed more. We fucked 3 more times before we landed. We exchanged numbers, so if one of us needed to get fucked while we were in Aspin we knew just who to call.

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