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Okay this is my story and most likely the most erotic experience of my life. This happened four years ago when I was 25. Iím 29 now and have always wanted to write about this experience. Iím 5í8, 125 lbs with short blond hair and blue eyes.

A few years ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. My best friend Lucy invited me to stay with her and her husband for a few weeks to cheer me up. Lucy and I went out clubbing just about every night! On my last night Lucy did not want to go out clubbing because she had to be up early the next day for work. So I went with her husband Kevin alone and had a great time. We left the club around 2 am. On the cab ride home I was more than a little bit horny. I thought it must be due to all the alcohol I drank. I really wanted to get fucked that night I was so horny. There were a few times during the night I caught Kevin looking at my tits but I knew he was off limits. Although, I must admit I wondered if he would be interested and could I get him to fuck me. The thought made me incredibly wet!

I was staying in the downstairs bedroom and started to get ready for bed. As I was getting undressed, I called Kevin to come see the shirt I bought Lucy. I was wearing just a white T-shirt and my pink panties. This was my best friendís husband and I felt so bad about wanting to fuck him. I had not been fucked in about 2 months and really wanted a hard cock! With my back facing him, I slid my white T-shirt off, turned around and gave Kevin nice long french kiss. He then pushed me against the wall and started licking my tits. I was thinking to myself ďOh my GodĒ I want and need to FUCK Kevin!

As I leaned against the wall, I slid my right middle finger inside my pink panties and massaged my clit as Kevin licked my tits. At this point, I am really turned on but not sure if I should keep going. I got on my knees and started to lick Kevinís cock like a lollie pop.

Kevin gently pulled his tongue between my legs and toward my pussy. I was so turned on getting licked by Kevin, watching his cock become rock hard. I did not care he was married to my best friend. Then, I told Kevin something that even today I could not believe my ears; I wanted to him to fuck me and fill my cunt with his warm cum!

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I still could not believe what I was about to do but I was so wet, horny and really at that moment just wanted to be fucked by my best friendís husband. Kevin told me to get on all fours (doggie style).

I still could not believe how much I wanted his warm cum in my pussy. I also remembered for a split second that I stopped taking the pill since my break up. Kevin put his cock near my pussy and within seconds I had his hard cock inside me. His cock rubbing against my G-spot was like nothing I had ever experienced with any man. It was so erotic! He pulled his hard cock out of my pussy and put it right in my mouth.

I wanted Kevinís cock in my pussy, more importantly I wanted Kevinís hot cum inside me. He climbed on top of me and placed his hard cock inside me! Suddenly, I remembered again that I stopped taking the pill and that Kevin was not wearing a condom. I told Kevin that I was not on the pill and that heíd better cum on my chest. He said he wanted to cum in me and that there was no stopping him. I was so happy to hear him say that I didnít care, grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper inside me! I really wanted his hot cum in my pussy.

I squeeze his balls quite hard, and pulledl on them quite strongly; it seemed to increase the intensity of his orgasm. Then all of a sudden Kevin started filling me with his cum quite heavly inside my pussy. He shot a large amount of warm cum inside my cunt.

Kevin told me to lick the cum off his cock. I licked him clean and swallowed every last drop while feeling like a real slut!

The next day it was time for me to fly home. Lucy and Kevin took me to the airport. I got my period two weeks later, and yes I was worried but at the time I just wanted his cock and cum inside me! My best friend Lucy to this day does not know I fucked her Kevin.


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