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Honeymoon Cruise

(Part 1 from 3)

Hi, my name is Steve and I am 25 years old 6’3” and 225lbs with a 7” dick and a very athletic build. My wife’s name is Kim and she is a total knockout. She is only 19 with long blonde hair 38DD-24-36. I met Kim when I signed her up at my gym and we have been together ever since. 

Recently we just got married and decided to take a 2 week Caribbean Cruise for our honeymoon. Kim and I have the perfect sexual relationship and are definitely adventurous. We love having sex in high risk places and have even indulged in having a couple threesomes with both men and women but nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen on this trip.

We were both very excited about getting a couple weeks to relax and just enjoy our new marriage. We were also ready for 2 weeks of extremely hot sex.

We decided that once we got married we would continue to play our little sex games but that we would not indulge in extra partners anymore. 

That night Kim got dressed in a very tight leather mini-skirt with a matching leather top that gave you a great shot of her big tits. Kim is drop dead gorgeous and wherever we go every guy in the place is checking her out. Tonight would be no exception as she grabbed the attention of everyone as we walked in the room. I’ll tell you another thing about wife she is quite a tease. I enjoy watching her flirt with other guys making them think they have a chance. She can get pretty nasty sometimes and we both get pretty worked up. It makes for great sex when we return home.

After dancing for a while we decided it would be fun to play our little game again. Kim danced with a couple guys and was really shaking that hot little body of hers. When she came back she said that she found one of the guys very attractive and wanted to tease him real good this time and asked me if that would be OK. He looked Italian with dark hair and eyes and was about the same size as me. I said sure, so she returned to the floor for a couple more dances. 

This time she was really cutting loose, first with the dirty dancing and then rubbing herself all over him. He had already run his up hands across her tits once when she pulled him closer looking up at him with her tits firmly pressed against his chest. She reached around him and began grabbing his ass. He promptly returned the favor only he began reaching all the way around her ass hiking up her skirt a little and running his hand down her naked ass up between her legs. Kim never wears underwear so I am sure he was getting quite the feel. He was also giving a section of the dance floor a great little shot of what he was doing to her. She then wrapped her arms around his neck as he picked her up by her ass pulling her bare pussy to his pelvis where she wrapped her legs around him. He made sure to keep his right deep around her ass where he would still be able to access her sweet honey pot. They began to grind on each other as he continued rubbing her pussy. She released his neck and he supported her upper body with his left hand on her lower back She leaned back giving everyone a great shot of her big young titties bouncing. The dance got nastier and I believe she was actually beginning to cum on his hand right on the dance floor. Her orgasm came complete with all the vocals and bucking that had the entire place staring at them. 

Right about then the song ended and he set her down. As he did her skirt either stuck or got caught on his hand a little giving several people a quick glance of her goodies. She gave him a little kiss thanking him and then rushed over to me. “ Lets get out of here ” she said. “You have been a very bad girl ” I replied. She was short of breath and flush as she grabbed me by my hand pulling me out of my chair. “I need to be fucked now ” she said as we were in a half run to our room. “You looked like you already came to me ” I said on our way. “I did” she replied, “I couldn’t help it, he got his hand up under my skirt and was rubbing my pussy “. 

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We headed back to our suite to take advantage of the situation that had both of us horny as hell. During sex she would pretend she was fucking him. She kept mentioning how big his cock was and badly she wanted him to fuck her with it. His name was John and she kept saying things like “fuck me with that big cock of yours John, fuck me good. I want your cock inside of me. I want Steve to see you make me into your dirty little slut ”. Needless to say this got us both very excited and we fucked like rabbits until early the next morning.

When morning came I asked her if he really turned her on that much at which point she confirmed that he did but assured me I had nothing to worry about as she understood her marriage vows and fully intended on keeping them.

That afternoon she decided she wanted to take a little trip down to the health club for a quick workout. I decided to head on down to the casino for some blackjack.

After playing for about a half hour, guess who decides to sit down right next to me? That’s right John. After a few uncomfortable deals John finally broke the silence and said that he thought my wife was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and thought that I was a very lucky man to be with her.

I thanked him and after awhile we began to discuss gambling. We were both disappointed that there wasn’t a table set up for poker in the casino. I mentioned that I had a table in our honeymoon suite but it wouldn’t be any fun without more players. He thought he could round up a couple guys so I gave him our suite number and said I would be there for the next couple hours if he could find them. I reminded him to bring plenty of cash.

About an hour later there was a knock on the door and it was John with 2 buddies. Apparently he had come on this cruise with these guys. John owns a vitamin and supplement company and Tony was his top guy. Tom is a professional football player that he had just signed to a contract promoting his products. Tony is about 6’ 210lbs with blonde hair and approximately 30 years old. The other guy’s name was Tom and he was larger than any of us at 6’6” and probably 280lbs with black hair. 

Everyone was just getting seated when Kim walked in the room. I am not sure who was more surprised Kim or the guys. She was shocked to see John there and the boys just couldn’t seem to quit staring at her.

Kim was wearing little pink workout shorts that are made out of spandex and it really grips to her figure. You can even see a little crease between her swollen pussy lips. I think that this was even more pronounced as we had all the body hair permanently removed from her lower body last year leaving her with the softest, sexiest, bald pussy you have ever seen. She also wore a matching top that leaves little to the imagination when wrapped around those giant tits.

I introduced Kim to the boys and then added a sarcastic “and I believe you two have already met” when it came to John. 

She asked everyone if they would like some vodka martini’s at which point everyone replied yes. We all sat down and began to play our poker game. A little while later Kim came back and served the drinks. I noticed that she put her hand on John’s shoulder and he ran his finger along her calf under the table where he thought I wouldn’t see. I also noticed she got goose bumps all over and her nipples immediately stood at attention when he did this.

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