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Home alone.. with the old man

(Part 1 from 1)

It was raining fast outside. I didn't have work today. I could here the thunder loud clear. dad was at work, mum had gone to the market and said she would come home late that day.

I was home alone with my granddad who was now 80 years old.

I didn't like my granddad. He always gave me the creeps as he smiled at me in a perverted way while looking up and down at me with his small pupils every time I walked passed him and made me feel discomfort.
He was old, wrinkly and hardly moved around much. I had to act as his nurse when no one was at home. My granddad was still quite healthy for his age and nor fat or skinny but healthy in appearance.

I was 20 and quite curvy with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I was wearing my black night gown as I was home alone and was mostly chilling in my bedroom listening to music.
His bed was downstairs in the living room, as he found it difficult to walk up and downstairs every time he needed to use the loo.

The kitchen was right next to the living room.
I was in the kitchen making myself a cup of hot coffee, when I suddenly heard unusual noises coming from the living room.
I peeped across into the living room to stare at where the noise was coming from.

It was grandpa... He had his eyes closed, and he was rubbing his cock vigorously under the blanket while making loud arousing noises. My granddad was jerking in his bed. I had seen him do this before too, but I always wondered why he was doing this. He used to give him self a rub every time he thought he wasn't being watched.

I couldnt stop looking at him for some reason. I knew I should look away. But I couldn't... I was having strange feelings growing inside me. I was feeling wet and a tingling sensation was building up inside me. I tip toed closer to him...My granddads eyes were still closed, I wanted to lift up his blanket, but was hesitating in shame.

Suddenly the thunder outside got louder... I felt cold and wanted to feel warm in bed.
I stepped towards my grandads bed.. And shook him... With my shaking hands..
My heart beats grew louder and louder..

He suddenly opened his eyes and stopped rubbing his cock... And looked at me with shock ... Like I had catched his massive mistake while he just layed there like a statue.

I made a gesture to calm him down... I ran my hands down in his chest slowly and towards his stomach. It was then that I couldn't resist my self and then I... Lifted of his blanket as he stared at my face with amazement ..

I looked at his cock, which seemed hard by now after all the hard rubbing he had given himself and seemed as if it wanted to be rescued from his half unzipped grey pants...and took of his gry shirt. I bit my lips as I completely unzipped his trousers and lifted my other hand to put my fingers on his lips. I could feel his white/greyish mustache and rough beard as I moved my hand slowly across all his face. The rapidly growing heat from his mouth felt reassuring.

We just stared at each other for a few minutes. He wasn't attractive but there was something pulling me towards him. He reached out his left hand pulled me towards him as my breasts touched his body and then slowly ran his hands down my back. He started to give me massage and then steadily reached towards my ass.

My ass was soft and smooth, he slowly squeezed it while pushing me further towards him and pulled me so I ended up falling on him and ended up on his chest.
He stared at my face and removed my curled hair off my red flushing cheeks.

He slowly moved his pillow at an angle and sat up, while staring at my size 36B boobs that were peeping through my silk black gown. i was wearing a black tranparent bra underneath. My skin was soft, tender and smooth compared to his rough and wrinkly skin. He ran his hands toward my boobs and unleashed them from my tight fitted bra while slowly pulling open the strings of my bra.

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He looked ever so excited and squeezed my tits and started to suck them ever so hard. He was full of hunger and kept squeezing, sucking and playing with my boobs while rubbing and pressing on my ass in passion. He seemed to want to fuck someone for years and I think he had wish come true after a long time.

The grey sky and thunder was not affecting me at all now. Heat was burning up inside both of us.

I had no words to say and nor did he. He wanted to waste no time at all. He took my right hand and put that on his cock. His dick felt soft and tender under his loose fitted white colored boxers. I took his loose undie...and he teached me how to rub his dick to begin with but then I got the hang of it quickly and took over and started to rub my hands up and down his stiff but dark brown wrinkly penis and watched his excitement grow while he rubbed my ass and wet pussy and kissed me with full passion while not wanting to let go of me.

His bulls were quite saggy, but he was sure energetic and fit for his age and could perform a lot more then me and you or anyone else could imagine. He kept rubbing my pussy and boobs and then unstripped me from head to toes, while undressing my wet vagina and freeing me from black underwear.

I let him take over. I knew it was wrong, but I felt helpless and wanted to be fucked now...

He kissed me hard again and again. He started to kiss my soft face and then steadily moved down to lick my breasts, then flat belly and down to my eager pussy. It felt amazing, I wanted more and more of this to be happening to me at the time.

He licked me down to my ass...he seemed thirsty and wanted my wet pussy really bad. He held my hands and sat down while leaning back, to allow me to take over. He put my head towards his cock. I took over and from there. Sucking it from top to bottom. It was very tender, stiff and meaty by now. He was having the greatest time of his life. He was face fucking me hard. He didn't want me to stop....he kept saying...'yes my angel...harder...suck me harder...Im loving it...yesss...oh yesss...grandad loves u..and always has..'

He then suddenly stopped me...and lifted me up from my knees and placed me on his soft and cozy bed.
He put my legs towards my breasts and placed his dick into my wet pussy while kissing me in enthusiasm all over from my neck to where ever he wanted to. I was all his for today. Maybe god had heard his prayers.

He put his tongue into my mouth and I added my tongue into his. He had no teeth, his gums felt soft and kind of nice. He pressed hard on my tits while rubbing them with his rough hands.

He fucked hard to begin with and slowly got tired and started fucking me slowly. We slowly massaged each other in return for the comfort and fun. He took out his cock and asked me to lay down on my side. i did as I was being told to do. He put his cock form behind in-between my legs into my ass and then into my wet hungry pussy, while playing and rubbing my tits. We carried on having slow sex while kissing each other.

I was all warm, cozy and tired now and so was he.

Well without realizing we had both gone of to sleep.
i woke up 2 hrs after all that excitement. Not realizing we had been having sex for almost 5 hrs now.

The room was a mess. My old man was still laying there naked and I myself was wearing nothing. i quickly gathered all my clothes and had a shower and cleaned up while waking the old man up to fix himself up before the family would arrive.
The room was all clean before the house door bell rang.

thank god we didn't get caught.
i felt disgusted and had a guilt inside me. i couldn't face the old man or anyone else in the family properly.

Well after that my granddad went off to my uncles house for a few days. My dad told me to come down to say bye to his old man. My granddad shouted out...wont u give ur old man a hug before he goes...I looked up...and he came towards to hug me tight and squeezed his chest towards my breast and touching up my ass and said he will return as soon as possible and said u will always be my special angel...

I waved him bye and he didn't stop staring at me...while he was out of sight....
I could still see the thirst and hunger in his eyes...

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