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Holy Glory Holes

(Part 1 from 1)

 I was on my way home from work and thought I would stop by the Adult Bookstore and buy a new video to add to my collection. I have a large collection of some hot sexy videos but a new one always turns me on, especially the first time you watch it. I usually go into one of the video boothes and check out a few of the new ones to see which one I would like to buy.

I got to the store about 11pm and it stays open til 2am so I had plenty of time to watch some videos. As soon as I entered the store I noticed some laughter coming from one of the back aisles. It was female laughter and so I decided to check it out. There was a couple in their thirties, drunk as hell looking to buy an X rated movie to bring home like I was. I acted like I was checking out a video right next to them and I started checking them out. She was blonde and beautiful with big tits and one of those mouths that looks like it can suck a big dick! He was short and stocky but it was obvious by his flashy Rolex and gold chains that he had money.

They noticed me and asked if I could recommend a good movie for them to take home and fuck to. I started to show them one with a lot of blowjobs and I could see her looking at the big dicks on the box and getting turned on. I then suggested that they could look at some sample videos in the back in a private booth. They laughed and she seemed reluctant to go in the back but he persuaded her to go and so I helped them get some tokens and led them to the dark hallway that had boothes on each side of it. I knew of two rooms next to each other that had a glory hole in between them so I told them to go in one and I went into the other, I was excited to say the least!

I quickly locked my door and peeped into their booth, she was kissing him and rubbing his crotch and he was undoing the buttons on her blouse to expose those large titties. They were big and firm but real with pointy nipples and large aereolas! I plopped a few tokens into the machine and a video came on of a girl sucking a guys huge cock. I started to get hard so I undid my zipper and pulled my dick out and started stroking it. I looked back in their booth and I noticed they were watching the same video as me and she was kneeling in front of him and was sucking his cock just like the girl in the video, when the girl would suck deep she did the same and as I watched just inches away I could smell her perfume and I was getting really hard and turned on! They were totally unaware of the hole and that I was watching that is until I got so horny I stood up and stuck my dick in the hole and it poked her in the ear!

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She gasped and I could not see what was going on but I felt compelled to keep my dick in there, about 8 inches worth but nothing was happening! Just as I realized that this was nuts and I better get the hell outta there, I felt her hand wrap around my dick and pump it a few times. I froze and pushed it as far into their both as possible while she stroked me first with one hand then with two, then with three! I realized that at least one of those hands belonged to him but I was so turned on by her that I kept it in there. They pumped me for a while and then they stopped for a minute and I could her them moving around and then I felt her warm breath on the head of my pulsing penis! Then I felt her soft lips kiss the head and suck it as if to taste it. She then did what I had pictured when I saw her earlier and engulfed my dick all the way down, so far down that I could hear her breathing through the hole and I could see the tip of her nose. She deep throated me several times and would pull off each time to look at my large wet cock. I felt her go down on me again but this time when she went all the way down and I looked down to see her nose it was not her nose and I felt a moustache! I was stunned and scared but man it felt good!

He would deepthroat me and then I could tell she was back on my dick and so they took turns sucking me deeply. I'm not sure if it was him or her but I felt a large orgasm coming! They must have felt it too because she kept her turn longer and went deep and stayed there until I started coming and boy did I come! I was literally convulsing against the wall that separated us and almost passed out as I shot wad after wad into her throat! I could hear her gulping and gobbling and swallowing to keep up with the heavy flow of semen shooting into her lucious mouth! After I came she pulled off and I could tell that he was cleaning up what was left. He must have sucked a little tasty semen out because he really started to try and suck the last drop of jizz that I had. Well this was a mistake because I got hard again right there and then! He was still going after it with a fury and I shot another load pretty quick into his waiting mouth!

I was spent and dizzy and tried to keep my balance as I pulled my pants up and thought I might get out of there before they did so they would not know it was me. As I pulled up my zipper I saw a dick sticking through the hole and I thought oh no he expects me to return the favor. I have never sucked a dick before but he did suck mine and she did too and they both did it very good! So I put my hand on it and it felt like granite, it was hard and smooth and thick! I wrapped my hand around it and pumped it like I pump my own and I felt it growing in my grip. I gripped it tighter and stroked it harder and I heard a moan from the other side. He pulled it back and I thought well that's over but he pushed it back in the hole, but when I went to grab it, he pulled back and then I got the message so the next time he pushed it back in the hole I knelt down and sucked it! It tasted funny but I felt like I owed it to him so I relaxed my jaw and went over the head with my tongue.

I opened my mouth to try and take the 5 inches that was sticking out and he pulled back as I went down on it. I went further so that my nose was against the opening and he surprised me by thrusting his hips forward and pushed his whole cock in my mouth and it was a lot more than 5 inches! He had kept his dick only half way in the hole because I was now feeling more like 9 or 10 inches of thick hard veiny meat in the back of my throat so far it touched my tonsils and I choked! Just as I tried to pull back to catch my breath he shoved it in again even deeper! He caught me off guard and I lost my balance falling forward toward the hole so when he shoved it back in again I could not pull back and just as I realized that I was in trouble and could not even breathe that snake pulsed and shot come into my mouth faster than a garden hose! In college I once tried to do a beer bong and it shot out my nose and mouth and even felt like it was coming out my ears, but this was even more intense! I had no choice but to try and swallow but it was no use I had jizz spurting out the sides of my mouth and dripping down my face! He came more and more with each spurt and he came longer than I ever thought someone could, even more than any video I have ever seen! My face was red and the veins in my neck were bulging and I finally pulled off and away from that monster cock and it was still shooting torents of come at me , hitting me in the eye and all over my hair!

I was spent, stunned, dazed and confused, but I was more embarrassed by the way I looked with come all over me and I wondered how I would escape without anyone seeing me. I waited and looked in their booth until they had left and it was quiet so I opened the door and made my way quickly out the back door. As I fumbled for my keys, my eyes were still stinging from the come stuck in them, I never realized how sticky that stuff is when its in your hair! I was unlocking the door to my car when something caught my eye, it was the couple, they were waiting to see who it was and when they saw me, they burst out laughing and I had to smile and say "Holy Gory Holes!"

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