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Holly in the Pool

(Part 1 from 1)

I usually take my little brother to his swimming lesson and watch him for the half hour session but this week I saw something that made me do something different…

Once I had dropped off my 7 year-old brother with his swimming instructor, I made my way up to the balcony where I usually watch him. He swim’s in the ‘deep pool’ and then when he’s finished he swims for a bit in the ‘fun pool’! He likes the water flumes and the wave machine, so I let him enjoy himself for a but after his lesson. Today however I was jus watching the people in the ‘fun pool’ while my brother had his lesson, when I saw Holly sitting by herself in one of the jacuzzis! She was the most beautiful girl in collage. Long straight brown hair, perfect body large breasts. Mmmm!! Everything I was looking for, except she had a boyfriend. He happened to be one of my best mates. Holly had been one of my closest friends for a lond time. We were very competitive! She appeared to be alone still so I seized the opportunity! I pelted down the stairs and into the changing rooms. I found a vacant changing room and got into my swimming shorts. I was soon swimming as fast as I could towards the jacuzzi island at the far end of the pool. I was just about to slide in next to her when she saw me coming. She eyed me up and down (she had never seen me with my shirt off let alone soaking wet).

“Mark! What are you doing here?” She asked in a slightly shaky voice.
“Same as you! Is every thing ok? You look upset?”
“I’m fine, I just broke up with my Edd! No big deal!”
“You’ve been going out for months! What happened?” She looked at me, now sitting oppersite her in the bubbling tub. I was slightly taken back when she suddenly lunged falward and wrapped her (smooth, wet) arms around me. She looked down solemnly and sat on my lap. “Hey what’s up? You can tell me!”
“I told him I fancied another guy!” Slight pause. “I fancy you Mark!!” I knew she didn’t, she had to think about it too long, but I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like this! We looked at each other for a few seconds and then, painfully slowly, she lent falward to kiss me. God she tasted good! She cupped her lips around my mouth until she could slip her tongue in without anyone noticing. We made out for another 10 minuets until I felt her hand rubbing up and down on my stiff cock. In an instant she pulled off my trunks and gripped my knob in her soft hands, she began rubbing the head with her thumb but she didn’t stop kissing me! I untied her backinni and let her soft round breasts float on the water. She pushed herself away and floated on her back in front of me. Her bussem bobbed up and down on the water and the droplets of water on her flat stomach began to collect in her belly button. It was driving me wild. I felt her foot now, rubbing me under the water. She stroked my stomach and chest, and played her toes around my lips. I puled her towards me by her legs and pressed her groin to my body. I pulled off the dainty garment concealing what I had desired for so long. Her pussy was amazing! Bald, except for a thin line of hair at the top. I pushed 3 fingers inside her and kissed her belly. She moaned softly as I moved them in and out of her. I then used the other hand to rub her hard clit and she would duck her head under the water to scream out in pleasure! Without warning I thrust my erect dick into her tight ass. It hurt like hell but she was the one that screamed. I stopped rubbing her clit and put my hand over her mouth. Her muffled cry stopped and she began to lick her cum off my fingers. Each time I pushed my dick into her butt I felt her squirm and twist in the water. Her body was so perfect. She raised her arms above her head and held onto the other side of the tub. Water rolling down her arms and across her smooth arm pits. She moved up and down on my cock until she felt I was about to cum, then she through her arms around me and sat up to lick my face all over. I opened my mouth and her tongue flew in to fill it. She rubbed her belly against mine as hot cum rocketed out of me inside her. Once I was completely spent, Holly kissed me again before we found our things and headed for the flumes!

One of the three flumes was closed and had no water running down it. There was quite a que for the other two and the life guard had his back to us so he didn’t see us slip into the shoot. We crab walked down the tunnel until we could neither see the entrance or the exit. With out a word, I instinctively climbed onto holly and began kissing her franticly! Our hands rubbing and exploring each others bodies. I sat up after a while and lay holly on her back. The tubes dryness stopped her from slipping down. I placed a finger on her forehead and ran it down the length of her body. Across her lips, down her neck, between her firm tits, across her stomach and through her belly button. I slipped it into her wet panties, and pulled them off with one action. She opened her legs to reveal her dainty pink twat in full. Every few seconds a cold breeze would blow down the tunnel, making our nipples harder and tiny goose bumps to cover holly’s body. I kissed down one of her legs until I came face to face with her sweet pussy. I began to tease her by kissing the inside of her thigh, getting ever closer to her burning clit.
“Ohhh! Do me now Mark, I want you inside me” I then dabbed my hot tongue on her cunt lips, just tasting her cum. She couldn’t take any more! She pushed my head into her slippery crotch and I began licking at her pouting cunt as fast as I could. I slipped three finders inside her while I sucked at her erect clit and moved them in and out as fast as I could. She came in seconds, hot sweet girl cum rolling down the flume. We changed places so she could take care of my throbbing member.

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Once she had rid me of my swimming shorts, she cupped my balls in her hand and fondled them as my cock was squeezed between her pert breasts. She began to jerk me off with her tits until she felt my balls tighten in her hand. Then she stopped what she was doing and stood up in the flume. I was on the edge of orgasm and the suspense was killing me!

“Oooh, goddam Holly! Don’t stop!” I was in desperation.
“What the matter” She said sarcastically “Mark begging for me now!?” This was evil, how would I get her back for this?! She could see my erection was failing so she straddled my face and bent down to finish me off. Her sweet cum was so hot. I was just about to clean off her drenched pussy with my tongue when I felt her mouth tighten around my dick. She sucked for all she was worth and just before I came I was able to force my whole fist inside her slit. It slipped in one massive push and she shut her eyes and screamed until her lungs ached! The screen echoed down the tunnel. My cock then splurged a huge quantity of spunk over her face. The sour taste of my cum of her lips turned the pain into pleasure and she licked my knob clean. As I removed my hand from her throbbing pussy she climaxed again, spraying her cum over my face. She then lay on top of me and licked her salty cum of my face while I kissed her neck.
“ANY ONE DOWN THERE?” An angry voice echoed down the flume. With out a word we quickly dressed and shot down the shoot as fast as we could.

A lot of swimmers gave us bad looks as we slid out of the dry tunnel. We hurried to the changing room. People mistook the sticky liquid covering Holly’s face for water as we ran past. Soon we were locked in the privacy of my changing cubical. I sat on the seat and watched the girl of my dreams wipe the jizz from her face and smear it on her tongue. She opened her mouth to show he the cum slide down her throat. She swallowed it down and noticed I had become aroused by this sick display. She stepped close to me and brushed her stomach past my face the beads of water running in lines across her smooth skin. She removed her top and proceeded to give me an intermit lap dance until I became fully erect. Her fresh tits bouncing in front of me were such a turn on! Harshly I grabbed her by the waist and began to tongue her belly button. She moaned in pleasure as my tongue scouted her body. Holly failed to notice me removing the string from my shorts. I pushed her up against the wall and kissed her passionately. Knocking my towel to the floor, I wrapped the string over the cloths hook and tied her hands above her head. She bent her knees and hung there for me beckoning…

“Oh Mark your so good! Do me here you naughty boy!” I clasped her exposed breasts in my hands and kissed and sucked her nipples. A little bite sent waves of pleasure rippling through her suspended body. I bent down and removed her wet panties. There was her flower once more I pressed my tongue against it and caught a drip of water, heated by her adrenaline pumped anatomy! I stood up to face her our eyes met. I then turned her head and licked her right ear as I plunged my cock inside her burning pussy. She moaned in ecstasy as I began licking all over her face as she had mine. I felt her legs wrap around my body and pushing me towards her. We fucked in this position solidly for half an hour or so when I pulled out and turned her round to face the wall. Then I crammed my nob into her grateful cunt once more and pushed two fingers up her arse. With my free hand I reached round her waist and found her hard clit. I circled it and rolled it between my fingers until we both orgasamed in unison! I clung to her loosely as my erection died down inside her. Our juices flowed down our legs. Holly unhooked herself and watched me, panting and exhausted, as she dressed.

When she was dressed she bent down to kiss me and took my cock into her hands. She rubbed off all our fluids and then sucked them off her hands. We made out for another few minuits but then I realized I had forgotten about my brothers swimming lesson. I finished half an hour ago. I dressed and left as soon as I could. Holly stayed behind calling “See you at college Mark!”

P.s. Excuse the crap ending! I can’t end a fictional story yet!

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