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Hit and Run

(Part 2 from 2)

Then, with cum stuck all over my face and hair, and dribbling out of my
mouth, lying on my back, resting on my elbows with my legs spread, he
yelped, “Perfect! You can call me Doctor if you like. Now I am going to
give you a vaginal examination--with my tongue.”

“Uh…I just had one not long ago. I think I’ll pass.”

“No way, you fucking cum slut.” He gave me a few little licks. “Yum,
yum, you smell and taste wonderful. What do you douche with? I’d like to
recommend it to some of my other patients. Sometimes I wish I could put a
clothespin on my nose.”

I began to moan, not being able to conceal what had begun to resemble
pleasure, but still managed to scream, “I douche with rat poison, you
fucking pervert!“

He laughed and went back to licking my clitoris softly and gently. “Oh my,
and aren’t we getting more than a little wet here. I think you just might
cum in the very near future, even if you don’t want to. No, make that, I
know you will. I don’t think I’ll be needing these,” he commented as he
pulled a handful of small samplers of Vagisal Intimate Moisturizer from his
pocked and tossed them away.

Then he plunged his face back into my very moist triangle. Separating my
wet pubic lips with his fingers, he spread me wide open. First he licked
under my clit and inner labia and occasionally swirled my clit in his mouth.
He drove me crazy! Next he alternated with his tongue, slow flat licks,
and then sucked gently with his tongue.

Soon I squirmed with pleasure. He was way better than any of my
girlfriends, or my first lover, Josh. I didn’t want him to know that,
though, and tried to keep myself under some semblance of control. But
finally I lost it as he licked my hot swollen clit with harder and more
demanding strokes. I started yelling louder than when I was fighting him

Thrusting my hips upward with excitement, I exploded in a powerful climax I
felt from my head to the tips of my toes. “Yes! Yes! Oh God, yes!” I
chanted over and over as I squirted juice all over his face. He continued
to lick me gently as I came down from the most wonderful orgasm I had ever
experienced and I’m sure he could feel my entire body shuddering right
through my clit which he still held in his lips.

“Please stop! Please! No more,“ I begged, “not right now.”

“Whatever you say, Little Miss Smarty Panties,” he snapped sarcastically as
he pulled his face away from my soaked and throbbing pussy.

I laughed. His face was all wet and cunt juice ran down his chin and onto
his shirt and tie which he had never bothered to remove. “What are you
going to tell the dry cleaner about the spots on your tie?” I asked coyly.
“That you are a real sloppy pussy eater? Doh!” I laughed again, even

He smiled sweetly. “Now we are going to have our doctor/patient chat. I
know you have clitoral orgasms,” he said with a smirk. “Did you ever in
your young life ever have a cervical-pubococcygeal orgasm--a vaginal

“Well, yeah, I know a little bit about Kegel exercises and such. My sister
is a doctor also and she explained some of this stuff to me. I think I
have had vaginal orgasms.”

“What do you mean you think you have had vaginal orgasms? Either you have
or you haven’t. I seriously doubt it owing to the fact that most of your
lovers have probably been young studs who can’t hardly wait to get off.
Now, I’m going to esplain this all to you and I want you to pay attention
very carefully. But first …” He began to lick me again.

Just when he got me started again, he stopped. “Don’t stop! Why are you
stopping?” I know I sounded frantic.

“Are you sure you want me to do this again?”

“Fuck yes, now get to it!”



“C’mon, you can do much better than that.”

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“Would you, please, pretty please, shut the fuck up and eat me again?”

“You’re not angry with me? About abducting you? Or cumming all over your

“No, no. Paybacks are a bitch. Now eat me again and we’ll be even.
C‘mon, now hurry up. Please! You got me all started again, now fucking
finish it! And why don’t you untie me? You don’t really think I’m still
going to run do you?”

Ignoring me, he went back to incredibly enthusiastic muff diving. Ten
minutes and another great orgasm for me later, the doctor began his lecture
and the show and tell on the subject of vaginal orgasms.

Speaking of telling, you don’t really think I am going to tell you about The
Secrets of Vaginal Orgasms which I learned that afternoon, now do you?
Yeah, right. You can read about it in my soon to be published book. I
will tell you that I had a half dozen or so vaginal orgasms in about an
hour. Somehow I lost count.

I became totally exhausted from the multiple orgasms but the good doctor
still had not had another orgasm yet. “What’s the matter, Honey?” I asked
demurely. “You didn’t cum again. Don’t worry about shooting a load
inside me. I’m on the pill.”

“Oh, I’m Honey now, ‘eh? These positions don’t work for me. No big

“Well, it’s a big deal to me. Untie my hands. I’ll give you a real
special blow job instead of you just fucking my mouth. And do you think
you could kiss me? You haven’t kissed me. I’m feeling kind of romantic
at the moment. Maybe we could cuddle for awhile.”

“No fucking way am I kissing you! Not with cum all over your face.
Gargle with Listerine for a week and I’ll think about it. I don’t want
another blow job. I want something else. Your ass. You have a
beautiful ass. I want to fuck your ass.”



“I said okay. What fucking part of ‘yes’ don’t you understand?” I rolled
over and leaned up with my ‘beautiful ass’ up in the air. “fuck my ass,
and make it quick! My mother is going to be so mad I’m not back with the
groceries. The guests are probably eating the dog right about now.”

He started to slip that big cock up my ass.

“Yeow!” I yelled in pain. “Do you think you could please use some of that
Vasigal you threw on the ground?”

He greased it up and I loudly moaned and cried with pain and pleasure as
inch by inch he shoved it in deeper and deeper. When I started to thrash
around, he grabbed my hips and held me firmly.

Oh, he liked this and it wasn’t all that bad for me either, other than it
hurt like hell. I put my hand underneath myself and started to rub my very
raw clit. I got off again one more time, just as he did. It felt like a
jackhammer was up ass as he pounded and thrust and finally spurted until he
spasmodically shot every last drop. I squealed like a stuck pig and he
screamed so loud I think we might have woke the dead.

The doctor got up and straightened his clothing. “You can keep the blanket
and the rope,” he said as he loosened the knots just enough so I could
eventually free myself. “I have several appointments still. More pussy
to deal with.” He just walked away. I heard him drive off back the
direction he came from.

As I freed myself, I debated whether I should notify the police. I
wondered if they would ask if I had orgasms while he did me without my
consent, if that’s what I said he did. How would I reply? “Yes, about
eight or nine times. I lost count.” What had just happened definitely
was hit and run, but hell, I got paid for that didn’t I?

Trying to track down my mystery hit and run gynecologist with the Mercedes
convertible has proved futile. Nobody seems to know anything about him.
I should have taken down his license number I suppose.

I learned an important lesson in life from this experience--if you do
coupons, wear a bra. I still go grocery shopping at that very same store
every chance I get. Now I wear a bra, under my long jacket. I do not,
however, wear anything else under the coat, and when and if I see that
doctor dude again I am going to flash him to see if he recognizes me. I
mean, he is a gynecologist. One would think he should be able to recognize
one pussy from another. I still have his blanket and rope. Who knows,
one day I just might have the opportunity to fuck him without asking. Hit
and run!

What really still bothers me about this experience is the fact that he never
kissed me. Fucked but not kissed, the story of my life. Where has all
the romance gone? If you find it, please let me know.

“Hit and Run” is Part Two of the sexual history of my life. “The Rookie”
which is posted on this site is Part One. I am purging my soul. Telling
of my past transgressions is part of my repentance. Forgive me father, for
I have sinned.

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