Hillbilly Mom

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100% fiction!

 My dad was a very mean man. He beat my mom and me all the time. My mom was 46, pretty, a little plump with a nice bubble butt and big tits and that made my dad jealous. Were from Kentucky and he made moonshine because he was always to drunk to hold down a regular job. As long as I can remember, my dad would come home drunk in the evening and start in on mom. He'd ask her "who you been fuckin today" or he'd shove her down and tear her panties off to see if she'd had sex. Some times after he'd checked my moms hairy pussy, he would tell me to come look at it. I did what I was told and as I looked at it he said "shes gonna try to get you to fuck her one of these days, shes just a horny old slut". One time he had her legs wide open and he said "look at that, her pussies gettin wet just cause were lookin at it" and when I looked, it was.

My dad started to rub her pussy and my mom was moaning "not in front of the boy Tom" but my dad just kept rubbing. Soon he was pushing all four fingers in and out of moms sloppy pussy and she was moving her lower body to meet his demands. When mom was good and horny, my dad stood up and started to take off his overalls. Mom told me to go to bed but my dad grabbed my shirt and said "I need Juniors help". He pushed me by the shoulders so I was kneeling by my naked mom. He said "put your hand on your mommies sloppy pussy". Again I did what I was told and put my hand on her pussy. It was very hot and wet and hairy and as soon as I touched it, her legs opened wider. My dad said rub it all over as he let his overalls drop. I was now staring at my dads huge semi-hard cock and balls. He said "get my cock good and hard and I'll let you watch her take it".

With my other hand I reached out and rubbed my dads big cock and balls. Then I looked down at my moms big hairy pussy and started working my fingers in it as she started to hump my hand. Dad was pulling my head toward his ever hardening cock and saying "suck daddies cock boy, get it good and hard for your slut mom. I was really turned on and I just wanted to suck my dads cock and rub my moms hot pussy. As I took about half of dads big cock in my mouth, I felt a hand on my cock. As I was looking up at my dad while sucking his big cock I knew the hand I was feeling wasn't his. He was looking down at me with an evil grin and said "I told you she was a slut and now she's trying to fuck her own son". I was loving the taste of my dads salty hard cock and all the precum he was making. Dad was holding my head in his big hands and fucking his hot hard cock in and out of my mouth as my slutty mom pulled my cock out and started sucking it.

Just then I heard a big booming voice holler "what the hell are you doin to that boy and can we do it to". Dad slowed down and I looked to the side with my dads hard cock still in my mouth and saw my two uncles (dads brothers) Leon and Lewis and Lewis's son Billy. They were already shuckin clothes and my mom crawled over to Billy and said "your mom says your hung like a horse, I hope I can take a ride" as she helped him out of his pants. My dad said "there's a jar of whisky over there but this boys suckin his daddies cock real good right now so just sit back and watch". Then dad turned back to me and got a new grip on my head and said "suck it boy, it ain't gonna take me long" and I started to suck my dads salty cock even harder than before. He had his knees bent and was now just hard fucking my mouth as he pulled my mouth all the way on his cock and held me there as he began to moan and pump his scalding hot, slimy, salty cum down my throat. His big cock shot load after hot load and his body just kept jerking as he emptied his big balls in his sons mouth. When he was done, he sat down on the bed and said "that boy knows how to suck cock".

As I looked around the room, you could tell my mom was sucking Billy's cock and my two uncles were naked with their backs to me. My uncle Leon walked over to me and his cock was huge and fat and his big balls were dark brown and hairy. Like all the men in the room he was hairy and had a big belly. He sat down in front of me and got comfortable and started stroking his big cock. He hollered for Billy to bring that hairy old slut over here where we could all watch her fuck his horsecock. Billy started dragging my mom by her hair with his cock still in her mouth to the center of the room. My uncle Leon asked if I liked seeing my slut mom sucking my cousins big horsecock. I said I did as my mom looked over at me while sucking my cousins big cock. My uncle Leon said "put her on her back so we can watch her hairy pussy take it all" and mom quit sucking long enough to lay back and throw her legs wide open.

I finally got a good look at Billy's cock and it was worth the wait. It must have been 10 1/2 inches long and as fat as a beer can with a dark purplish mushroom head and huge low hanging balls. He put the head in moms crack and sloshed it around a little and just as mom said "go slow" Billy buried it in her pussy. Mom let out a loud moan and said "God your gonna kill me with it" Pull it out" "Billy its to big, pull it out" but Billy bein 18 just kept pumping it to my horny mom. She was groaning and moaning but starting to hump back against Billy's big cock. I crawled over to where my uncle was sitting and asked him if I could suck him. He puuled my head toward his big hard cock and I started sucking as much as I could. It was very hard and he said watching my slut mom fucking a big cock made him extra horny and that he was probably going to shoot way more cum than usual.

My uncle Leon had pulled my pants down and was playing with my ass. He was rubbing his fingers in my ass as I sucked his brothers big cock. I could feel something cool and slippery on his fingers as they poked at my asshole, then I felt one slide in. When I tried to move, Leon pulled my head down on his big cock and Lewis shoved his finger way up in me. As Lewis moved my head up and down on his big cock and I watched my mom taking all of Billy's big cock I began to like what my uncle was doing in my ass. Billy was now pumping the hell out of my moms overworked pussy and all she could do was grunt and hang on and my uncle Leon stood up and was really feeding me his big cock and then I felt uncle Lewis shove his big cock all the way in my ass. It hurt but it felt good and then uncle Leon held me all the way on his big cock as he let go load after load of hoy salty cum in my mouth.

When he'd emptied his balls down my throat, he just fell back in his seat. Uncle Lewis was fucking deep in my ass and I wathed as Billy grabbed both of my moms ass cheeks and held her as his cock hit bottom and started pumping his hot cum in my slutty old moms big hairy pussy. When Billy's big cock finally quit filling my moms pussy with cum, he just rolled off next to her. I was staring at my mothers hairy, gapeing, cum covered raw pussy with my uncles big hard cock pumping in and out of my ass and I started crawling toward her, and my uncle just kept pumping and crawling along with me. He seemed to know what I wanted and he let me get to it.

As I started licking and eating my moms swollen cummy pussy, I was in heaven and then I felt my uncle shove his big hard cock all the way in and I could feel his cock every time it shot a hot load of cum in me. As everyone just laid there thinking about what had just happened, Billy pulled my head toward his big messy cock and said "see if you can get me ready for round two" and my mom just rolled her eyes.

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