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Highway Hard-On

(Part 3 from 3)

Great idea, but when I go into the john to piss, which I need to do, for Gods sake dont follow me. With you standing beside me Id get a hard-on instantly and couldnt piss!

Jed laughed, and we followed his game plan. I deliberately took a bit longer getting going than he did but soon caught up to him again, and we pretended we didnt know each other. This time it was even more fun, because not only did his signals back and forth make me hotter than ever, but I also knew the pleasures awaiting me inside that cock-wagon of his.

Hot as a pistol, I followed him into this new parking lot and again we parked in back where it wasnt as crowded. He even slid out of his van, long golden legs enticing as ever, and I played my part in the Hi there routine. Once inside it didnt take us long to strip and get horizontal on that soft, seductive rug again.

This time I noticed Jeds quietly humming air conditioner, which had kept it so comfortable the first time. Some sexy kisses and nipple nuzzling soon had us both ready all over again. Jed tickled my crotch with his curly blond hair, a sensation I loved, my inner thighs and scrotum finding this tantalization a real turn-on. Then as before, Jed reached into that little set of drawers and came out with the condom we hadnt used before.

This, he said slyly, I call the ceremony of the Cock and Condom.
As we sat facing each other, legs entwined, he began tickling and stroking my ready cock as he had before. His master touch soon had it hard as a hoe handle but a hell of a lot more sensitive. Slithering his fingers up my shaft, he played around the edge of my glands, twisting it gently until the pre-cum started to flow.

Deftly he capped my cock with the condom, slowly unrolling the thing down the full length of my cock so sensuously that I had to warn him again, as this time I wanted more than a jerk-off. He bowed forward, slipped his lips over my cock, took it deep in his throat, and pulled up again with on long, deliciously sexy suck, then leaning back to the drawer of delights again, he ceremoniously handed me a condom packet, saying, if you would please return the favor, Sir Cock sucker, we can get it on.

Eagerly I ripped the package open and, holding his gorgeously upright, throbbing tool in my hand, I stroked up to its head, as he had done, coaxed out a few drops of pre-cum, and unrolled the tin latex down to the base of his cock as sensuously as I could. He groaned in appreciation.

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Now, Tommy boy, hang on for the longest joy ride you can. With this he whipped his legs back under him and lay flat on his stomach. His hands slithering up and down the sensitive inner side of my thighs, he spread my legs wide and slid his eager mouth over my condom-covered cock. I sure enjoyed lying there letting him do what I had longed to have him do before. Licking my cockhead round and round with his strong tongue; he slipped his firm lips over it, up and down a few times. Then sucking it deep into his throat, he went all the way to its base then up again.

Oh, Jed, I moaned. It feels so good. Can I play too? I massaged his head and shoulders. Leaving my cock for a moment, he licked my balls, sucking gently on each tender gonad; then his active tongue licked up my stomach, paused to tickle my navel, and came up to my chest and nipples, where he alternately licked and sucked as his fists rolled back and forth in the hairy cave of my armpits.

I really loved this guys superb talents! Taking hold of his shoulders, I pushed him aside and rolled over on top. Starting with sensual kisses, I licked my way to the base of his sturdy neck, lingering to tongue-tickle that delicious hollow and taste the sweat now glistening there. This guy was really clean, but his skin had moistened with his sweet-smelling fresh perspiration, and was scented by the aftershave on his throat. Lifting one of his arms, I invaded the hollow of his armpit to inhale the musky odor of his clean man sweat, a scent that was always a turn on for me. Jeds sweat smell was like an aphrodisiac; I could wait no longer. Quickly I tongued my way down past his navel, over the taut muscles of his stomach.
As I plunged through his thick, light brown pubic hair my mouth seized the prize of his large, hard cock. I gave the condom-hooded erection the firm mouthing and sucking my experience had taught me to do well. Jed sighed and moaned in appreciation as with on thought in mind, we both turned our bodies into a comfortable, side-by-side 69 position. Caressing each other wildly, we squeezed each others buns, fingered each others asshole, and stroked each others balls as we began to suck in earnest. At first we licked each others lollypop languorously, leisurely, lasciviously; then as the heat began to rise from our loins, we went faster and faster.

I lost all track of time and place. My world consisted only of my bobbing head and the sensual joy of Jeds swollen cock sliding in and out of my throat as I surrounded it firmly with my loving lips. Each thrust of mine was matched by his return thrust, and somewhere seemingly miles away I could feel him doing his best to suck my entire body into his mouth as he gobbled me furiously.

Together we rocketed to deep space again, only this time the sensations were more intense than ever. As I felt myself approaching the point of no return, Jeds big cock began to pulse in my mouth, and he moaned, I knew he was starting to cum.

We thrust and bobbed at each other faster and harder, in unison, and the stars exploded around us. I floated up, up in space, my whole body one huge convulsive orgasm, intensely and repeatedly throbbing as my jism filled the condom covering my cock deep down Jeds throat. At the same time, I could feel his swollen cock pouring its load into his condom in my eager throat.

Slowly, moving gently, we came back down to earth. Jed spoke first. As he spun around to kiss me and run his fingers through my hair, he said, I dub thee Tom the Terrific, but, and he giggled, youll have to wait for my sword to whack you on the shoulder. It seems to have gone limp.

Maybe it wasnt that funny a joke, but it hit me as hilarious at the time. We rolled around laughing in each others arms for a few moments, then carefully we removed each others condom wrapping them both in tissues, which Jed, of course had in his drawer of delights.
That drawer, by the way contains many other things: oils, creams, lubricants, and electronic toys. Jed and I have tried them all in the months since that first meeting. We exchanged phone numbers but have never inquired about where each other live. Whenever we can we make a date to be driving down the turnpike at the same time. We always pretend were picking each other up all over again. It adds to the spice of life. I get hot just thinking about it.

We havent made any commitments to each other. Jed has painted his van in less obvious colors so were not as noticeable in parking areas, and we still play the Ceremony of the Cock and Condom to be safe. Im really beginning to love this guy. Maybe some day it will lead to something more permanent, but right now were both enjoying our Highway Hots.

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