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High School Experiementing : PART 1

(Part 1 from 1)

Dale, a 6" something jock was always getting on my nerves. No matter how annoying I found his stereotypical jock personality and actions, I found myself putting up with him as he was usually talking to people in my circle of friends. It could be the fact that he was gorgeous in many ways. Scruffy dark blonde hair, green eyes, and an almost perfect all-body tan were some of his many amazing features. At 6"2, I was rather tall for my age, but still slightly chubby. My blue eyes and brown hair always seemed to attract girls, but I always felt slightly less attractive compared to other guys, including Dale.

Dale was constantly playing sport, mostly football, which kept his physique in perfect condition. It wasn't unusual for my group of friends and I to be found sitting on the school oval during break as we watched people play football and occasionally joining in.

The earliest memory I have of Dale was during lunch break in year 10. We were both 18. I remember joining in a casual game of rugby which Dale seemed to be great at playing. After taking possession of the ball, I must have been running for a matter of seconds before out of nowhere, Dale tackled me to the ground. I had never considered myself attracted to guys, but despite the pain of his huge, stereotypical jock body on top of mine on the ground, I remember feeling slightly turned on at the thought of such an attractive guy on top of me.

It took several weeks before we started properly speaking to each other, it was nice to have any form of attention from him. I was thrilled to find out in second semester, that he was in one of my classes. Before I knew it, our conversations started to include subjects such as girls, masturbation, and porn.

One warm afternoon, I found myself standing next to Dale in the guys toilets. I couldn't help but notice his large bulge in his pants as he stood next to me after peeing. I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible, but he must have noticed as I had been standing there for some time without even realising.

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With a cheeky grin, he asked "wanna look?" I couldn't resist the opportunity. Without hesitating, I replied "sure". My embarrassment quickly faded as he pulled out his 7' uncut cock which to my surprise, looked very similar to mine. The only difference was, I had been circumcised. Although I had never thought of guys in a sexual way, I couldn't help but get turned on. He could see the desire in my eyes, and before I knew it, he was stroking his cock softly, making it semi-erect.

I wasn't sure what to say, all I could muster was "uh, good stuff man." Dale made the situation much more comfortable by asking me to show him my goods. By this stage, I was almost fully erect, but couldn't help myself, and proceeded to return the favour by showing him my tool. As we stood in the guys toilets, with our cocks out, I felt so aroused as I was standing next to a guy that was amazingly good looking, and had the feeling of excitement as anyone could walk through the door in any second in the back of my mind.

After what seemed like 5 seconds, we began stroking our own cocks without saying anything, but we both looked at each other's cocks in the process of getting off. To my surprise, Dale asked "wanna touch it?" I almost said no as my nerves were starting to get the better of me. Somehow, I found the courage, and wrapped my hand around his thick, meaty dick. It felt wrong, but at the same time, I couldn't believe that I was not only jacking off next to a guy that I thought was extremely good looking, but getting him off as well!

Without any warning, he grabbed my cock and began jacking me off at the same time. His hands were warm, and slightly rough from the large amount of sport he played. It felt amazing. I can't begin to describe the pure satisfaction Dale was giving me. After about 30 seconds, I could hear his breathing getting heavier. This turned me on even more, and I was very close to cumming. With the nervous thoughts of someone walking in at any moment, the sheer excitement made me come all over the urinal. It was by far the most satisfying experience I had had up until that point.

I returned the favour, and generously pumped his bulging member in my hand. The heavier his breathing became, I knew he was going to come very soon, so I quickened the pace. His breath became quicker and quicker, soon enough, he was cumming just as I did with a little bit of his cum dripping down my hand.

As soon as Dale finished up, he tucked his still rock-hard cock in his pants, washed his hands, and said "nice cock dude." I smiled at him as he walked out the door. This was the first of many of our 'experiments' together. These stories will be written in the other parts of this story.

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