Hi! I'm Jane and my story is about my sex life

(Part 1 from 2)

Joe was still breathing hard when I told him I wanted to go check on the kid I was babysitting. I put my blouse back on and fixed my shorts. There was a stain in the front of then, it was from my excitement and Joe's cum! I'll know better next time and wear panties. I checked the kid and he was still sound asleep. I came back into the living room and saw Joe waiting for me sitting on the floor with his cock out! He held me around my waist and kissed my belly button ring. It tickled and I held his head against my body. I felt his hand run up my legs and in-between my thighs. My pussy was cupped completely by his one big hand. He smiled and said: "I love these shorts baby! They outline your pussy very nice. See how your beautiful slit pushes against the material? When I touch you here, I can feel your heat. Your pussy feels so soft and smells like heaven baby!!" He pulled his wet fingers out from under the leg opening of my shorts and put them to his face. I saw him take a deep breath! I could have fell on the floor I was so worked up. 

But, I wanted to see exactly what he planned to do. He pushed his two fingers under my sorts again and squeezed my pussy softly. He then took is fingers up to his face again! He said: "Mummm! I love your musk." He looked up at me smiling and said: "You know Jane, you did me real good. Now it's time to repay you baby. But, I want to do it slow. I want to taste every inch of your pussy! I'm going to lick you into heave baby! And, I'm going to enjoy it as much as you are!" He took his hands and unsnapped my shorts. He pulled the zipper down real slow opening the top of my shorts. My shaved pussy had no hair at all on the top either and I saw him lick his lips as he began to pull the shorts down over my hips. I helped him since they were tight as hell. I wiggled and he pulled. Once they got over my hips and ass, they fell to the floor. I stepped out of them. As I stood there in front of him, nude from the waist down he just looked at my pussy. He said: "This is the first completely shaved pussy I have ever seen. It's beautiful Jane. Your pussy is just like you beautiful. Take your top off for me. Let me see you completely nude." I pulled my top up over my head. Now I stood there in front of my lover completely nude. He smiled up at me and said: "Beautiful, so very beautiful. You're one beautiful young woman Jane. God you're so beautiful. Turn around and let me see your other side." I made a turn and he stopped me when my ass was facing him. He ran his hands over my best part! I did have a good ass

I head him say it again: "God you are so beautiful Jane. What a body! What a beautiful face! I love looking at you." I turned around again and he kissed me about 1 foot below my stomach. He licked and kissed my lower stomach as his hand came back up between my legs to cup my nude pussy now. With my shorts off he was free to move his hands all over my body. I felt his fingers begin to stroke my pussy slit. He ran them up and down my slit until I felt my pussy lips begin to open for him. He continued to kiss me below my stomach. He looked up at me and said: "Put your foot up here on the arm of the sofa Jane. Yes, just like that! Good! Oh god baby your pussy is beautiful all shaved, pink and puffy!" He kissed my thigh and moved his mouth in to kiss my pussy. With my foot on the arm of the sofa and him sitting on the floor, he had a real nice shot of my bald pussy. His tongue licked and slid under my thigh over on to my pussy. I moaned when I felt the tip of his tongue touch the middle of my pussy slit. He took his fingers and slowly opened my cunt lips so his tongue could get in my opening further. He put his hands on my ass and moaned when he felt the roundness of my cheeks. I have a great ass!! I pushed my little pussy into his mouth as he began to suck on it! My hands were on his head gently working and guiding his face to the best spot in my hole. I said: "Ahhhhh! That's it Joe. There!! Mummmm! Right there baby! Ahhhh! Yes!! Lick it right there! Mummm! Yea baby! That feels nice!!" He licked me slow and gentle and my body began to react to the pleasure. I could feel my orgasm starting to build in my stomach and while I wanted to cum, I didn't want it to end to fast! I wanted him to eat my pussy for as long as I could stand it! You know, for as long as I sucked his cock before he shot his load!. 

When I had my orgasm, I wanted it to very, very powerful! I wanted my first orgasm to make my knees shake and make me fall to the rug. I wanted to cover his face with my cum! I continued to stand there completely nude, with one foot up on the arm of the sofa and the other spread as wide as I could and still stand up all right. Joe's face was under my elevated thigh, and tight against my pussy flicking steadily on my hole with his tongue. He was good! His fingers pulled my cunt lips out wider still exposing my blood red clit! He looked up at me and took his index finger and touched it saying: "God Jane it's an inch long and hard as a rock. Look how red it is baby! You must really be worked up and ready to cum! Are you baby? Are you ready to cum?" I held his head and told him: "Lick it Joe! Lick my clit baby! Shut up and suck it! Yes, I'm ready, make me cum! Oh Joe! Oh yes baby! That feels so good! Oh fuck baby your tongue is heaven!" His lips were holding my clit while his tongue flew over it again and again and again! His tongue was so good. I didn't realize it but I was standing on my toes while he sucked on my pussy. He pulled his mouth off my pussy and told me: "You better lay down baby and let me do you right! Lay down Jane so I can get to all of your beautiful pussy!!" I moved my foot off the sofa and knelt first and then I lay down in front of the sofa on my back. He said: "Open your legs for me baby!" I moaned and slide my thighs out as wide as I could get them. In one quick motion he dropped to the floor between them. I could see his big cock swinging back and forth. It was about 7 or 8 inches long now. I was working him up again and he was loving it! I whispered: "Eat me Joe. Eat my pussy baby! Make me cum! Make me cum for you Joe. Get me off baby!" He smiled as he lowered his mouth back over my shaved pussy. 

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