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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Ok well this is the story of one dude and his journey on getting his best friend's sister pussy my the end of the night.

Ok well my name is Erik and my best friend's (Jay) sister is the hottest piece of ass and pussy around, her name is Karina. Ok I first started knowing something when she started wearing little small booty short with litterly her tight juicy pussy hanging out.

When it was just me and her in the living room she would hop on my lap with them small shorts and rub her pussy against my hard cock. And say things like "Hey Erik do you wanna see how much of a whore I can be ill suck you and fuck your brains out." So as she's slidding back and forth on my cock with those shorts I tell her, "hey im getting horny" so I pulled my rock solid dick out she mesmorized it and held it with 2 hands (my cock is 10 inches) and starts slowing wrapping her lips around my cock. I took her shirt off and saw some of the nicest pair of suckable tits ever. Ok so im way to horny now nothing could stop me.

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So I ask her "if she would like me in her" and she grabbed my cock and put it gentley in here tight moist pussy it felt like I stuck my dick in a "Pleasure" or something. As im fucking the hottest piece of wet pussy pussy around I feel like the king of the world pounding her tight pussy. I slowly pull my dick and and rub her clit with the head of my cock and she bites her lips and pintched her tities as I was doing it. As I was fucking her ill never forget her moans, "Oh yea, Erik fuck my pussy." After a bit of fucking I hear the door open on the 2nd floor, "oh shit its Jay." But I can't stop fucking her its like my dick and her pussy were ment to fuck until we both came in or on each other.

So I pick her up and pounded her pussy while I was holding legs. I pulled out before I came and slapped my dick against her clit one more time and put my cock away. Karina put her shorts on but didn't changed much because I could still see her nice booty and her tight pussy's camel toe. Jay came down stairs and was like, "Hey Karina go put some other shorts on." Karina replied, "No I could wear what I want its my house I could walk around naked if I want to." Jay just shook his head and was like "dude wanna smoke a Cig?" I said no. So he left and smoked a Cig so I got up stairs and as im going up stairs I notice next to the stairs Karina laying on the sofa rubbing her pussy and just looking at me.

So I tell her to follow me to finish what we started. So we go in her bathroom and I instantly took her booty shorts and her pink hearted panties, revealing her tight pussy just dripping her pussy fluids and she looked at me said "Erik please give me your cock." I mean I can't denie this pussy my cock so I pull it out and fuck her then and there on the bathroom sink. "Oh yea, uhhh, mmmm, Erik give me that cock" she moaned. "You want the cock?" I asked.

She replied, "Yes, daddy im just a slut to your cock and your cock only." I can believe im hearing this from my best friends sister Karina I known this girl for like 7 years. So we fucked for like 20 minutes more and as I was about to cum she knew so he pulled my cock and her pussy and and knelt down and open her mouth and she simply said "cum in my mouth, baby." So I put my cock in her mouth and blew my kids in her mouth.

After that me and Karina have been fucking atleast once a day for 1 year and couple of months now.

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