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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

(Part 1 from 1)

100% Fan Fiction!

It was another normal night in number 10, Privet Drive. Dudley was bullying Harry as usual and so did Mr. and Mrs Dursley. Harry wished nothing more than get out of this house and live anywhere else.

At half past ten that night, the Dursley's had already been sleeping. Harry waited in the kitchen next to the clock waiting for it to struck midnight, for it had been his birthday next day. Completely tired by the bullying he had to endure all day, Harry fell asleep. He was awaken by a snowy owl with a letter tied to it's leg. He quickly looked at the clock which was already five past twelve. Harry untied the letter from the owl's leg and opened it.

The letter said that his parents were wizard and witch and he too was a wizard. Harry was expected in Hogwarts, the school his parents studied in for seven years, the next day. The letter also said that all his required equipment and books will be sent to Hogwart's Express in platform nine and three quarters in King's Cross station.

Shocked by everything in the letter, Harry decided it was just a joke and went to bed. The next day, however, he thought he ought to check out that Hogwart's Express just to be sure. After a little struggle with his guardians, Harry was at King's station looking for platform nine and three quarters. He looked left and right but there was nothing indicating a platform with that number whatsoever. Then, to his surprise, he saw a red-headed family running right through a solid wall and vanishing. He did the same and apparently he walked through a wall to a platform where Hogwart's Express stood. He was completely amazed by what just happened.

Harry got onto the train without thinking and found himself facing a pale red-headed boy who was obviously related to the family he just saw before crossing the barrier.

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter and I was just--" said Harry, who was interrupted by the boy.

"Blimey! You're Harry Potter! I-I'm Ron" said the boy, horror-struck.

"Er- yes. Hi" muttered Harry

The continued talking for a bit, Ron was surprised Harry didn't know that he, Harry, was the boy who survived the most powerful and darkest wizard of all time, Voldemort.

They found an empty compartment in the train and went inside to continue talking. Ron filled Harry in about all the stories he knew about.

A short while later, a hot girl came in their compartment with bushy hair.

"Hi, I'm Hermione and I can't find any other compartm- My god, you're Harry Potter! I've heard a lot about you. Do you mind if I sit with you?" said the girl, turning around to close the compartment door.

Harry and Ron both had a glimpse of her tight jeans around her small ass then looked at each other, red faced.

"Not at all" they muttered

She sat next to Harry; he noticed she was very close to him even though there was enough space to fit another person in.

Harry got hard at the heat coming from her and she seemed to notice.

"Er- Excuse me I have to go to the bathroom" said Ron; Harry knew he was going to jerk off at the sight of Hermione's ass.

Ron left the compartment and just as soon as the door closed Hermione leaned even closer to Harry.

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"Come on we're almost there, we have to change into out robes!" said Hermione heading towards the door "I'll be right back."

"Wait!" muttered Harry "Just change here.."

"Fine, but if you look I'll hex you!" she said with a smile.

Harry smiled back, still staring. She took off her jeans and shirt; Harry still staring. Now she stood with her panties, almost transparent from wetness, and her bra, holding the most shapely tits Harry had ever seen. He was getting harder now he was seeing her nipples hard under her bra.

"Come on! Look away!!" she said with a slutty laugh.

"What, are you embarrassed or something now?? Come one Hermione just put on your robes!" said Harry.

"I have to take off my underwear.. It's in the letter, you can't wear any Muggle cloth, even underwear." whispered Hermione, her face redder now. "If I take my cloth off in front of you, then you have to do the same! So take off your shirt and pants"

Harry did as she said: he took off all his cloth, completely nake. Now covering his hard penis with both his hands.

"Oh it's so small" giggled Hermione "Here, Engorgio!" Hermione flicked her wand and his penis got bigger and thicker at a flash of light.

He was hardly covering it now it was twice it's size. Harry removed his hands, it was no point covering half of his penis now she saw it. He said "Your turn", moved closer to her, his penis feeling the warmth of her pussy from under her wet panties, and he unhooked her bra, freeing the most shapely tits ever.

They started kissing, laying on the compartment floor. Hermione had two fingers inside her panties.

"Take that off!!" muttered Harry, indicating her panties.

She took them off and was now completely naked on the cold compartment floor.

He inserted his penis inside her tight pussy with a hard push; She was indeed very tight.

Pushing and pulling his penis from inside her pussy, Harry sucked Hermione's tits while she moaned loudly. He pulled out his cock and lifted Hermione's legs on his should and dived in to suck her pink, hot pussy.

She moaned and moaned then after a moment, Harry turned her onto all fours and fucked her pussy from behind. Hermions' moans getting loader every metal contraption in the rails.

Harry felt his cock melting from the hotness of her pussy and they both moaned as they came. Harry pulled his penis out and loads of cum came flowing from hermione's pussy onto the floor.

They quickly pulled on there robes. A moment later they were sitting just where they were. Hermione pulled her robes up for a second, showing her pink pussy still dripping cum.

Ron came back to the compartment. Hermione pulled her robes back down quickly as soon as she heard him outside. They sat in silence for a while then-

"How did you change into your robes, I didn't see Harry come into the bathr-" Ron caught some of the cum on the floor and looked up at them "You didn't!"

The arrived at Hogwarts moments later and Ron promised not say a thing under Harry's and Hermione's threats.

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