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Great Mom Pt.4

(Part 3 from 4)

"Hey mom. Where do you think you are going?" Ryan asked. "Um, I was going my room. Come on boys let me go upstairs, please. I will suck your cocks as much as you want. I just don't feel ok being downstairs." Hunter said he didn't want his cock sucked, he wanted to fuck me like Ryan just did. "Hey Hunter, what do you think, upstairs or downstairs?" Ryan asked his brother. "Downstairs! Yeah I wanna fuck mom downstairs." My sons led me down the hall towards the back of the house, I assumed they were going to fuck me on the sectional in the family room, which was ok with me. I was wrong! 

Hunter opened the door to the basement and they quickly led me down the stairs. Ryan shut the door behind us. My house has a small finished basement. There are a couple of rooms, the main one has a pool table in it then there are two smaller rooms, a utility room and another room. My sons led me right into the small room, Hunter turned on the overhead light, Ryan let go of me, shut and locked the door. All that was in this room was a king-sized futon, one my sons used to sleep on when they were little. I quickly moved to the opposite corner of the room, like I was really going anywhere. My sons were standing by the door, slowly stroking their cock. I was surprised with what Hunter said to me, he is usually so quiet and a bit shy. "Now mom we are going to fuck your little brains out! You can scream and moan as loud as you want, nobody will here us fucking you down here." 

I started to get nervous again but then it hit me, when my son's found that picture of me it was with the fantasy's my ex and I had written down. My one sexual fantasy my ex would never do was this. I wanted to be fucked by him and another guy. Not made love to, just fucked. I wanted to be ravaged sexual, made to be a little slut; suddenly I realized this is what my son's were going to do to me; they were going to make my fantasy come true. I said out the code word I had in the fantasy, incase I wanted it stop. My son's stopped moving towards me when I said, they asked if I meant it, now I was sure and I couldn't wait for my son's to ravage me sexually. I smiled and said no, just checking.

Ryan said, "Mom, get down on your knee's." I quietly went down on my knees, I watched my son's come closer to me, their nice hard cocks bobbing all around. My sons stood in front of me, Hunter told me to start sucking their cocks; so I did what my son's told me to. I went back and forth from Ryan's cock to Hunters, sucking and licking their pricks as lustfully as I could. They ran their hands through my blonde hair, grabbing my head, thrusting their cocks into my mouth. I listened to my sons moaning, lustfully giving me words of encouragement. I was sucking Hutners' cock when he suddenly pulled it out of my mouth. I looked up at him with a wondering look. "Fuck this mom! Stand up!" I stood up like my son told me to. "Ok, now turn around and face the wall. Do it mom." I turned around facing the wall, I turned my head to look at Hunter, and I saw him with his wet cock in his hand. "Bend over mom. I said bend over and look at the wall!" I hesitated a bit, Ryan gently pushed me over, and I braced my hands against the wall like I was going to be frisked. I felt Hunter run his hand on my pussy, then I felt the tip of his prick at my pussy lips. I turned my head, looking over my shoulder back at my son. "Hunter, please I'm your mom, I don't think I should let my sons fuck me." Hunter got a wicked, lustful smile on his face. "Oh no mom. You are going to get the fucking you deserve." 

Then within a moment, my son's nice hard cock slid deep into my tight, wet pussy. We both let out moans of pleasure. "Oh fuck mom, your pussy is so fucking tight and wet. Oh shit I'm gonna love fucking you. I'm gonna fuck you all the time now!" Slowly hunter slid his cock all the way in and then pulled it out, I could hear by his moans and groan he was in seventh heaven fucking me. "Oh Hunter...mmm, your my ...son. Please don't fuck me...oh sooo good." "Quiet mom, turn you head and just look at the wall. You are our little slut mom. We know you want this. We know you have wanted your sons to fuck you, so we are going to fuck you." Ryan stood next to me, watching his brother fuck me nice and slow. He reached under my body, his hand moved my jacket and shirt aside and he started to fondle my bouncing, big tits. I looked over at him, my eyes glazing over with incestuous lust and pleasure; his nice hard prick was only inches from my face. I wanted to suck him off badly, I wanted to taste my son's cum. "Mom, don't look at my cock, just look down. Yeah thatís it Hunter. Fuck mom! Fuck her good! She fucking wants it so much, listen to her moaning. Yeah mom, we are going to fuck you again and again and again." 

Hunter began to increase his pace, ramming his steel shaft into my hot pussy faster and harder. He grabbed my tight ass as he fucked me harder. Ryan got down on his knees and crawled under me, under my body as I was braced with my hands against the wall. He buried his face in-between my tits, wildly licking and sucking on my nipples. I loved the sight and feel. I had one son fucking my pussy like lust crazed teenager, I look down and I have my other son playing with my tits, fondling them, licking them and sucking them. I loved the sight of his head being in my open shirt and suit jacket. I bit my lower lip, as this incestuous fuck session was becoming more and more pleasurable. Ryan looked up at me and said in low voice. "Mom, is this really ok? Do you want us to stop?" I answered him with all the lust, with all my incestuous, forbidden desire. "I love it! You boys better fuck me real good. I want you to fuck me long, hard, fuck me like the slut mom I am. Use me like a sex toy 

Ryan smiled at me after I said that, he gave each of my nipples a nice, hard suck. Then my son stood up, "Yeah Hunter, that's it. Fuck mom! Fuck her hard! Make mom scream and moan like a horny slut." I raised my head up again, looking over my shoulder at my younger son fucking me like a wild man. My eyes were completely glazed over with pleasure. Ryan kept telling his brother to keep fucking me harder and faster. Hunter had his hands on my ass as he rammed his hard prick into my tight pussy again and again. "Ooh, boys please don't fuck me sooo good. I...I'm your mom...this is...not...oh fuck Hunter...don't stop." I couldn't keep pretending to protest any more. Hunter reached up and grabbed my shoulder pads on my suit jacket and put all his incestuous lust into fucking me good. That is one of the good things of being only 5' 1", when guys fuck me from behind, they can always reach my shoulders to steady themselves as they slam their cocks into me. 

I could feel my son's pace increasing, his breathing was getting heavier and heavier, suddenly I could feel is cock swelling and becoming extremely rigid; I knew he was about to cum. "Oh yeah mom, I'm gonna cum, oh shit I'm gonna cum in your pussy!" Ryan cheered out, "Yeah Hunter, do it! cum in mom's pussy, fuck'n fill her pussy with your cum!" My son moaned, then with loud groan his cock erupted and at that moment, I came as well. My son pumped his thick, huge load of incestuous cum into my wet, tight, hot pussy. With each thrust of his prick, he sent a spurt of cum deep into me. "Fuck yeah mom, oh fuck, take it mom, fuck'n take it all. Oh yeah your pussy feels so fucking good! Oh yeah...oh yeah I'm still cumming." I never had a guy cum as much as my son did. I screamed out as loud as I could with pure, lustful, incestuous joy. When my son's pace nearly stopped, he pulled his wet prick from my pussy, I whipped around, dropped to my knees and sucked the remaining drops of cum out of my son's prick. I could taste my sweet pussy juice all over Hunter's cock. I sucked and licked my sons cock with all my lust. He looked down at me, smiling, "yeah suck it mom. Clean my cock off."

I worked my tongue and lips all over my son's cock, licking up every bit of cum and savoring the taste of my own pussy juice on Hunters cock. My son stood there looking down at me, moaning encouragement to me to me keep sucking his prick dry. When I was done I let his cock slide slowly out of my mouth, that is when my other son, Ryan grabbed me by my arm and pulled me up off of my knees. "Get on the futon mom. It's my turn to fuck you." I pretended to protest just a bit more, I struggled a bit as led me over to the futon, "Ryan, you already fucked me upstairs. Come on boys, I'm your mom and this is wrong, it is incestuous." "Mom, you know you want us to fuck you. You have said you are our little slut mom. Besides, we can't get you pregnant, so all we are doing is having a great fuck! Now be a good slut mom and lay down and spread your legs."

I did what my son asked; I couldn't wait for him to fuck me again. I lay down on my back and spread my legs wide for my son. Ryan wasted no time; he dropped to his knees with his hard prick in his hand. My son guided his hard, throbbing cock to my wet pussy lips. He gently pressed his cock head in-between my pussy lips, slowly pushing his cock deep into my hot love hole. He grabbed both of my legs as he guided his cock deep inside of me. "Oh yeah mom! Fuck your pussy is hot and tight. If I was dad, I would have been fucking you every night!" "Your father's cock is not as big as yours are. I liked getting fucked with good sized cocks." Ryan began to pump his hard prick in and out of my wet pussy. We both began to moan with incestuous lust. My tits bounced around erotically under my shirt and suit jacket, my hard, erect nipples kept brushing the fabric, only turning me on even more. Hunter knelt down by my head, slowly stroking his cock, lustfully enjoying the sight of his brother fucking his mom. 

"Yeah Ryan, fuck mom. Fuck her good. Give it to mom hard, slam your cock into mom's tight pussy." As my son fucked me, he reached for my tits, fondling them, playing with my nipples as pounded my wet pussy with his hard, rigid prick. "Ooooh, Ryan! That's it, fuck me! fuck me hard, harder, faster, faster Ryan! Oh yeah son! Play with my tits! Look at how hard you are making my nipples! Thatís it, fuck your mom, fuck me, fuck your mom real good." I tilted my head to see what my other son was doing; Hunter was kneeling beside me, jacking himself off as he watched his brother and mother fucking. "Are you jacking off Hunter? You jacking off to me? You like watching your brother fuck your hot, slutty mom?" "Oh fuck yeah mom! I'm so fucking horny! I gonna cum in your sweet mouth! I wanna see you swallow my cum!" Ryan leaned down and began to attack my tits and nipples with his wet mouth. His tongue flicked my nipples around as he sucked really hard on my tits. "Oh fuck baby! Oh Ryan that feels so good. boys are so good. Fuck me! Fuck me, make me cum!" 

My sons thrusting pace began to quicken, harder and harder he slammed his rigid cock, deep into my hot, wet, tight pussy. Not only could I feel my sons balls slapping against me, I could hear them as well. Both of my sons began moaning and groaning, louder and louder. I glanced at them; I saw the incestuous lust glazing over in their eyes. Ryan groaned out, "Oh fuck mom...I'm gonna cum. Oh shit your pussy feels so fucking good around my cock. Fuck are so wet...fuck! I can feel your pussy milking my cock! I'm gonna cum mom...oh fuck I'm gonna cum!" "Do it baby! Cum in me, cum in my pussy. Oh yes...I wanna feel your cock spurting out your tasty cum! Fill my pussy Ryan...oh do it son. Make your mom cum... please...make me cum... Cum inside me...oh please baby...cum inside my pussy!" Hunter could tell like I could that Ryan was going to cum, he stood up straight, holding my hips tight as he pounded his cock into my sweet pussy. "Do it Ryan! Fuck mom! cum in her pussy. It's fucking great!" 

I was on the brink of my own orgasm, I looked over at hunter, his cock was drooling out pre-cum, and his shaft was bright red, rigid. As I watched my son jacking himself off, quicker and quicker he stroked his cock, I knew he was close to cumming as well. Then Ryan let out a very loud, incestuous, lustful moan and I felt his cock release a surge of cum deep into my pussy. That was all it took for me, I let out an equally loud, lustful moan as I began to have my intense orgasm. I squirmed and twitched all over the futon as I experienced wave after wave of pleasurable orgasm's, my son kept pumping his load of cum into me at the same time. I arched my back, letting my tits bounce wildly around.

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