Grandpa's Farm

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100% fiction!

 My name is Mike and I'm 18 and I'm an only boy. Mom had me when she was 20. My mom and dad argued a lot when I was growing up, about her family, her drinking and what dad called her "whoring around". I guess my mom was pretty slutty because she was always getting men visitors and taking them to the bedroom. Moms brother Lee visited her a lot but only when dad was at work and I would even hear them fucking.. Her dad, my grandpa wasn't even allowed in our house. Mom would start drinking early in the day and she always wore baggy short dresses that you could see through when the sun hit them.

She was short, about 5 feet, plump with a nice ass and big tits. Many times when mom would pass out, I could see her hairy pussy, sometimes after she had fucked somebody I could see the cum oozing out of it. I would look at her pussy while I jacked off. One day after she had fucked the landlord, her brother Lee came over and asked me if she was at home and I told him she was sleeping (she was passed out). He went in her bedroom and closed the door but not all the way. I slipped over to the door to see what he was doing and when I looked in, he was taking off his clothes. Mom was laying on the bed naked and still passed out.

When my uncle pulled his pants off and stood up, I was amased. His cock was huge, it had to be 8 inches long and wasn't fully hard yet. It was as fat as a soda can and had a big, dark, purple mushroom head on it. His balls were as big as his cock and hung way down and were very hairy. I knew he was going to fuck her so I pulled my own cock out and was going to watch. I guess I bumped the door or something because my uncle saw me and said "come on in here boy". I tried to put my cock away but he said "leave it out and get in here". When I got in the room he looked at me and said "you like to watch your mom get fucked, don'tcha boy". He pointed at my moms pussy and said "its a mess, who was she fucking". I told him that the landlord had fucked her. My uncle asked me if I wanted to get a good look at my moms pussy while she was passed out. I just nodded yes and he motioned me over. I was standing next to him and he said "get on your knees and take a close look, while I hold it open for you". He pulled moms pussy lips open and even more of the land lords cum oozed out and my uncle said "lick it boy" and I did. It was cool and salty and I liked it.

My uncle told me to keep licking her and get it all cleaned up and he'd let me watch him fuck her. It seemed like the more I licked my moms hairy pussy the more thick cum oozed out. Finally my uncle said "thats enough, have you ever sucked a mans cock yet". I told him no and he said "well if you want to watch me fuck your mom, you'll have to get me hard". I was already on my knees when I turned toward my uncle and his cock now looked even bigger. He said "go ahead boy and start suckin it" and I just opened my mouth and sucked his hot cock as far in as I could. It tasted sweaty and salty and good and it was getting very hard. My uncle told me to lick his balls, because that always makes him hard. When his cock was good and hard it was at least 9 inches long and very fat. He moved me out of the way and took one of moms ankles in each hand and pulled her legs wide open and rested his big cock right at the entrance of her hairy pussy and in one shove, he buried the whole thing in her. Mom moaned loudly and continued to moan every time he shoved it back in. I was so turned on that my dick was standing straight out and my uncle said "put it against her lips and she'll suck it'.

I did and moms mouth opened right up and sucked me in. She was so slutty that she would suck cock while she was passed out. With all the attention she was getting, mom started to wake up. When she saw me feeding her my cock and my hand rubbing her pussy she looked panicky so my uncle said "now that he knows, you won't have to sneak around". Mom looked in my eyes for a second and then she started sucking me. Once she was awake it didn't take long until I was pumping my cum in my moms hot mouth and she was greedily sucking it down. My uncle was pumping his big cock in her at a frantic pace and they were sweating and grunting and banging into each other until he grabbed her hair and buried his cock in her one last time and began to cum. His whole body jerked as he emptied his balls into his sisters pussy. Just then the bedroom door opened and my dad was standing there in shock.

Dad just shut the door and left and never came back. We couldn't afford to live there any more so we move in with my grandpa (moms dad). I didn't know my grandpa to well because he wasn't allowed to visit. As soon as we settled in he told me that I would be helping him the next day. He woke me up at 7 a.m. and we cleaned up the barn, fed the live stock and he showed me how to run a tractor. I was really starting to like my grandpa and the farm and the way my life was going. After lunch, me and grandpa went to the barn and he brought a big male horse into a stall and shut the gate. He asked me if I'd ever seen animals breed and I said "no". He told me that just outside that stall, there's a mare in heat and that the stud can smell her but that we had to help them. I said ok, what do I do and my grandpa told me to come into the stall next to the male and we did. Grandpa reached through the stall and put his hand on the males
sheath and started rubbing it. I could see the horses cock start to drop and as it did my grandpa stood up and said "now you stroke his cock until its good and hard and I'll hold his reins and when the time is right I'll open the gate and let him go after her. Then its fun to just sit back and watch him shove that big cock to her". I reached in and started rubbing the horses cock and it just kept getting bigger. Soon it was 18 inches long and as fat as a baseball bat. I kept stroking it and was getting turned on and because I was on my knees I could see my grandpa had a hard-on also. Grandpa told me to make sure his cock was clean so I pulled it toward me and started licking it. My grandpa was laughing and saying "just don't let it hit the floor". Then he said "get ready" and he opened the gate and let go of the reins and the stud saw the mare and bolted for her. The mare just raised her tale and the male after a couple of attempts shoved his big cock all the way in and started pumping it to her. It didn't take long before he was shooting his big load in the mare. When I looked at grandpa, he was rubbing his big bulge through his overalls. I crawled over still on my knees and started rubbing it for him.

He looked down at me and said "you want to suck grandpas cock, do ya boy". He unsnapped the bib of his overalls and they dropped around his ankles and i was face to face with the biggest cock and balls I've ever seen. His cock was dark brown with a big long dark mushrom head on it and I barely could get my hands around it, his balls were big and heavy and hairy. I put my mouth on the head of grandpas dick and slowly started sucking it in. Grandpa had my head in his big hands and was trying to push even more of his big cock down my throat. I was rubbing his big balls and loving the rough way he was fucking my mouth. He was saying "suck grandpas cock boy, you love your old grandpas cock, dontcha boy". "Your a cock sucking slut just like your mom, aintcha boy" Then he said "well heres what you been waitin for boy" as his big cock erupted in my mouth.

He pulled my head all the way onto his big cock and he didn't care if I could breath or not as long as I took his full load of hot thick salty sperm. When it was over my grandpa had to pull my head away from his cock. He said "don't worry, your gonna suck my cock a lot and now I'm gonna watch you fuck your whore mom". Now were just one big happy family.

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