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Grandma's Secret Sex Life

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My parents died in an auto accident when I was
young and I was raised by my grandparents. Since I
never knew my parents, I thought of my grandparents as
my mother and father, though they made it plain to me,
early in life, who my parents really were. We had a
happy life, really.

Then one day even as a boy I realized that something
seemed wrong between Grandma and Grandpa. I didn't know
what exactly had happened between the two of them; all
I knew was that suddenly they stopped talking at the
breakfast table.

They never did share with me exactly what was wrong.
But, after my grandfather left my grandmother, she was
rather subdued and kind of distant for quite a while.
It was quite a change that I saw in her, having always
been happy and talkative, then suddenly all quiet and

After a year Grandma got a legal divorce and Grandpa
didn't even respond, having moved to another state.
Once the divorce went through, Grandma seemed to be a
little happier, even beginning to smile again.

Then after two years had passed, she wasn't dating
anyone, or even mention anything about another man in
her life. You have to understand that neither of my
grandparents were that old. Grandpa was 48 and Grandma
was 47, so even me, I knew that she wasn't too old
to find another husband. I wanted her to be happy
again, like she'd been with Grandpa.

I don't know why, but I began to wonder what she did
for sex. I knew that Grandma had been a very sexual
person when Grandpa had lived with us. I had come into
their room a couple of times and seen more than I was
supposed to.

I'll admit here and now that my Grandma was a fine
looking lady. I know it's perverted but I'd even had
her in my mind when I masturbated sometimes. At 18 I
did a lot of masturbating, and the thought of seducing
Grandma, of pushing her to the mattress and climbing
between her spread legs always got me off quickly.

When I thought about it, I figured that she must be
playing with herself or something like that. I even
began to wonder if she used a vibrator, one of those
long, plastic, dick-shaped, battery-operated buzzing
things I had seen in magazines.

Then one day I tried to envision her lying on her bed
with a vibrator in her pussy, writhing around and then
my thoughts turned to wondering what it would look
watching her with her fingers sticking in her pussy,
moving them in and out. The vision of that made me cum
in my pants.

I jacked off hundreds of times, thinking of her playing
with her hot, wet, hairy pussy. I lay in bed at night,
bringing up visions of what she must look like playing
with herself, with her fingers moving in and out of her
big, hairy snatch. I wanted to see what she looked
like, laying there, her fingers plunging in and out of
her cunt.

The thought of her fingering her pussy always made my
dick rock hard. I desperately wanted to see her doing
that and I noticed that just being close to her in the
house made my dick jerk up hard in my pants. A couple
of times, I saw her in her bath robe, the terry cloth
riding up on her thighs and had to go back into my
bedroom and jerk off.

Then I would see her in the kitchen wearing shorts, her
trim legs and buttocks tightening as she bent over. The
way the material stretched across her buttocks turned
me on. When that happened, I again had to run up to my
room and beat off furiously, just to get rid of the
throbbing, aching hard-on it always gave me.

I didn't know what was coming over me, what had made my
mind suddenly turn to sexual thoughts about my
grandmother. Just watching Grandma around the house
would give me a rock-hard erection. Just the thought of
her, even if she was away from the house shopping or at
a doctor's appointment, would give me a hard-on.

Then one day I decided to hide in her closet. It was a
simple, easy thing to do, even though I had no clear
Idea what would happen.

I went into her room as soon as I heard her shower
running and I opened her closet door, stepped inside
and pulled it closed gently, till there was just a
crack through which I could see. I stripped down,
standing there with my shorts around my knees. Then,
she came back into the room from the bathroom.

I watched her and stroked my hard dick as she came in
wearing only a towel wrapped around her body. I had
left the closet door open just a crack but wanted a
better view, so I opened it just a little more. My
shorts were still down to my knees and I fondled my
balls with one hand while stroking my aching dick with
the other.

As Grandma stood beside the bed she tossed the towel on
the back of a chair and I nearly came.

I stopped stroking my boner and let it painfully just
stick up and throb, leaving my pre-cum smeared all over
my shaft. Just seeing her smooth firm ass made me
nearly cum without touching myself at all. I could hear
my heartbeat pounding in my chest. My breathing was
raspy and rapid. Suddenly I wondered if it were
possible that my grandmother knew that I was there
peeking at her like a total pervert.

I was ashamed, but so totally engrossed that the shame
was far outweighed by my desire to get an eye full of
my Grandma's nakedness. There wasn't anything on the
face of the earth that could have pulled me away from
that spot, watching her. And, what a show it was!

I was amazed. I'd never seen a naked female before, and
I was thrilled. Her tits were gorgeous. And the light
brown pubic hair covering her pussy were the same light
brown as the hair on her head. (And the same color as
mine.) Her pubic hair made a perfect V-shaped triangle
above her pussy, and her pussy had copious quantities
of hair trailing down both sides of her thick pink
pussy lips.

Her figure was perfect. Her stomach was almost flat and
her ass nice and round and smooth. I had no idea that
my grandmother looked so sexy naked. I had thought that
she might sag here and there, especially her tits, but
I was wrong. There was no sag anywhere. She could have
been a centerfold model, as far as I was concerned.

She glanced around the room, as if looking for
something. Then she walked around the room, giving me
great views of her body and then specifically her ass
and pussy as she bent over and opened a bureau drawer.

I wondered for a few moments if she was doing it on
purpose. It was as if she knew, somehow, that I was
watching her, in the closet spying on her, and jacking
off while doing so.

Then Grandma took out a pair of lacy panties and tossed
them on the bed. Then, she opened another drawer, her
legs spread wide and I could see her pussy lips, open
and moist. She took a bra out of the drawer and tossed
it on the bed.

Before I had a chance to hide in the depths of the
closet, she turned toward me, and walked right over and
opened the closet door.

She put her hand over her mouth as she opened the door,
as if in shock. I could hear her sudden intake of
breath and I began to try to pull my shorts up. I was
mortified to be caught with my dick in my hand and my
shorts down around my ankles. What would she do?

But, she didn't say anything at first, she just pulled
her hand away from her mouth, and there was a smile
there, rather than a look of horror. I couldn't figure
out if it was relief from realizing that I wasn't a
burglar, or if she was laughing at me, standing there
naked and looking so pathetic. I had no idea what was
in her mind.

I thought she was going to cover herself, but she
didn't. She just stood there, a smile on her face as
she watched me trying to pull my shorts up to cover my
throbbing, teenage hard-on. I could feel my face
burning in embarrassment and I could hear my heartbeat
pounding in my ears. If the truth be known, I was
scared shitless. Shamed, fearful and shaking like hell,
I stood there, my grandmother staring at my naked body
as I stared at hers.

"Well, what have we here?" she said after a long pause.

There was still a smile on her face and I knew that she
knew what we had here. She had caught me, red handed,
my cock sticking up in the air, throbbing, watching her
walk naked around her room. There was no other
explanation to be had. I couldn't claim it was an

"ah, s-sorry, Grandma. I-I'm sorry," I mumbled,
adjusting my shorts. I felt like throwing up with fear
and I could feel the heat on my cheeks as I stood
there, fumbling with my clothes. I was so embarrassed,
ashamed, terrified, and thrilled, all at once.

"You wanted to see me naked, is that it?"

The question startled me. She didn't seem mad at all.
In fact, she was still smiling.

I nodded. "Um, I'm sorry, Grandma," I said again.
"Please don't be mad, I just wanted to see you... you


"I know," she said, her voice was tender, not angry at

all. "Why would I be mad if some really hot young guy
wants to look at me?" She was still smiling and she
didn't cover her tits or her pussy with her hands like
I expected her to do. She just stood there, watching me
as my eyes roved over her nakedness. I looked at her
hairy brown bush and was thrilled, I couldn't believe
it. She had a lot of hair down there, a virtual thicket
of curly hairs poking out in all directions.

I had stopped tugging at my shorts. Then I noticed that
Grandma was looking at my throbbing hard dick pushing
out my shorts and I almost fainted when she actually
licking her lips.

"You don't mind?" I asked. "You're not mad at me
Grandma?" My voice sounded tiny and distant to me.

"I kind of like the idea. I had no idea you felt that
way about me, I'm flattered. Here," she said, reaching
out and taking my hand, "you can even touch me, if you
like." She put my shaking hand one of her firm round
breasts. I could feel her erect nipple beneath my
fingers. I'd never touched an erect nipple before. The
feeling of it was something totally new and intensely
erotic to me.

Her nipple was hard and deep red and sexy looking. I
moved my hand away, looking at it, then moved my hand
back, running my thumb across the nipple, feeling its

"Oh wow!" I said. "Grandma, that's so sexy!"

Her tits were cold, probably from stepping out of the
shower. Feeling a little bolder, I reached out with my
other hand and felt of the other tit. Firm and round,
it was perfectly shaped. I was amazed, but I didn't
know what to do, so just ran my thumb over her other
nipple, glancing down at her hairy bush. I stood there,
my hard cock sticking straight up in the air, my shorts
tented out like I had a post in my pants.

"You need to take those shorts off," she said. And she
reached out and hooked her fingers in the band of my
shorts and pulled them down to my ankles, my dick
popped our poking her in the chin as she bent over.

I gasped.

"Oh, you like that, do you?" she said. "Then," she said
with a smile, "you'll probably love this!"

I stood in total shock as my Grandma grabbed my dick at
the base and placed her mouth over it. Suddenly, the
head of my cock was engulfed by the warm, moist lips of
my grandmother.

I stood there trembling yet fascinated by the feeling
of my Grandma's mouth around my cock as she took it all
the way in. I could feel myself hitting the back of her
throat and her lips were pressing against my balls. I
had never expected this, never expected to look down
and see my grandmother's mouth on my stiff throbbing
dick. Her tongue was worked magic on the shaft as she
moved it around and around inside her mouth. Looking
down at her, her cheeks caved in as she built up
suction, almost making me faint in excitement.

Then she pulled her mouth away from my dick and took me
by the hand, leading me to her bed. "Lay down honey,"
she said.

I climbed onto the bed and lay down on the bed, my dick
pointing upward throbbing against my stomach in time
with my pounding heartbeat. Then she just jumped on top
of me, spreading her legs wide as she settled down on
me. All I could see was her hairy cunt right above my
face. I had never seen a pussy close up like that,
spread open wide, right above my face.

Then, I could feel her hot lips on my balls and then
her tongue, licking them as she hefted them with one
hand. She sucked one of my balls into her mouth gently,
and I felt her tongue moving around and around on the
skin of my balls.

Looking up, I could see her asshole and pussy lips just
inches from my face and I stuck out my tongue and ran
it down one side of her pussy lips and then the other.
Her pussy was wet and it tasted a little salty, but
also like my Grandma, I could see her inner lips poking
out, glistening red and moist. When I'd licked her
pussy like that she sped up her action on my dick and
gripped my balls a little tighter.

For some reason the pussy hair against my tongue really
turned me on. The smooth skin and the hot fresh and
clean smell of my Grandma's cunt were just too much for
me. I felt my balls tighten and the muscles in the pit
of my stomach spasm as I felt her take my hard
throbbing cock deep into her mouth. I moaned and my
body jerked helplessly as I came deep in the back of
her throat. My breath gasped against her pussy hairs
and the ones that weren't wet blew around like little
trees in a hurricane.

Even in the throws of orgasm I darted my tongue in and
out of her pussy. I came hard, loading her mouth with
my hot cum and I felt her legs tighten and jerk as I
moved my tongue in and out of her. I had never
experienced a taste or a sensation like this ever in my
life, but I knew she was going to cum soon.

Then her stomach muscles seemed to tighten and her hot
breath around my cock and balls became rapid. I could
see her ass hole right above her pussy and I took my
tongue out of her cunt and ran it along the ridge of
her puckered asshole. It tightened as I touched it with
my tongue. I didn't know what to expect, what sort of
response my action would bring, but I loved the sight
of her slightly brown little rosebud asshole right
above me. Then I stuck my tongue right in the center of
the rosebud and pushed in lightly.

"Oh, my God!" she cried. "Tommy! Tommy!" She writhed
and moaned, and by the jerks and twists of her body, I
knew that she had cum, at along last. It was like her
entire body felt something all over it, like every
muscle in her body tightened and relaxed repeatedly. It
really made me feel fantastic to know that I had made
my wonderful grandmother cum. I felt so manly.

Grandma didn't stop, didn't even rest. I thought that
we might stop and rest for a minute, or that we were
done with what we were doing. I thought that maybe we
might stop and stretch and get a drink of water or
something. But I was wrong.

She flipped around and eagerly straddling my mid
section and she then pushed her hot wet cunt right onto
my still rock-hard and throbbing dick. I felt myself
slide into her and as I was surrounded by her
exquisite, warm, wet recesses I groaned in ecstasy, the
feeling was something I could never have imagined
without actually do it.

Grandma slammed her well lubricated pussy down on my
dick and I could feel myself buried in her, all the way
to my balls. It took my breath away.

"Fuck me, Tommy!" she said. "Fuck me really hard. Don't
hold back honey. What a cock, what a hard wonderful
cock you have," she said. "Tommy, fuck me, NOW!"

I thought that was a strange thing to say, since she
was the one on top of me, controlling my cock buried
deep inside her. Then she began bouncing up and down on
me, her tits bouncing with every movement of her body.
I loved the look on her face; she looked so excited and
lustful. Her wonderful tits where jiggling up and down
as she road me and I reached up and tweaked her nipples
gently as she moved faster and faster up and down on my

"Oh, Grandma!" I groaned. That was all I could get out.
I wanted to tell her how I felt, but a conversation at
that point was impossible. I was too engrossed in the
feel of it, in pumping my cock in and out of her,
meeting her thrusts with my own.

Grandma began riding me faster and faster, her tits
bouncing in my face. I was so close, wonderful feelings
were surging through my entire body. I moved my hands
away from her tits as I grabbed her by the ass and
began pulling her against me as I thrust upward at her.

I was beyond the point of no return and I knew I was
going to cum again, and really soon too. I could feel
my legs begin to jerk and that familiar sensation of my
muscles tightening in the pit of my stomach.

Grandma leaned over me still riding my cock and looked
into my eyes, and whispered in a husky voice, "Cum
inside me honey. Cum inside me, I need feel your hot
cum shoot inside me baby."

I hadn't thought for a moment of pulling out of my
grandmother, but her husky voice begging me to fill her
with my cum was all I needed to blow my load. I slammed
her cunt like a mad man and then that wonderful
pleasure spread throughout my body as I shot my load of
cum into her. My balls tightened and I thrust up as
tightly as I could against her and held myself there as
I emptied my balls in her.

"Oh, Tommy, yes!" she said. "Yes! YES! YES! OHGODYES!"
Grandma's body began to jerk and she moaned.

Seeing Grandma cumming that way, knowing that I was the
cause of it, really thrilled me making my dick pulse
inside her. I felt so manly, somehow to know that I was
the cause of her orgasm, that my dick and my body
turned my sexy grandmother on so much.

Sweating, we finally pulled apart, lying beside by side
for a little while. I couldn't believe that my
grandmother was so hot and so willing. She had been
like a wild woman. I had never seen her behave that
way, ever before.

"Grandma, you're amazing," I said.

"More amazed than amazing, sweetheart," she said. "I
can't believe that someone your age would find me

"Grandma, you're the hottest woman I've ever known," I
said with a smile.

She laughed. "I wondered how long it was going to take
you to notice the fact that I needed some loving," she
said with a smile.

I bent and kissed a nipple, then running my tongue over
each one, carefully, slowly. Yes, I thought, my
grandmother was, indeed, the hottest woman I'd ever

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