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Got mother-in-law pregnant

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Where the story began 

A few years ago my wife was killed in a car accident we had two small children first I had to take leave from my job to look after them my Mother-in-law came from another town for the funeral she stayed on for a while. her husband had died years ago, she had my wife when she was 18 years old, and I married my wife when she was sixteen I was 21 by the time she was 19 we had two children after my wife died I started to hit the bottle and was fairly drunk quite regular after two weeks the Mother-in-law sat me down and had a good talk to me and cut a long story short.

The Mother-in-law she would stay to look after the children while I worked after about twelve months later, I was down in the dumps I donít know who idea it was to get a bottle of wine but the Mother-in-law whose name is corrie, we sat on the settee drinking wine talking over old times , some how we kissed and kissed more I got harder and harder the kiss my tongue touch her lips next corrieís tongue was right in my mouth fighting mine we stop and pulled away sat back corrie said we have to stop I then ask why she said because youíre my son-in-law we talk about other things,

some how it came about sex she asked if I had sex with any body else I said yes years ago be for I was married with a older women then asked what I did to them I told her .

I then asked when was the last time she had a feller, corrie said about five years ago.
Do you miss having sex some time she replied but not all the time there are ways 

I said I miss my wife a lot and I miss sex as well , corrie said out of the blue do you wank your self I went bright red and I said yes so I asked do you finger your self some time I do corrie then asked if she could see me do it wank my self off I was a bit embarrassed but I undone my zip put my hand in my underpants pulled out my cock and started to masturbate slowly rubbing my hand up and down my cock after a few moment I look up and corrie was rubbing her pussy through her knickers I then said come closer as she sat next to me her other hand came and rested on my going up and down after some time I moved my hand on top of hers then I moved my hand away than I put it on top of hers rubbing her pussy slowly I moved my fingers under her knickers and into her cunt pushing her hair out of the way as she had long hair covering her cunt I had one finger in first then I pushed two fingers hell she was very wet in her cunt we started to kiss her tongue was halfway down my throat I then pushed her back on the settee as I climbed on her corrie said we cannot fuck I said why not because youíre my son-in-law I said I have to do some think I then asked can I rub it on the out side of your cunt ok she said just on the out side so I rubbed my cock up and down her pussy lips for a long time after a while I slowly pushed it in a little way then in a bit further as corrie kiss me harder and harder my cock seamed to go further in till I was all in up to my balls corrie looked at me and said you basted you are in me I said donít you like it all I got was yes, yes I then pulled up her legs onto my shoulders and pulled her knickers off and their was this bountiful cunt looking at me all pink and slimy and gooey my cock just whet straight back in out in out like no tomorrow suddenly corrie pushed me off her and said the kids I said they are fast a sleep she was up and gone . I was rely pissed off I then went to bed and pounded on my cock to get my rock off as I was wanking corrie came in look at my state pulled off her dress then got into bed with me gave me a cuddle and you can do it if you wont to I have put in my cap so I cannot have a child ,I then started to finger her cunt she said fuck me now so I did but I did not last long I shoot my load after being in her for just a few minutes spunk every way corrie cuddle me more said donít worried I happens some times the she kiss my nipples and my belly button corrie said do you like it I then said I should be doing that she laugh and to kiss my cock she first started to kiss the end of it after a bit she such right into her mouth and then down her throat she was like a vacuum cleaner sucking my cock all of a sudden my sperm was on its way down her throat as she pulled away sperm shot over her face in blobs she smiled at me and gave me a kiss so I good test my own sperm we kissed and hugged for awhile .

I got another hard on then corrie climbed on top of me holding my cock in her hand rubbed it against her cunt and sat down on it till our hairs touch corrie fuck this way for a long time again I shoot my load into her cunt all I could do was suck on her tits we kiss again and went to sleep corrie in my arms in the morning we fucked again and then said she would have to get up before the children soar us , the rest of the day she was prim and proper but that night she was on fire again we suck and fucked all night but half way through the night she would go back to her room this went on for a long time we would fuck and she would go back to her room. About six months had passed when her sister came to stay well that was it no more fucks her sister stayed three weeks all I could do was wank my self off the last but one day of her sisters visit the children were out in the garden playing with corrieís sister I came behind her at the sink and put my hand up her dress then I put my finger into her cunt then finger fucked her till her bum was going back and forth getting very hot and bothered I pulled out my cock and slipped it in said her knickers pulling the elastic to one side my cock went straight up her cunt I must have fucked her for ten or more minuets till I gave her a load of come and filled her box 

Month and a half later corrie said me I am pregnant I ask what are you going to do corrie said I wont to keep it, after much thought I said to her we will move to another city which we did we now live as man and wife she has two more children to me now we are a happy family of five.

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