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Good Wife Gone Black

(Part 1 from 1)

My wife Terla and I became swingers last year and since that time a whole new world has opened up for us. We have joined clubs around the world and spend our nights trolling friend sites for potential lovers and three ways. I am not an active participant in the love making but I enjoy watching Terla with different lovers. Not long ago I convinced her to try having sex with a very well hung black man who we refer to as "Big Gun" because his cock is all of 11 inches fully erect. He comes to meet us at different hotels and I film and photograph the encounters. Big Gun is a real man , 6 ft and muscular with a calm easy wit and good natured.

Terla hit it off with him immediately. My wife has a body that seems to attract black males in droves. She is small waisted but her ass is 40 inches across and her breast size is 34C. She has turned the big 40 but the guys still see that thick sexy shape and go nuts. Big Gun says that her pictures are all he jerks off too anymore. When I first sent her pictures to him he was contacting us like every day. I thought he might turn into a stalker and warned my wife that we had better go slow with him but in time we saw that he was just really turned on by T and wanted this encounter to happen. Well to my surprise they fucked liked animals the first time and I stood in a corner snapping pictures and drooling. Over the next few weeks I was sure that T was having meeetings with Gun by herself without me and this disturbed me. It also turned me on. I tried to see how I might catch them at it.

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One month I was called away on business but before I left town I rigged our house with hidden cameras. Motion sensors in the rooms started the cameras and as long as there was movement in the room they filmed. I accessed the feed from my smart phone or computer.
I left on a monday and monday night the bedroom camera caught my wife lounging on our bed wearing nothing but a pair of booty shorts and a tank top. The thumb size nipples of her breast were erect so I knew she was aroused but she was by herself lying on her stomach. 3 minutes later Gun comes into the room like he owns the place and he is wearing only a towel.

He grabs her ass and fondles it for a bit before pulling down her shorts in such a nonchalant and easy way that it was obvious he had done this many times before. Now when I attend the encounters between them there is rarely any kissing on the mouth but the level of intimacy on this night was such that they kissed slowly and passionately for some time I felt my stomach twirl I felt a twinge of jealousy. Guns hands found her pussy and he fingered her slowly the rise in the towel soon revealed his massive cock head and he pushed her down on it. Her lips parted and she sucked the head and stroked the cock till he was moaning and writhing with pleasure hands on hips.Soon he lowered himself onto her and sucked her pussy with his cock head still in her mouth. They made love with their mouths in 69 position Gun sticking his middle finger into the tight pink bud of her ass and making her coo with excited anticipation.

In 6years of marriage T never let me fuck her in the ass but Gun fucking her in the ass was all she dreamed about. The first time he did it in front of me she came like 2 times. My wife has over active mucous glands and her ass actually gets wet when fucked. But I was never allowed to fuck it. She wanted her big beautiful ass to be serviced by only black men so I wasn't surprised when Gun flipped her onto her stomach and bent her over the corner of the bed and started to work his cock into het asshole. It went in so easily that they must have been fucking like this all the time. He pounded hr with his hard cock and she bellowed with lust my hands began to sweat as I watched him tearing her ass up from behind. 11 inches of dick disappeared into her butthole and she was squealing with delight. I could tell he was ready to come when his strokes became deeper and longer he pulled out and grabbed her hair as he busted his nut all over her face and in her mouth.

How does your ass taste he said and chuckled. They lay spent together for a long while. The camera sensor shut the filming down and I had just witnessed a Good wife gone black

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