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Girl Smell

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Ever since I learned to make myself cum I have loved sex. I mean sex, sex with myself, sex with boys and I have flirted with the idea of trying it with other chicks. I think all girls, at some point in their life’s find themselves thinking how hot it would be to do it with another chick. Most of the girls I know would deny it of course, but I bet they have. With guys it is different. When a guy is attracted to other guys it makes him something different than he was before and that is kind of a shame. Funny how most guys have this fantasy about two chicks going at it, but if it’s two guys, well then they are just fairies. With girls though, I know we all play with ourselves and feel ourselves all over. Our body’s are soft, very sensitive and respond to gentle caresses that you can’t usually get from boys. Girls always, I mean always, check other girls out. I know I do. I started secretly checking my classmates out in the locker room after gym class and just looking would get me a more than a little wet. On more than one afternoon I would go home, head for my room and pleasure myself several times over the thought of some of my hot teen friend’s sweet naked bodies, wondering if they tasted as good as I do. If I had a date on those evenings my boyfriend at the time would really get lucky.

I just recently realized what really got me turned on about other chicks, besides just looking. My best friend Heather and I just walked into the locker room after class. The minute I was through the door it hit me….Girl Smell…That sweet, musky pussy smell! I’ve guess you don’t notice your own smells or something, but I know I have got that smell too. I am not talking about nasty, haven’t showered in a couple of days, fishy, stinky smell; I am talking about the odor a pussy has when the poor thing has been a stuffed inside panties and covered up with clothes all day. I guess it is a combination of sweat, pussy juices and maybe a little tail-tail odor of pee. I know it sounds gross but that smell just drives me wild. After inhaling some of the scent and talking to a few people, Heather and I collected our stuff and headed out. We didn’t usually shower after class unless we were going somewhere after class. We always cleaned up at either her house or mine. She and I should have been pussy licking lovers for as many times as we were naked together (I admit I have had the thought, but I was too chicken to say anything…. I wonder if Heather ever????).

Before I go any further, I should tell you about my best friend. Heather. She is a doll! All of the guys go nuts over her. She has chestnut brown hair, deep beautiful brown eyes and the cutest little upturned nose. Her mouth is sooooo hot! Incredible full lips made for kissing and sucking things. Her body is absolutely killer too! Beautiful round, firm boobs with pretty pink cherry nips, her flat abs work their way down to a gorgeous little pussy with sweet looking floppy lips, she keeps things either trimmed or shaved, depending on her mood. Her butt is tight and firm and kinda heart-shaped (hey, I admitted that I liked checking chicks out!!!!) Oh and by the way… Her girl smell is incredible!!!!

I on the other hand am Blond with green eyes and a couple of freckles around my nose. I work on keeping tanned and whenever possible, I try to avoid tan lines. My tits are pretty big and they kinda look like cantaloupes. I have really big nips and silver dollar size areolas… I love my tits I can just rub them for a bit and my pussy gets soaked!!!! Of course my tummy is flat and I work to keep my ass nice and tight. My Ass is also very sensitive I love it when a guy has the brains to play with my butt and even kiss and lick my cheeks. I have never done it in the butt but I have experimented once or twice with my finger… I loved it!!! I have a nice puffy mound for a pussy and while I keep it trimmed, I never shave. I guess I sub-consciously love my girl smell, but I just didn’t realize it. I admit I play with my pussy a lot, Hummmm, I wonder if Heather does too. 

Now that we were in my room Heather collapsed on the arm chair and I hit the bed. She was kinda sprawled with a leg up on the arm. Today was a running day in gym, so we were both hot and sweaty… I of course was hot in a different way from the locker room and the heavenly musk of our friends. Together we filled the room with a sweaty hot odor. I started admiring Heather’s body in her gym clothes. Her t-shirt was still damp and did a great job of showing off her fine tits. When my gaze got down to her crotch there was the sexiest wet spot (from our work out…not the girl’s locker room….I guess… what if????) that was driving me crazy just looking at it and thinking about it.

I asked, “Can I ask you a question without you thinking I’ve gone perv on you?”

“Sure…what???” she answered.

“Uh, uh, have you ever checked out the other girls in the locker room?” I tentatively asked.

“Not as much as I check you out, but sure, every time we are in there, do you?” she replied.

Well, of course, wait a minute, what do you mean not as much as you check me out??” I said.

“You know I have always thought you were hot!!!” she said.

“You mean, I mean have you ever thought of, you know????” I asked.

She turned a little red, but she said “uh well you know, I mean, well have you ever”.

I swallowed and said “a whole bunch of times”.

“Does the locker room turn you on?”

“I guess, a little, does it get you going?” I replied.

“What just seeing other pussies and tits?” she asked.

“Well, no, actually it’s the smell” I said.
“What the sweat?” she asked.

“No not the sweat, the girl smell” I said, turning a little red myself.

“What the hell is girl smell??? She asked with her mouth open in amazement.

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“Oh you know; that smell a pussy has when you get changed after the end of the day.” I said.

“Do I have…?” She asked???

“All girls do...It’s that sweat, pussy juice, and pee-pee odor your puss has when it been all covered up all day…I Said.

“Is that too gross” I asked.

“Well no, I guess not. If it makes you hot it makes you hot…. Have ever noticed it on me???” she asked.

“Lots, I love your girl smell…sometimes when we get home and change after gym together I get soaked when you pull off your panties” I said.

She didn’t say a word. She got up and pulled down her gym shorts and then her panties and began walking over to the bed.

She put her panties on my face and pulled up my T-shirt without saying a word, she began kissing and licking my sweaty boobs.

After a while she moved up to my face and threw the panties aside and kissed me…I was in heaven.

We made out for a while and she looked up, reached over and began caressing my tit…

“I have wanted to do that for so long” She said and we began frenching again.

That went on for a few minutes, until I stopped her, pulled her up by the shoulders and pulled her T off. Then I began licking her beautiful boobs all over. Sometimes I would move around a little and kiss or lick some other part of her chest and tummy. Heather was softly moaning. I worked my way down to her cute little belly button and licked it as well. 

Finally I had worked my way down to her pussy. This was a trimmed in stead of a shaved period. I buried my nose in her neat little pubs and just soaked in that heavenly odor. Moving down, I licked her sweet folds, savoring every bit of her salty sweet girl taste. I tugged playfully at her pussy lips with my lips. Finally I parted them with my tongue and had the first taste of my best friend’s juices… She tasted so incredibly good!!!! I guess the best way to describe it is tart like a cranberry, yet a little salty and sweet at the same time. I was so wrapped up in devouring her pussy that I didn’t even realize that she was moaning and kinda bucking up with each lick of my tongue… I stretched my tongue inside her to get as much of her sweet honey as I could for myself…. She was really breathing hard, moaning and bucking now… Finally I pulled out and started sucking, nibbling and licking her clit. A few minutes of that of that, she gasped and let go of a gushing, thick sweet orgasm!!!! I lapped every single drop of her up.

When, I finished my Heather snack, I moved up and kissed her sweetly and we just laid in each others arms, sometimes kissing a little, but mostly just enjoying the feel of our skin touching. After a while Heather pulled away from me with a parting kiss. Laying there with my eyes closed the next thing I felt were my gym shorts being tugged off. I looked up at her… She had a smile on her beautiful face.

She said”What… You are the only one who gets to try the girl smell?”

She finished undressing me and came back up. Kissed my face all over, licked my ears (She knows that drives me crazy from when we talked about our various make out sessions with one guy or another). Then she kissed her way all around my neck and finally she got to my boobs. Her tongue never stopped working, licking, sucking and sometimes nibbling a little all over my tits. She lifted one up and licked the underside and the sweaty crease where they joined my chest. She stopped for a second and looked up at me with a little grin and said “Mmmmm, girl tit sweat tastes real nice”. The she went back to work and gave the other one the same treatment. As wet and tingly as my pussy got while I ate her…. It was twice a soaked now. The pleasure was incredible!!!! In my fantasies I knew that if I ever tried it with another chick it would be different, but this was incredible!!!!!

She even licked my pits, which sent shockwaves of pleasure to my crotch… This was incredible; I never wanted it to end. Finally after kissing her way down my chest and tonguing my belly button for a while she got down to my soaked honey pot. She ran her tongue up one side of the mound and then the other. Her tongue parted the lips and that was all it took…..I spurted!!!! I didn’t even know you could do that, but I did… Heather looked up smiling with her sweet cum drenched face and went back to work. She need a break so she scooped some of my juices on to her finger, laid her head on my leg and began running slow circles over my clit. I could feel another cum building and I guess she could feel it to, because every so often she would stop and kiss some other part of me or caress my legs, anything to make it sweet and last longer.

Then she stopped licking my pussy and moved to that little space between my pussy and butt hole… She licked and kissed that for a while, which was really driving me up the wall. I really wanted her to finish me off and let me cum again, but at the same time I wanted it to last and last and last.

Heather pulled away and looked up at me from between my thighs and said,” Girl smell is nice and pussy tastes wonderful, I wonder…?”

I had no idea what she was talking about. She then began Licking around my little tight butt hole! That was all it took!!! About a minute into I started to come again and I came for what seemed like ten minutes. I know I didn’t go that long but it felt sooooo wonderful it seemed like it! All the time I was going off, she kept licking my ass. I never would have ever thought that she would do something like that, but I really loved it.

Finally she finished with my butt and proceeded to lick up my girl goo. After she finished she came back up and once again we held each other resting, loving being in each others arms and enjoying our glow and of course…the girl smell that filled my room!!!!

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