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Gina And The Amish

(Part 1 from 1)

Out on our normal Sunday afternoon ride, my wife and I spotted a couple of young Amish men walking along the road ahead of us. My wife already began to unbutton her blouse and had her bra off in a heartbeat. We pulled up beside of them and my wife, with her top open and tits not completely in open view but close, asked them what was going on. They looked to be about eighteen and you could see both of them eyeballing my wife as they replied just out for a walk.

We had a cooler filled with our favorite alcoholic beverage and asked them if they wanted any. We only had a couple left but we were going back to the house to get some more. They replied they did want some and hopped in the back of the truck to head to our house for more liquid refreshments. This gave us time to talk to each other and this is something we had talked about since we became pretty open in our marriage. There are always a bunch of young Amish men around and we talked about her doing one of them, or more. Now, we might just get to live up to one of the fantasies we have talked about. After being together for thirty years, we needed something to spice up our lives and threesomes and her fucking other guys certainly did just that. It's been going on for a few years and really brought a spice to our sex lives.

Our plan was pretty basic. When we got to the house, she was going to go to the back, strip down naked and come sit on the deck in her birthday suit. We pulled in the driveway and I invited the two guys on to the deck in the back. We loved living in the country and the privacy it afforded us. So the three of us went to the deck while my wife went in the house. I went to the kitchen to grab some more refreshments and stocked the cooler again, and joined the two young men on the deck. We all cracked open another drink and soon, here came Gina out the door, naked as the day she was born. She strolled out, grabbed a drink from the cooler and sat right beside one of the Amish. She is fifty-two years old and not a perfect body any longer, but still not bad with awesome tits that she loves to show to whoever wants to see them.

Her red curly bush was glistening in the sunshine and you could see her slit through the thinned out hair she kept neatly trimmed. Her nipples were erect and as usual, stuck out like the erasers on a number two pencil, round, pointed and firm. She began stroking the one's leg sitting beside her and you could see a rise in his crotch area. Matter of fact, they both had a bulge showing from the show they were getting.

Finally, Gina told the one beside her he better let that thing out or it's going to bust through his pants. She reached over and unbuttoned his pants and he wriggled out of them and his boner came popping out and sticking straight in the air. I have to admit, it was much larger than my own, by far. It was longer and much thicker and of course had that youthful innocence about it. Not any longer. My wife pulled him over to her and wrapped her lips around it and licked the juice off the head that was obviously leaking out. She then took it as deep as she could, but couldn't get it all in her mouth.

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She pulled him from behind trying to get it all in her mouth but to no avail. But she sucked hard, making little slurping noises, and it didn't take long at all. Soon, he was the one making the noises and pushing his cock in her mouth as much as possible. He came and he came some more and my wife gulped it down as each load shot into her mouth. she loves cum. She loves it down her throat, in her hands or on her body, she loves cum. She pulled back on his cock, grabbed it with both hands and continued stroking it hard and swallowing his young load. She had both hands wrapped around it and still had the head in her mouth. And soon, he was done.


But she wasn't. She looked at the other lad and said he better drop his pants and let Gina see his dick. He obeyed her command and although he was more of a normal size, it was still a sight to behold, stretching long, straight and hard. Reminded me more of myself when I was younger. She said to come over to her and he did and she took his rod in her mouth only this time, she got the whole thing in her mouth. She grabbed him by the ass, pushed it towards her face and sucked like the bitch she can be. Only with this lad, she fingered his asshole as she pulled him forward, face buried in his not too thick yet pubic hair. And she sucked making those slurping sounds and he came QUICK! He moaned and groaned and I thought sounded like he was going to cry, load after load emptying into her throat and she grabbed his cock with one hand, stroked it and sucked out the rest of his cum. I will never forget the look on her face as she looked up at him with a slight grin and cum running down her chin. She was in heaven and so were they.

The first one's dick was back at full attention and she laid on the carpet on the deck and told him she wanted that log inside of her. He looked at me and I said if you want it, go for it and he did. She moaned like I have never heard her when she slid it inside her and she was full, believe me. She begged him to pump her and pump her hard.

In the meantime, the second boy who came was standing with his pants off and his dick at three-quarters. I have never done this in any of our threesomes, mostly because they were friends, but I reached out and took his cock in my hand and began stroking him till he was stiff as a board again. So I continued stroking him and was really enjoying it and soon he said he was going to cum again. I told Gina to push the other lad up off her and she did, but making sure his fat cock stayed inside her. I then moved my guy over her and let him shoot his load all over her. Her stomach, her tits, her face, her hair, it didn't matter, she loved it. I squeezed the last drop out, shaking his dick over her and then the first Amish lad was ready to cum. He came inside her hard pumping hard and shooting hard. She screamed in ecstasy, pleasure and maybe a little pain. But needless to say, she was filled to the brim with cock and cum.

When he pulled out, I went to get some warm, wash cloths and soap and gave one to each person and they cleaned themselves up with my wife having cum running all over her front and from her cunt to her ass. They wiped their dicks off and pulled their pants up while my wife continued wiping cum off herself as they watched. She then got up and gave each one a deep kiss. I took them back to where we picked them up and told them they were welcome anytime. They said they'd be back and although it's only been a week, we haven't seen them yet.

When I returned home, I took my wife into the bedroom and had the sloppiest of seconds I believe I have ever had. But it was the best sloppy seconds and soon, she was full of cum again. I love this lifestyle, no matter what other people may think. And I can't wait till they, or someone else, fills my wife with cum and I get sloppy seconds. As long as I can watch, I don't care. What a thrill it is for the both of us.

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