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Getting comfortable with my twin sister

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi my name is kasey. This story takes place when me and my sister stacey were 16. I got home from a party one night and went up stairs to the room we shared. My parents were just on the couch watching some movie, they waved me good night as I went up. Are dad is white and are mom is black. Were both black girls but kinda light. You know that mix. 

When I opend the door I saw my sister in her underwear. She quickly put on her robe.

Me: sorry

Stacey: hehe its ok, we shouldnt be so shy around each other

Me: I know we should be able to walk around nude if we want to

Stacey: i guess

Stacey then went into the bathroom and came out in her silver pjs. She walked over to her bed and got under the covers.

Stacey: could you turn off the light? Im tired.

Me: turning in already are you?

Stacey: yeah its been a long day.

Me: yeah guess ill turn in to.

Stacey: thanks

Me: you know, we should be more comfortable around each other.

Stacey: you think?

Me: yes actually I was wondering if you wouldnt mind if I slept naked. I sleep better that way.

Stacey: really? when have you slept naked?

Me: actually I do it here alot, I just take my cloths off under the covers.

Stacey: I see,well I dont mind. Its hard to believe weve never seen each other naked.

I turned off the light and went over to my bed. Are beds were about 5 feet apart. I pulled the covers over and started to unbutton my blouse. Stacey told me she could still see me and I reminded her it was ok now. I threw my shirt on the floor and then took my shoes and sox off. My sister was looking at me like she was enjoying watching me undress. Then I slid my skirt down kinda slow and following that I undid my braw. When I slid my panties down my sisters mouth opened.

Stacey: you shave down there?

Me: yes its more comfortable that way. And its easyer to masturbate

Stacey: hehe i see.

When I got under the covers I felt like fingering myself right there. I always found my sister attractive. After all she does look like me.

Stacey: so were you nervous takeing your cloths off infront of me?

Me: a little

Stacey: how can we not feel nervous?

Me: well I heard if you want to be completely comfortable around a close friend you should hug naked

Stacey: where did you hear that?

Me: on some show on t.v (I made it up)

Stacey: ok, I think we should try it

Me: ok

I got out of bed and stood up. Then she stood right in front of me. She looked at me then pulled her shirt over her head. I had about an A cup and I was totally jealous when she took off her shirt and showed me her B cup.

Me: oh my god where did you get those? I thought we were twins

Stacey: lucky I guess =)

she then pulled her bottoms down and showed me her bush. We stood there naked looking each other over for a few moments. I lifted my arms and went for the hug. We held each other tight, are breasts pressed against each others. I hoped she wouldnt be able to tell I was wet or that my nipples were hard.

Stacey: I love you

Me: love you to

After about a minute we let go

Stacey: this is nice. I think ill try sleeping in the nude tonight

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Me: cool. im still jealous though

She giggled and I cupped her breasts and jiggled them a bit. Then we got back into our beds. I kept thinking about how good her skin felt against mine.

Stacey: this does feel good, maybe ill sleep better now. I wont be so tired when we have to get up for school.

Me: we should shower together in the mornings so one of us doesnt have to get up earlyer than the other

Stacey: thats a good idea lets do that.

I couldnt believe she agreed to that. I was in ecstasy. Laying there thinking about the morning all night, probably getting 3 hours sleep. Stacey woke me up and told me its time to get up. I just layed there not wanting to get up. Then I remembered what was going to happen. When I got in the bathroom Stacey was warming up the water. Then we both got in at the same time. When we were both pretty wet she grabbed the soap and told me to turn around. She started soaping my back and then reached around and did my tits. I told her to wait so I could get a cloth so we could do each other at the same time. After awile she asked if I was trying to see myself in her breasts. I laughed then got on my knees so I could do her legs and she could shampoo my hair, then we switched. She spent extra time on my pussy and told me how much easyer mine is to clean because I shave.

Me: do you want me to shave you?

Stacey: no I like my hair

Me: ok=)

Stacey: well we better get going were going to be late

Me: but its so cold out there

Stacey: I know.

We got dressed and got ready for school. It was snowing out and neither of us drove. Our parents were at work already so we had to walk to school. It was so cold. We had to walk about half a mile. Then when we got there someone told us school was canceled. I felt stupid for not listening to the radio. When we finally got back home we were freezing.

Stacey: lets take a warm bath

Me: sounds good. ill get the water running.

Stacey: ok

I ran up stairs and turned the water on. When it was full I quickly undressed and got in. It felt so good and I was getting horny thinking my sister would be there any moment. She would have to be on top of me to because it wasnt a big bathtub. When she walked in she was already naked and holding some candles. She was shivering as she lit them. Then she turned off the light and got in.

Stacey: better atmosphere

Me: yeah. sit up ill give you a massage

Stacey: mmmm ok

She sat up and I wrapped my legs around her and began to rub her shoulders.

Stacey: this feels so good.

Me: yes its so warm in here.

Stacey: hey Kasey,are you still a virgin?

Me: yes, why? are you?

Stacey: yes I was just wondering because you shaved your pubes

Me: oh, well yup im still an innocent little virgin.

Stacey: well thats good

about 10min later

Me: ok my turn

Stacey: ok

we changed positions and she did the same to me. I was more horny than I had ever been. Her legs felt so good around me.

Me: this is going to sound weird but im about to explode. Do you mind if I masturbate?

Stacey: well yes that is weird, but go ahead im a little horny myself.

I spread my legs as she kept rubbing me and I began to touch myself. I couldnt wait much longer so I inserted 2 fingers in me. Stacey put her chin on my shoulder and her hands on my sides so she could watch. I was moaning and makeing waves in the tub. Fingering myself with my right hand and rubbing staceys leg with the other. I loved that she was touching me and I could feel her breasts on my back. I could imagine her hard nipples makeing marks on my back. I began to squirm more and grip her leg tight as I had the most shattering orgasm. I calmed down when the waves stoped moveing.

Me: that was really good

Stacey: well there went our clean water

Me: it was worth it

Stacey: ok its my turn again

She was on top of me again and I began rubbing her shoulders again when she spread her legs. When she started rubbing herself I did the same thing she did to me. She put 2 fingers in just as I did but she moved her hips instead of her fingers. Stacey leaned back and fucked her fingers more. This made her tits move around and I just had to play with them. I grabbed them and squeezed her nipples. She really started to ride herself and yelled really loud witch echoed in the bathroom. Stacey just layed on top of me for a couple of moments shakeing. I held her tight and we got out of the tub and got dressed.

We didnt talk about it the rest of the day. We just did our regular routine. After that day we were sure comfortable around each other.

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