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Getting Fucked by a 12incher

(Part 1 from 1)

 I've been looking for a guy with a huge cock to fuck me and I can never find a cock big enough to fill up my ass.

One day I was going to meet up with a guy at a hotel. He had told me he was going to be late and told mw it was a surprise. So I got undressed and layer on the bed waiting for this guy to come and fuck my hot sweet ass.

Suddenly I heard the door open and there he was naked with his big fat black cock rock hard. He came over to the bed and gave me a bag. I opened the bag and found he bought me a 12"+ dildo and a bottle of lube and told me to use it when I'm horny and his cock is unavailable for me.

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He started to rub my cock I immediately got very horny and I grabbed his cock with 2 hands and pulled down on his cock and back up repeating it over and ovr again. Somehow I managed to wrap my lips around his cock and managed to get half his black cock I'm my mouth. It taste so nice every suck produce a new taste and sensation. Get up and lay on your back with your legs in the air. He noticed how soft and clean my feet were and immediately started worshiping my gorgeous feet. It was bliss as he left so much saliva on my feet.

He payed more attention to my ass and slowly inserted his big black cock I to my ass. Every push his cock went deeper and deeper until I heard him say under his breath its done. What do u mean he replied with your ass swallowed my whole 12" you are so amazing. I can tell that this was going to be sex it was going to be the best fuck I've ever had in life.

And so he fucked me pushing the shit in my ass back where it came from. He had the. Turned mw over into doggy style and fucked me like a little bitch. Fuck me fuck me I can't remember how many times said it but it was great. I wanted to ride his cock but he had pinned me down to the bed and continued to fuck me. Ooooooohhhhhh he said. This man was on the urge of cunning.

He ripped his cock out of my wet asshole and shoved it in my mouth and that's when he blew his load in my mouth. His load was so warma and there was alot of cum in my mouth and I've never taken that much cum in my mouth.

Thanks for reading my story and if u want fuck my gay ass and you can do anything you want to me or gay chat and u live in NSW call me on 0415804743 I'm waiting for ur cock, yum.

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