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Getting Dirty on the Farm

(Part 1 from 1)

I’ve lived on the farm for my whole life, with my family. My ma, pa, brothers, sisters, grandpa, grandma and uncle, plus, a few farm hands live on the premises as well. Well, ma’s given birth to over ten children, only one died in a tragic accident involving the plow, but I’ve decided that the farm must give off some sort of pheromone, because everyone is always fucking.

My brother Fred once fucked one of the sheep. He didn’t know I was watching, but I got so turned on, I pulled down my jean shorts, and started to finger myself right there next to the pig pen. 

It all started when I was about 14, I saw Wilbur, one of the farm hands, stripping off his shirt. I wanted him, right then and there, out in the fields. I went running home, washed off all my private parts, dressed in my jean shorts that barely covered my swelling ass, and my new halter top with a cotton shirt over it. I got him a glass of water and ran out to the fields again. 

Pa and everyone else were heading in to help with the cow that was going to deliver her new little calf, at any moment. Wilbur was just going to follow them, but I shouted at him. 

“Hey there Dollie Mae, what can I do for ya?” He wiped the sweat off of his brow.

“Here, I brought ya a glass of cool fresh water. Thought it looked like ya need something, out here in the sun. I’m just dying out here.” Handing him the water was the easy part, but seducing him, turned out to be a little bit harder, but not a whole lot. “Sure is scorching out.”

“That it is.” He drank all of his water, and tried to hand me the glass. I was already taking my shirt off, showing him my white halter underneath.

“How do y’all work in this weather? I’d be parched and waiting for someone to come rescue me.”

“Well, that’s why you should be up at the house.” He didn’t fool me at all; I knew that he’d been staring at my newly curvaceous breasts that were coming in just fine. They filled out my top nicely.

“Nah, I wanted to see how it was going out here. I got bored.”

“I’ve got to be going to the barn to help with the cow.” 

“But isn’t pa and everyone up there? Why can’t ya stay and chat? They won’t miss ya.” Smiling, Wilbur sat on the ground and took my advice.

“So what’s going on with you Miss Dollie?”
“Nothing much, I just feel like there is something out there calling to me. I’m hungering for something.”

“I hungered too, but I’ve been working here on the farm for a long while. It don’t seem like I’m going nowhere any time soon.”

I lay back on the ground, my knees opening and closing, showing Wilbur a pure straight forward view of my cunt. He didn’t do anything, except lay back on the ground, ignoring my welcoming pussy.

“Wilbur, I got something to ask ya.”

“What is it Dollie Mae?”

“I was wondering if ya thought I was pretty?”

“Why ya asking such funny questions, Dollie?” He sat up, his face contorted in confusion.

“Well, cause one boy at school said I was rotten ugly.”

“That ain’t true Miss Dollie. You’re very pretty.”

“Really?” I moved closer to him.

“Yes, ya are. Sort of like ya ma. I like ya long dark hair, especially. You’re face is as cute as a button. And you’re body’s….” he stopped there.

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“What about my body?”

“Nothing. You’re real pretty Dollie, and that boy and come and see me if he going to say stuff like that about ya.”

“Aw, thanks Wilbur.” I moved over to him and gave him a giant hug and kiss on the lips.

After the kiss, Wilbur said that we shouldn’t be doing such things.

I replied, “But I like ya, and ya said I was pretty. I thought ya liked me.”

“I do like ya, but Dollie, ya too young.”

“Really?” I pulled up my top, showing off my pert tits, which bounced in the golden sunshine. “Ya think that a little girl would have tits as big as these?”

“Oh, Dollie, they are pretty, but I can’t do anything to ya. I’d get in trouble.” He rose up from the ground, but I latched on to his jeans. Slowly, I undid the zipper, revealing that he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

I pulled down his pants, while he quietly protested. “Wilbur, I want ya. Now either ya get down here and claim me, or I’ll tell pa that ya wanted to, but I refused. The choice is yours, but either way I’ll get what I want.”

Gradually Wilbur lowered himself to the ground to be with me. “Now, how could I refuse an offer like that?”

I stripped out of my clothing, while Wilbur watched and petted himself. “Damn Dollie Mae, you’ve got the finest body I’ve ever seen. Now come back down here so I can touch it.” 

I lay on the ground and Wilbur got on top of me, so he could play with my tits. His relatively average cock, rubbed up against my pussy, which was ready and waiting for him to enter me.

“Aw, Dollie Mae you’ve done and made me harder than a rock.” 

“Well, I’ve been wanting that rock for a long time. So stick it up in me. I wanted to ride you like a bull.”

Wilbur rolled over, with me on top of him. My body like a feather to him; he lifted me up and planted his dick in my cunt. I hollered at the pain of my virginity being taken.

“Holy shit! You’re a virgin? Damn, Dollie Mae, why didn’t ya tell me?”

“I was afraid ya wouldn’t fuck me, if I told ya.”

“Damn right I wouldn’t. But since ya already on top of me… why don’t we break ya in?”

I laughed and agreed with him. I bounced up and down on his 5 inches, letting it get out of my cunt, and then slamming it back into my cunt. His hands were busy pinching and playing with my bouncy tits. I came like a bitch in heat, when he started flicking my clit. 

“Ahh, ohhh… ahhhh… oh, Wilbur…. Oh, I’m cumin.” With one last bounce on his cock, I squeezed my muscles around him and cummed.

He cummed moments later, and I loved the sensation it spurting into my cervix. I got off of him, with his dick still spurting cum. Lowering my mouth to it, I caught some of his cum in my mouth. I lick his cock after he was done. 

“Mmm, Wilbur that was yummy.” I got dressed, as he just lay on the ground trying to grasp what had happened in the last half an hour. “I’ll be seeing ya later for another go.”

“Dollie Mae, I want to see ya tonight. Come over to the bunks.”

“I’ll try.” I gave him a kiss, and ran off with the glass towards home.

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