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Gay client - new friend 2

(Part 1 from 1)

This is a follow-up story, to the one I submitted, just last week.  Well, like in previous story, I'm a straight(now bi-sexual)guy, who had his first gay experince last week, and loved it.  My new friend is 66years old, and quite a good cocksucker, that loves anal sex, and doing what I ask of him.  I'm 42, love sex, especially anal, and looked forward to sex with him again. 

This time though, he had an Asian friend of his over, to enjoy my 7. 5 " inch cock, and tight ass.  I went to his house today, after telling him I wanted to have some more fun, along with his friend.  He said: " Whatever you want us to do, we'll make you feel great.  "  As I knocked at his door, my heart was racing again! Seeing as this was all new to me, I didn't know what to expect, but couldn't wait. 

He let me in, and asked: " What would you like to do first? "  I said: " Lets get naked, and watch another porn, and I'd like it if you and (Lee), his friend , would lick and suck me.  "  He said: " That sounds good! " The 3 of us went into his room, he turned on another great gay porn, I layed on the bed, and they both started undressing me.  In seconds, with my clothes off, my cock was almost fully erect.  Lee then said to Tom: " He does have a beautiful cock, and nice ass, I can't wait to taste it! "  They both slowly began to caress my entire body, rubbing and touching me all over, kissing my inner thighs, and gently, massaging my ass.

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With the porn playing, and watching them do this to me, my cock was now rock hard.  I asked Lee, if he would suck me, and asked Tom, if he would lick, and finger fuck my ass, they both said: " YES!, we can't wait! "  Lee(the Asian) began to slowly suck and lick my cock all over.  His mouth was so warm, and his tongue so soft, my cock loved it.  Along with Tom, licking my tight, asshole, and sticking 2 fingers in it, I couldn't wait to come. 

Within about 10 minutes, I told them I was going to blow, but Lee then said: " Can you do my ass? "  I said: " Yes I will! " They were both undressed now, and Tom was right.  Lee's cock was about 5. 5 " inches long, and he had an even smaller ass than Tom's.  I couldn't wait to stick it in.  He bent over the bed, Tom lubed up his asshole with vaseline, and I put my condom on.  It was perfect! I had to push hard to get in, but once I did, I loved it.  Lee was telling me it felt so good, and during this time, Tom slid in front of Lee, who began to suck his cock.  It was just like a porno!

Me, pounding his ass, stroking his cock, and him sucking Tom's cock, what a sight!After about 5 minutes of this, Tom said: " I'm going to come, which made me ready to blow.  Lee sucked Tom faster, and when he shot his load into Lee's mouth, I exploded! It felt so good! I eased out of Lee, who was now fully erect, and I said: " Do you want my butt? "  I then bent over , he put his condom on(safety first!), and he said: " You have a great ass! "  He put it in slowly, and began to pump.  It was so nice.  I liked that feel of his little cock in me.  I started grinding my ass on his cock, and told him to fuck my asshole harder! He was pounding it!!While he was doing this,  I stroked Tom's cock, this was fun! Then, Lee said: " Here it comes, here it comes! and he blew! He fell onto me, and said: " That! was a tight ass! Thank you so much! I said: " No problem, I enjoyed it too!After resting for a few, I said: " Well, lets get cleaned up, and off to the shower, we went. 

Once inside, they went crazy washing me off.  I loved that feel of hands all over me! Within minutes, they were both stroking my hard cock.  Lee, from behind, and Tom on his knees.  Tom, then said: " It's my turn to suck you now.  With him sucking me, Lee began to rub my asshole.  I then asked Lee to lick my asshole, he did.  Tom, then began to deep-throat me.  I thought I was going to die! It was so fantastic! I knew I was ready.  I told Tom I was coming, and he kept my whole cock in his mouth, Lee licked and sucked my asshole faster, I EXPLODED!My god it was unreal! I never thought my cock could feel so good!

We dried off, and layed on the bed, exhausted. Lee then said: " Your really good, maybe we can do it again, sometime.  I said: " You bet, but before I go, would you guys both suck me off again in awhile? "  They looked at each other, smiled, and said: " As long as your able to, we'll gladly get you off again, we like seeing your cock hard, and watching you come! I now had 2 sex friends!! This is great!!More to come!!

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