Gail Goes a Hunting

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Tony Nash the new young sports master had earlier that evening met Gail Foy in the Harvester bar of the hotel, he had not recognised her as one of the students at his school, but then he was not supposed to, and with her hair done up, and her make-up so expertly applied, there was little chance he would recognise her at all. After a few drinks, her extremely sensuous sexy seductive and very adult behaviour won the day, and soon they were chatting like old friends, later Tony had not been slow to take up the implied invitation that she was offering. Not realising that she was an underage teenager.

Now both naked on Tony’s bed Gail knew she was more than halfway home as she fastened her eyes on Tony’s impressively sized cock . She was fondling it so lovingly in her soft teenage hands, just enjoying the feeling of success. She knew that she was going to have the pleasure of that lovely male cock deep into her hot young pussy any minute now, soon he would be shooting his seed deep into her waiting young womb. Impulsively, she leaned forward and planted a wet kiss just on the tip of his cock, smiling happily to herself as she saw it react almost immediately to the feel of her hot warm wet lips, and the look of lust in his eyes as he looked up at her, was a just reward for all the trouble she had taken to get into his bed Gail could see that his cock had become so hard with his desire for her young hot body.

She had to play this carefully, this seduction had been the result of long careful planning, brought about by her determination to tolerate the fumblings of teenage boys who just wanted to shoot their load into her, and leave her sexually frustrated. She had chosen her man with care, she had done her research and put her plan into action, and now she had to play this man like an angler plays a fish, to get him into her power, once she had let him fuck her a few times, she knew that she had a good chance of holding on to him, so that in future she had a real man to satisfy her every need.

One thing about having a mother who was a top class hooker - she knew all about men, what they liked, and what they disliked, she knew just what a girl could get away with if she was clever. In fact her mother actively encouraged her to get laid properly fed up with her teenage moaning, and had actively helped her with clothes and make-up and Gail knew she would not create hell if she stopped out all night, as long as she had some idea where she would be. Tonight her mother had lent her some of her very best clothes, and had spent nearly two hours helping her with her make up and her hair, and Gail knew that when she looked in the mirror before she left home she looked really good, and she looked at least nineteen years of age instead of her proper age of fifteen.

Her target had been Tony Nash the new young Sports Master of Langworth Comprehensive School, all the girls in her class were crazy about him, they knew he was single, but none of them had a mother to coach her, in the techniques of male seduction, neither did they have the overt parental encouragement which was such a massive help. Her blonde hair and the lovely wet looking tight red leather jacket her Mom had lent her had all been a terrific help in luring her man into her feminine trap.

Now she knew she was so near getting him into her clutches, as she bent down and kissed him tenderly on the lips and took one of his hands to place on her breast, while she took his cock in her hands and continued to gently massage lovingly and tenderly. Then she bent down spearing her tongue out, as she licked the hot juice pre-cum oozing from the slit of his hard cock. She licked at the large bulbous rounded head with her tongue moving slowly downward toward its base,and back again listening happily to the moans of delight coming from his lips. Enjoying his torment.

She happily licked his entire cock with her tongue, and then she sucked it using her lips to tease and excite him, until she knew that the time had come for him to put his cock inside her and fuck her properly.

The entire length of his cock gleamed with her saliva, as she took the head between her lips. She sucked his cock as tangible proof of her overwhelming desire for him. She felt his hands rest on her head, holding her there, loving the feel of his strong fingers fondling her long blonde hair as she worked away steadily on his now massive erection.

Soon she decided enough was enough, and so she lay back on the bed, her legs spread wide in open invitation, her knees bent, and her arms spread wide in an unspoken invitation, as she looked up at him as Tony crawled between her young slim legs, her eyes pleading for him to hurry up.

But Tony was enjoying his time with Gail and for a moment he let his eyes gaze down on her nude voluptuous beauty. She was undeniably a beautiful girl and as he looked down at her lovely young body, a picture of wanton lust, he could not imagine why such a beauty should be so attracted to him. Gail waited with growing impatience for him to take her. Tony was now glad that Joan his fiancé had left him to marry his best friend. His cock felt as though it was ready to explode, as he looked down at the graceful curves and hollows of this ravishing young girl.

"God, Gail you are gorgeous," he whispered hungrily.

"Come, my darling man make love to me “. She said softly, barely containing her impatience. She slid one hand down her belly, combing her lacquered fingers into her blonde pussy hair parting her hair and letting him see the joy that was waiting for him.
"Come now darling man she ordered impatiently“ with a slight edge of impatience in her voice. “Put it in me and make love to me."
He pressed his thumbs against the soft, yielding lips of the pearly bud of her clitoris which lay waiting for him as he tweaked the gleaming protrusion with one thumb.

With his other he plumbed the opening of Gail’s vagina. Gail writhed ecstatically under Tony’s very intimate attention. Her body was on fire as he played with her young waiting pussy.

His hard, hot body slid upward along hers. His elbows taking his weight as he continued to play with her breasts and her hard nipples. Their mouths met in a long demanding, passionate hungry kiss. Their tongues dueled passionately as Gail twined her legs with his as he lay between her waiting thighs.

She was going to wait no longer as she put her hand down, and took his long hard cock in her hand, letting it push against the lips of her waiting pussy, as she held her breath in anticipation. Then to her relief she felt her pussy lips part as his cock pushed into her gently making the first delicate but very welcome penetration of her waiting pussy . Her clitoris was being crushed between their bodies, creating a sensation of sublime ecstasy that was completely new to her young teenage body. It seemed at that moment that her body was on fire as Tony started to move slowly and gently pushing ever deeper, as it sought her waiting womb. Her hips responded, and her young teenage arms locked round his neck, her tongue forcing its way between his lips.

Tony moved slowly at first, savoring all the sensations that her young body were giving him, then he started to increase speed into Gail’s young pussy, feeling her hot vibrating tissue embracing his cock, now forced wide open by the size of his larger than average cock. She locked her legs round his hips as if to draw him in even deeper as she reveled in the sensation of his cock plumbing her teenage depths. Now she was beginning to understand, what her mother had told her, and what a real grown man felt like when he made love.

“Aaaawww," she growled. "You're so lovely and biiiggg my darling."

Tony responded with a low moan as he felt his cock being embraced and massaged by Gail’s, young body. With a final push he sank his cock to its full length as far as it would go and he held it there for a moment.

"Pooch, Tony," Gail sighed ecstatically. She was so happy and she felt so in much in love with this man, as he made love to her in a way that was completely new to her. But she knew even in her limited experience that the best was yet to come. Tony started to move in a slow rotating movement enjoying the feel of her hot flesh as it massaged his cock sending such fantastic sensations spiraling through their bodies.

Tony was moving in a smooth movement born of experience, constantly drawing back then pushing his cock home in Gail’s eager pussy. He stroked his hard cock in the velvety sleeve of her vagina, feeling her warm wet flesh clinging to his, feeling her folds envelop his, as he began to revel in the wonderful sensations running through his body, and he knew that soon he would be shooting his seed into her waiting womb. He wanted to hold on for as long as possible, but Gail’s breathless whisper "I'm cumming," ‘I'm cumming, cumming, cumming, cummiiinnnggggg." Triggered his own response.

Eventually Tony felt her body arch, her arms almost strangling him, her hips forcing themselves up against him as she almost lifted the mass of her new lover clear of the bed in her passion. Her orgasms followed one after another, as they roared through her young body as Tony pushed his cock deeper into her vibrating pussy.

Gail’s orgasms were enough to destroy Tony‘s self control and was the final stimulus for Tony’s lust. His body reacted explosively, convulsing and jerking as he poured his seed into her, spraying deep into Gail’s waiting womb. His body convulsed in passionate convulsions as he filled her with his seed.

Eventually Tony and the young Gail slowly slumped in exhaustion as their climaxes gradually faded. Their bodies still locked in a passionate embrace. Gail inhaled deeply, her body aching deliciously from the weight of Tony on her ribs. She hugged him against her, tangling her legs with his and clung to him as her orgasm slowly faded. She was exhausted and totally content at least for the moment. She thought all the planning and hard work had been worth it and there was still the rest of the night to come.

"Wow!" Tony sighed as he recovered.
"Oh, Tony," Gail sighed ecstatically.
"Gail you're good," Tony muttered into her hair.
"Tony, I love you so much."

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