Fucked my gf in exam hall

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Hi guys i am back again with my second story which happened last month. We were having exams last month so i said my gf to come early morning to bus stop so that we can catch bus early and go early to college and we can fully prepare for exam. She agreed and next day she came early morning at 6:30 am to bus stop. I already arrived the bus stop at 6:20 am.

After 5 minutes a govt bus came so we both get into bus. I was surprised to see. that day the bus was empty. There are no peoples in bus. And as always we went for last two seats and seated. Conductor came and i took two tickets for me and my gf. And conductor went and sat in front seat near driver. There were no peoples in bus so i hugged my gf and kissed on her cheek. Than after i kissed on her lips for two minutes it was a superb one. I was aware that it is a bus so i should be careful while having fun with my gf. I sawed is conductor is watching us or not but he was busy talking with driver. I felt relaxed and i put one of my hand on my gf boobs and pressed her boobs over her dress. She moaned ahhaaaa. Than i inserted my right hand inside her dress and i touched her bra. Than i pushed her bra inside her dress and her boobs became free.

And i pressed her boobs nicely from inside her dress. Than i inserted my left hand inside her phant and panty. I touched her pussy it was a hairy one. I inserted my middle finger in her pussy hole it was already wet and than finger fucked her pussy. She was moaning like ah ah harish plz live this is bussssss. But her moaning was slow only i can hear because of bus sound. After finger fucking her pussy for 5 minutes the college stop already coming to near so i removed my hand from her pussy. Than college stop came but no one was there in college exams will start at 9:30 am but we reached the college at 7:15am.

It was too much time was there. So i took her to my class room which was in 3rd floor and i sat near a window and asked her to come near to me. She came a hugged her and said her remove her shirt and phant. She not agreed because she was afraid that anyone will come. I said i will be watching from window if anyone comes we will stop this. Than i removed her shirt and unhooked her bra and sucked her boobs fastly. Than i removed her phant and panty and sucked her pussy for 2 minutes. Than i not removed my phant but only i opened my phant zip and my fully erected cook came out.

I kept my cook in her pussy gave and pushed hard it went like an express. Than i fucked her hard for 10 minutes my juices came outside i spread my juices all over her pussy. Than i cleaned her pussy with some paper and throwed that to dustbin. Than she weared her dresses but still not one came to college. I said her just to give me a good blowjob. Once again i opened my zip and my cook came outside. I was standing near a window and watching outside and my gf was sitting down and enjoying with my cook.

She kept my cook fully inside her mouth and sucking nicely by moaning hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm. After 5 minutes i fucked her mouse and my juices came again but this time she drank all my sperm and cleaned my cook with her tongue. This is my second reall story. I hope all of them enjoyed by reading this story

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