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Fucked In The Club

(Part 1 from 1)

It was my best friends birthday and she decided that she wanted to go to a club to celebrate. So me and seven of my friends all went out to a nightclub in DC. There were some problems getting in and we had been pregaming so I was already very drunk by the time we finally in. I immediately started trying to find guys for my friend to dance with. I found two very tall Israeli men who looked fun so we all started dancing. My friend wasn't interested in her man but I was very attracted to my 6'5 dancing partner.
As the night wore on Samuel kept buying me drinks and I let go of all my inhibitions.

Pretty soon we were making out up in the VIP section which looked over the whole club. He took me over to the walkway that everybody could see and threw me up against the wall. His quick hands found my dripping pussy and he started working his magic. I didn't care that everyone could see because it felt so good. I grabbed the huge bulge in his jeans and knew that this was turning him on. But he wasn't the only one who was tuned on. His friend David was in the corner staring. Samuel kept plunging his strong fingers deep inside of me and before long I came to my first orgasm of the night. This only made the bulge in Samuels pants bigger and I knew it wouldn't be long until he was deep inside me.

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He led me back down to the dancefloor where we could be a little more discreet inside the crowd. I started grinding on his hard cock and he whispered "have you ever fucked on the dancefloor?" I hadnít but there is a first time for everything. I unzipped his pants and secretively slipped his 8Ē throbbing cock into my hungry vagina. We started fucking to the beat of the music. It was so good I didnít want him to stop. He kept pushing harder and harder, deeper and deeping into my pussy. I just wanted to scream when I came but I knew that I couldnít draw too much attention to us. With one last deep thrust he came inside of me and his cum started dribbling down my leg. It was so sexy knowing that I had just been fucked on the dancefloor and we were the only two who knew. Well not the only two his friend was still watching us.

I knew I wanted more but I wanted to go to a place where I could be as loud as possible. My friends were all inside the club so I knew that my car was empty. I asked Samuel to come out to my car so that I could fuck him even harder than before. He followed me out to my car as did David. Normally I wouldnít have wanted his friend to be following us around but I felt like putting on a show. Samuel and I climbed in the backseat and David sat in front. Soon we were going at it again. He started licking my soaking wet pussy making me shudder with every lick. I couldnít take it, I had to know what he tasted like.

I unzipped his pants and started sucking hard on his cock. He tasted so good I couldnít get enough. I went harder and harder and his balls spasmed out of control. He came in my mouth and I swallowed every last drop, I didnít want to waste any of it!! By this point David in front seat was tugging at his own huge cock and was almost ready to come. I invited him in the backseat so that he could enjoy some pleasure too. I started sucking on his huge penis as Samuel started thrusting me from the rear. The esctasy was too great when both of them came inside me at the same time.

I orgasmed like I never had before! I just wanted both of them to keep fucking me so the pleasure would never end. I couldnít believe that two of the sexiest men in the club were fucking me in my own car. I let out an orgasmic scream and collapsed. Nothing had ever felt this good. Iím pretty sure they enjoyed it too!

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