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From wallflower to Rough Sex

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Gabriella always had an attraction to black men. She stood aside as her friends flirted with the black guys at dance clubs and went home with them, she was always too shy to let any man really get close to her. Yet this night at the club would be different, it was her 18th birthday, and she was going to go all out.

As her friends picked her up outside her house, they couldn't believe Gabriella could look so sexy. She wore her brand new pair of black pumps, and a black dress that had a low neck that reached to almost her naval. It was the first time in months she wore her hair down, it was black and long and almost reached her waist. When she got into the car, they told her that jlo had nothing on her, since they thought Gabriella was an even sexier puerto rican.

They began dancing as soon as they got into the club, rejecting guys left and right with whom they did not want to dance with. A handsome black man in his late twenties was in awe when he first saw Gabriella on the dance floor; yet he didn't want to approach her and bother her night out with girlfriends. When Gabriella went to the bathroom on her own, he knew this was his chance. As she walked out, he asked her to dance before she could get back to the group. Seeing how tall, muscular, handsome and charming he was, she couldn't resist. A midpaced r&b song came on that was perfect for grinding; Gabriella let herself go and danced as sexy as she could for this man.

As their bodies rubbed together her back against his chest, the man took hold of her arms and raised them over her head, allowing him to run his hands down her clevage, stomach and down to her thighs, which he spread and pushed her hips into his. He tried to hold back but his hands had a mind of their own, going up her short dress and into the low neckline of her dress, which gave easy access to her breasts whose nipples were so hard they were visible through the thin fabric. The man suddenly came to his guilty senses and removed his hands. Gabriella did not want this to stop, so she turned to face this dark mystery man and let herself kiss him deeply. Though the man had a never ending amount of sexual experience, he wasn't one to just pick random girls up at clubs. Yet he saw how innocent this girl was, and he had the greatest yearning to give her the sexual pleasure he knew she wanted. He asked if she could come home with him, and without thinking she said yes, rushing out the door with him and leaving her friends.

The ride home was a blur, and before she knew it, Gabriella was entering through the man's doorway. He closed the door and grabbed Gabriella from behind, rubbing his hands everywhere and kissed her neck. She had never been given so much affection, she was taking it all in without hesitation and loving it. He whispered in her ear how much he wanted to pleasure her in every way, then lifting her chin to match his so he could give her the deepest kiss she ever experienced. She began to undress him, quickly getting him naked as he pulled her over towards the couch. His cock was already rock hard, it was large dark and veiny, creating a slight bit of worry since Gabriella didn't know how he would get it inside of her. The man didnt worry at all, he knew how to get her soaking wet (she was on her way already) and he had lots of lubricant all over the house.

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He pulled her dress over her head, leaving Gabriella breathing in deeply in just her black panties and pumps. Pulling her down onto the couch, he positioned himself over her as he kissed her neck and licked her skin all the way down to her breasts. He took one breast into his hand and massaged it as he took the other in his mouth and sucked it passionately. Gabriella started to moan and this made the man even more aroused, making him begin to bite and tug at her breasts aggressively, making her begin to douse her underwear. He kept licking and sucking as his hands slid down to her hips, he rubbed her pussy outside of her panties until his hands became wet through the material.

The man pulled them off, making sure not to take off her black high heels as the underwear passed her feet. He spread her legs, and though he wanted to tease her he did not have the control. Gabriella let out a passionate moan as he dove into her pussy, licking her juices and caressing every part of her body with his hands. She shook of nervousness and passion, she ached and moaned like she never had before. As she came close to climax Gabriella began to tighten her thighs around the mans head, yet he placed his hands firmly on her legs and kept them spread wider than she knew she could bend. Not wanting her to cum yet, every time she neared he would back off and blow lightly on her pussy, kissing around it and letting her come down from her sexual high. Gabriella could not take it anymore, she knew she wanted him inside of her.

She told him to fuck her, to give her the pleasure he promised. Since he knew it would be difficult at first, he reached int he drawer next to the couch and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. He squirted it over her pussy and all over his throbbing cock, using whatever remained on his hands to rub all over the rest of Gabriella's body, making her curves shine in the dim light of the room. Spreading her legs as wide as they could possibly go, he placed his dick in the opening of her pussy and slowly eased in. Though it slid in easily, it was painful as it stretched Gabriella out. She teared and adjusted her hips to let him in as far as possible, closing her eyes and focusing on relaxing her pussy muscles. Soon he started moving in and out slowly, moving almost all the way out, squirting some more lube, and pushing back in. Soon it slid in so easily that Gabriella could enjoy it; and when the man saw this he pulled out and sat down on the couch. Gabriella positioned herself over him, lowering her body so her tits were right in front of his face, letting herself slide onto his dick, the weight of her body pushing him in as far as possible. She started to move herself up and down, then letting herself bounce on his throbbing penis, making her breasts jump up and down in his face as he tried desperately to keep a nipple in his mouth.

She put her hands on the couch past his shoulders as he put his hands down onto her hips. She watched his muscles flex as he manuvered her whichever way he wanted to with ease, allowing her just to relax and let him fuck her. She let her head fall back as he bit into her breasts, listening to his moaning and slurping sounds as his tounge flicked over her nipples. He pulled her nipples hard, making her scream and moan with pleasure as he pushed her back and forth on his cock, up and down and even in circular motions.

The man tried to be gentle with Gabriella at first, but now he could see that she had adjusted to his great size and his heat could not let him hold back anymore. He picked her up, still keeping himself inside of her, and carried her to the bedroom. He threw her down onto the bed, spread her legs quicky and thrust himself back into her pussy with full force. She screamed at the top of her lungs and wrapped her legs around his waist. He thrusted in and out of her pussy as fast as he could, sometimes bringing himself almost completely out of her and thrusting back in, sometimes keeping it in all the way and just pushing her body into the bed as he attempted to get in as deep as possible while grinding his hips into hers.

He pumped in and out as quickly as he could, not giving her time to even take in breaths or even get an audible word out of her as he fucked her senseless. Gabriella's fingernails created scratches in the mans back as he drove into her during their sexual frenzy. He pulled out of her, turned her over on her back and had Gabriella kneel while bracing herself on the headboard. He spread her cheeks and inserted his cock into her from behind. At first he went in and out slowly, letting her admire how good he was fucking her, as she watched him go in and out of her pussy. He slapped her ass, making her start to scream and moan even louder as he started to go in faster and with more intensity. he pushed her whole body against the wall, leaving gabriella nothing to hold onto, her nails trying to claw into the paint. He pushed in and out as he squeezed her tits violently from behind, alternating hands between her breasts and her pussy, fucking her while fingering her clit. He knew he was driving her crazy, and he loved every minute of it. The harder he fucked her the more she wanted. Sweat ran down his forehead while he pulled her hair, pulling her head back onto his shoulder so he could kiss her neck and bite her ear.

The man pulled out and let himself fall backwards onto his back, and in less than a second Gabriella crawled back onto him and jumped on his dick. It was her turn to fuck him, she sat perpendicularly on him and moved her hips in circles and completely buried his cock in her pussy. She let her hands hang in the air as she moved her hips every which way possible, back and forth, side to side, screaming and moaning as her she realized she could see her reflection off the many mirrors of his bedroom. She could see her red,wet and sore tits bounce as she herself bounced on him. He leaned upwards and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her down toward him. He let her tits rub and flop all over his face as he put his hands on her ass and helped her thrust. They continued the rough sex for the rest of the night until they ran out of energy and cum.

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