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Freaky Friends

(Part 1 from 1)

 It’s hotter than hell outside & we have plans to kick it in about an hour so, I decide to go for a swim and cool off since I have awhile to wait. I jump in to the water so my entire body goes in & so I am completely submerged making sure every inch of me got wet & I then climb up onto a floating raft to relax. My nipples are very hard in reaction to the cold water, witch automatically causes me to start playing with them, & its making me even more aroused so that I eventfully begin exploring my entire body, running my hands down my sides & then down my panties which is the only thing I wore in to the pool. I begin rubbing my clit & really getting in to it so that’s when u arrive early, extremely early at that, oh & UN announced. You enter the pool area very quietly & sit down to observe & to make sure not to distract me. I am unaware of my surroundings and I don’t even notice that u are there. I take my hand out of my panties & then pull them to the side exposing my pussy, & very hard clit, which I begin rubbing in circles. As you continue to watch as u carefully remove your shirt & then undo your pants. What is now a very hard cock shows & u begin stroking it as you watch. U walk quietly over to the edge of the pool & sit down quietly placing Ur feet in the pool without making a sound & then u continue stroking Ur even hard cock as u watch me.

The raft that I am on drifts closer & closer to you but when I almost bomb in to you, you grab the raft and say “do you want this cock?” startling me like crazy, but I still smile and respond “you already know I do.”

You grab my arm & pull me off the raft completely so that I am now standing in the water at just about the right height. With cock in hand u shack Ur it at me, moving it back and forth & with the other hand bring my head toward it so u can smack it across my face and u tell me “suck my cock”

I begin by first licking all around the head of your cock with my tongue ring in circles & then looking into ur eyes l lick up and down the shaft then lick ur balls & then back up to circle the head again, I then open my mouth & take in ur cock, sucking hard on the end so that I am taking u in as much as I can as I continue sucking moving up and down. Your cock slides in & out of my mouth & every time it slides out I instantly suck it back in again.

I then take my 42 triple d’s and place them in ur lap placing ur cock between them, the head pops up through the top and as I slid u up and down, between them and when the head pops back through the top I lick and suck it back in again.

You then lead me to the steps where u have my hands support me on the top step and guild my feet to the second, so that I have my ass just early hovering above the water, you spread my pussy lips and run ur finger up and down between them, then placing two fingers inside me slowly to make them fit without hurting me u begin banging my pussy, after awhile u then begin licking my entire pussy up and down, with ur tongue flat u lick all the way up to my clit and back down almost to my ass repeatedly, as soon as I begin swarming and wiggling around u concentrate on just my clit, flicking it with the tip of ur tongue, as my legs become weak u help me to keep my ass above the water, I’m moaning and telling u repeatedly “oh yeah, MMMM, don’t stop, right there.” & in no time start to climax & loose all strength falling in to the water.

You immediately grab me and ask “ are u ready to take this fat cock in that tight little pussy baby” Looking into ur eyes I shake my head up and down and u tell me “then ask me!” so I say to you still looking into your eyes “can u fuck my pussy please?

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You climb out of the pool and sit on the edge again with ur feet in the water and tell me” I want u to back up on this darling” So I place myself so that my ass is toward you and since I’m in the water still when I am bent forward my face is just above the water, u take your cock and slap my ass and pussy lips a few times before u begin to push it in to my tight pussy. I begin moaning and complaining a little saying “owe” a few times, before changing my tone and saying “ oh yeah, that’s feels so fucking good” you then begin moving me faster and faster by grabbing hold of my hips, when suddenly u stand up with ur cock still inside me and shove my head into the water and hold it there as u pound me from behind and then let me up, I gasp for air and breath heavily as u continue to pound me hard as u can, fucking my tight hole with ur huge thick shaft hitting deep inside, occasionally slapping my ass, I begin to cum not to shortly after so I start tightening and clenching my pussy around ur cock, squeezing it so I am milking it. It brings u so close to Cumming Ur self that u tell me “turn around and take this now baby!” I spin around and u UN pinch the head of Ur cock stroking it a few times and releasing Ur? load, shooting it all over my face and near my mouth and I lick my lips so that I can get a little and taste it “mmmmm” I say so u ask me “ you like the taste of my cum don’t you baby? And as I look into Ur eyes I continue and u say “oh yeah that’s right, lick it up baby enjoy my cum.”

We then both dive into the pool to cool off and take a well deserved and needed break, as we relax on the steps u turn to me and say “so u ready for round two?” smiling I respond and say “sure sounds good to me.”

Standing up and walking towards the house u stop and let me catch up & we enter the kitchen where u pat the countertop and say “ come on, hop on up there sweetie” so with my hands behind me I put them on the counter and lift myself up so I am sitting with my legs dangling. U then walk over grab a cup and head over to the freezer where u fill it up the cup with ice before returning back over to me. U gently push me back with ur hand on my chest so that I am lying down now and u grab my ankles and place them on Ur shoulders, as ur leaning in u spread my legs wider the closer u get, I move my feet so that the bottoms are now resting on ur shoulders and then push using u as a support.

U grab a piece of ice from the cup and place it on the edge of my nipple slowly circling the outside and then spiraling inward, my nipples harden instantly as I gasp from the cold, u then begin running the ice down my tummy and back up the other side repeating the same motions on the other breast and down the opposite side all the way down till u reach my thigh and then u move inward closer and closer to my pussy, but doing so very slowly, I do a lot of gasping and heavy breathing, u then take the ice and throw it in to the sink before grabbing another in which u rub immediately on my pussy lips but only on the outside of the slit at first and then u spread my pussy lips using the ice and begin sliding it up and across my clit to the other side of my inner pussy lips and then down along my clit again till u reach my ass and repeating this motion u continue rub my clit over and over.

The extreme cold on such sensitive parts makes me try and scoot away and close my legs but u won’t allow me to forcing me to take it, again u toss the remainder of the ice into the sink and this time grab two pieces and with no hesitation push them one at a time into my pussy and then in farther with ur fingers, taking my legs u make it so u can place ur cock right up against my pussy and insert ur cock in me and me and as u slid in and gasp ur self cause the head of ur cock hits the ice responding with “ oh wow!, that’s awesome and then “its fucking cold but it feels so dam good” as u start fucking me very cool water runs out of me and down my ass crack. pausing only long enough to grab more ice and put them inside me and after a few very long moments of this intense foreplay u then stop & suddenly grab my hands helping me down as ur say”go get on ur knees” as u gesture toward the couch, of course I do exactly that and excitedly wait with anticipation for u to come over to me and continue "U walk over and grab my knees so there spread them exactly how u want them and ask me
“do u want this cock some more baby? And slap my ass real hard so that I respond with a high “yeah” and u ask me “ how much do u want this cock inside ur pussy” “oh really bad” I moan back,
“u want my cock all up inside Ur tight pussy really bad do u?

“ ”Oh yeah” I say and u say “ OK if u say so” and with absolutely no warning u slam ur cock into my pussy all the way in as deep and u can go and say “take that cock baby take it all”, hitting my cervix u say “there can u feel my cock hitting ur cervix baby? Do u feel me pounding ur insides?, I am now screaming and moaning with pleasure as u fuck me deep and hard yelling out “oh my god’ and that “oh that hurts so good”, and “hurt me, I love it when u hit me deep inside” and as I continue to moan and talk I then suddenly blurt out “oh my god I’m going to cum don’t stop” and you tell me “cum on cock baby” encouraging me telling me “come on baby u can do it, cum on my cock” I then suddenly spray you with cum as I qwerty this time, wetting u and the couch as it runs down my legs, and u tell me oh yeah baby squirt for me, that’s right cum all over my cock holding on to my hips pushing deeper so that I don’t push u out and I continue moaning and saying oh my god even when the orgasm is over and u keep fucking me tell suddenly u say “my turn” in a grunt and “I want u to make me cum with that pussy baby tighten that pussy around my cock I start clenching again so that I am once again milking ur cock and u ask me in ah hurry “may I cum inside of u? I tell u yes and say to u “cum in me baby I want to feel u throbbing inside me. Bust that nut in my pussy then loudly u excitedly yell out oh god, u grunt and I can fill u Cumming in my pussy and I swear u grow bigger too. And I tell u oh god yeah baby since hearing and seeing u satisfied is almost as good for me as for u.

The rest of the day is spent just kicking back and going from room to room fucking a quickly here and a longer fuck there all through the house until its time for u to head home. As I walk u to the door u tell me Thanks for having me CUM over I had a BLAST. I hope I will see u again real soon. I smile and tell u well thanks for CUMMING and the feeling is mutual my friend.

You then drive away waving & we both go to bed happy not to mention tired and sleep like babies because we are both very satisfied with our arrangement as friends

Wrote by the one and only Jenna Luv, original date May 4th 2008, Revised on October 11th 2011

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