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Flight Delay

(Part 1 from 1)

I was on my way back from America when we had to stop in New York to change planes. I had sat next to a young woman in her mid twenties on first leg of flight who was also flying on to London to join her husband who had been there for six months.

We made our way together to the departure gate and I was concerned the plane was not already waiting and the lounge was nearly empty. I went to gate and was told that for technical reasons the flight was cancelled and would depart tomorrow. It appeared that along with the lady name Susan we were the only ones they had left to sort out. We were then told we had rooms in a hotel near airport and a bus was waiting with our luggage to take us there and would collect us at 10.00am next morning.

By time we got to hotel it was mid evening and we had vouchers to get evening meal. Susan had taken my eye as an attractive woman very slim with firm tits and nice smile as we collected our room keys we noted we were in adjacent rooms and she asked me if we could share a table for dinner. Having dropped my bags off and a quick freshen up I knocked her door and she opened it and joined me I noticed she had changed into a very short skirt which showed her legs off and for a man some years older than her she made me feel very lucky.

We talked over dinner and a few glasses of wine and she said she had not seen her husband for six months and felt let down by the delay. I found out that he was a lawyer in London on a two year assignment and she had given up her job as an estate agent to come over. With the relaxation of the wine she said did I like her skirt and I nodded she said it was a gift from her hubby before he left and she had planned to wear it for him. She said he liked her to dress up to turn other men on and was I turned on. I smiled and said you are certainly very attractive and yes sexy.

With the restaurant closing we left and made our way up to the fourth floor and along to our rooms I don't know what made me say it but I offered her another drink and she said yes please. We both had a Bacardi from my fridge and sat on my bed she said I looked like an experienced man and I looked at her as she moved to the bed edge turned and kissed me saying thanks for looking after her. She then moved her head to give me a finch kiss right on the lips with her tongue working mine.

She then stood up and said she had only ever fucked her husband and she was desperate to have a shag with another man could I help her, just with that her skirt dropped to the floor exposing her wet pussy tight against a very small thong. She pulled off her top to release the very firm tits and nipples which were very swollen.

She knelt in front of me and released my cock giving out a moan and then my god you are big, her lips gulped up my cock which was like a rock after some reasonable fore play I laid her down and slowly entered her at which her whole body shivered as I felt her release a wave of juices onto my cock. I then massaged the tits as I slowly worked her clit with my cock as I increased the speed I could feel I was ready to explode when she yelled don't stop I am on the pill so please let it come. I could wait no longer as I exploded like a bomb inside her.

As she calmed down she smiled and said she could not say how much she had enjoyed the fuck and could she sleep in my bed, I could not say no and after another session we slept before waking to her asking me to fuck her in the arse as she had never had it there and so I obliged. We cleaned up went to airport and even managed to get seats together. Finally as we collected our bags and split up she gave me her telephone number and said please keep in touch which I plan to do as she was indeed a great fuck.

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