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Flashing truckers

(Part 1 from 1)

Joe Ann loved to flash truckers even though she was not that's pretty she just liked to do it , her boobs where not that big but she didn't care to her it was fun to show her boobs to strangers , she liked to dress in skimpy shirts for the truckers to her in her mind she though guys where really picky about looks but she felt like truckers where different to her they liked a good boob show , of course she didn't just flash her boobs to any guy or any guy she was not that kind of women she though of herself as a good girl with a kinky fun side to her , to her she felt safe doing it with the truckers of course she wouldn't just flash her boobs to any guy in a car but truckers it was different , and of course she would be embarrassed if she accidentally flashed her boobs to a family in a car.

She didn't want that that was would be embarrassing so if she needed to flash and had that urge it made sense to do it to truckers , so she would get in her car wearing a skimpy top but still covered the risky of being covered but still a little nude felt fun to her doing this was a way to have sex but in a simple way most of the time she would just drive around and if she saw a lonely trucker she gave them a flash she didn't do it to be a hooker she was not that she didn't do it for money she would just do it for fun.

She would flash a trucker on the road and then masturbate herself she got off on it and hoped some guy would take a pict of her boobs and put it in his truck , she kinda hoped he would take a picture of her boobs and masturbate to her photo , she didn't know why she felt like that sometimes she wondered what she was thinking but still thought she was lonely and hope flashing a trucker that maybe he was lonely to

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