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Fishing Needn't be Boring

(Part 1 from 1)

Britain in the summer can on occasions be sunny and hot, contrary to popular opinion. It was on one such day, shortly after my 13th birthday that I had my first, and as I later found out illegal sexual encounter, although at the time I was unaware of technicalities like that.

I had gone fishing down by a local river, and, like most young boys boredom had set in after half an hour of lack of bites. Pondering over whether or not to find some other activity on this sunny day, I was joined by a man about 25yrs old. He was carrying fishing tackle, and looked serious about his hobby. “ Any luck” he asked, “no” I replied, “I think I might pack it in “.” Well we can’t let the fish win” he said and proceeded to set up his gear next to me on the riverbank. Within ten minutes he had two rods in the water, one ledgering downstream, the other trotting a float some eight feet from the bank. We both sat in silence except for the sounds of nature. I was not an expert fisherman, in fact I had only taken the sport up some two months ago, the tackle had been a birthday present, my father had remarked that this would probably be another waste of money. It was my lack of technique that caused me to manage to get entangled in the trees as I tried to re-cast. “Fuck it” I cussed as the hook became embedded in the shrubbery.” Hey”, shouted my neighbour “don’t yank it like that or you’ll break your line”, he quickly placed his rod on its rest and came over to me, “give it a little slack and I’ll try to release it”. Reaching up into the bush he soon had my hook free. “It’s your casting that caused that, let me show you how to do it properly”. The young man stood close behind me, one hand on my right hand holding the rod the other holding the line but also my left hand, his head was resting on my shoulder our cheeks touching, his skin felt cool despite the warm day, I could smell traces of aftershave. With a gentle flick of his arm the bait was deposited in exactly the right spot. “You see how easy it is” he said “now lets try it again”, he wound in the fixed spool reel and lifted the bait from the water, and repeated the action, again the bait landed in the correct spot. We remained in the same position watching as the float drifted slowly with the current, it was only then that I realised his cock was getting hard and pushing into my back. He must have noticed my awareness and quickly released me “I’m I’m sorry” he stammered, “ I think me needing a pee caused that. I watched as with no attempt to conceal his penis he stood and peed against a small bush flamboyantly waving the stream of urine around. As he finished and was shaking the drops of piss off, he saw me looking at his cock; in comparison with mine it was huge despite being now only semi-hard, he was uncircumcised although as he continued to squeeze the last drops of urine out repeatedly exposed his glans from under his foreskin “I bet a young boy like you never stops playing with yourself? He asked. I was taken aback by his question. I had of course experimented with my own cock and had had the odd wet dream, which at the time hoped I had concealed it from my mother, but as for a properly completed wank I was still trying. I failed to answer his question and looked in the other direction. “Well it looks like it’s not only your casting that you need to learn but also how to wank” he mocked.

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“I’m Carl” he said as if nothing else could happen until our names had been exchanged. “Gary” I told him in return “ although everybody calls me Gaz” I added. He was now standing beside me his cock in his hand. On reflection I don’t think I was the only one to feel self conscious, and unbeknown to me it was Carl who was trying to perform an illegal sexual act on a “minor”. “Have you ever seen a man have a wank?” asked Carl, “I’ve never seen anybody have a wank “ I replied “ but we have a boy in my class who says he wanks every night, but I don’t believe him”. Carl was moving his hand up and down his cock as we talked, exposing his wet with pee glans as he did so, I knew his cock was not fully hard, because it still pointed down to the ground, not like mine straight up against my belly when it became erect. The thought of my own cock being hard made me involuntary give it a small squeeze through my faded jeans, it didn’t go un-noticed by Carl. “Is your little bald Willy getting excited”? “or are you wondering what it would be like if I got hold of it, played with it with my hands, and then finally give you your first proper wank so that you cum as you do in a wet dream.

Carl sat down in the long grass on the riverbank and motioned for me to join him, which I did, he gently took my hand and wrapped my fingers around his cock, keeping his own hand over mine. His cock was hot to my touch as we moved our coupled hands together slowly up and down his shaft. I had felt my own cock getting hard wrapped within my hand, but this was something different, I was making a strangers cock go hard. It continued to grow both in length and girth, until I could no longer extend my fingers all the way around it. Having satisfied himself that I could be trusted to wank him unaided Carl removed his hand from mine and left me to carry on. I maintained the speed that Carl had set, and watched in awe as his foreskin slid easily to and fro over his shiny glans, a clear slimy fluid was now escaping from the pee hole in the end of Carl’s cock. It flowed all over the his purple end and down the length until it met with my hand, it was slippery and caused my hand to slip easily over Carl’s shaft. On each upward stroke I rubbed against the underside of Carl’s glans, producing a groan from Carl, his head was moving from side to side in the long grass, and his hips thrust upwards in time to my wanking. He grabbed my hand and moved it faster up and down his cock, his hip thrusting increasing in time. Suddenly at the end of a particularly powerful upward thrust he remained there, his cock jerked within my hand and from its end erupted a jet of white fluid, arching away to land beside Carl’s face, his hips relaxed only to be followed by another jerk, this time the white fluid leapt into the air to return to the back of my hand. Thee more times this happened each one a little less powerful than its predecessor. Carl’s body stopped its jerking, my hand still moving up and down his shaft, both my hand and Carl’s cock were covered with cum it was leaking its way down between my little boys fingers and mixing with his pubic hairs. Carl sat up and taking my hand away from his now softening penis lifted it to his mouth and proceeded to lick clean his own cum from my small hand. Satisfied that every finger was clean, he pressed my hand down onto my young un-wanked hairless boy cock and said “ now its your turn”.

Carl laid me down in the grass and proceeded to unbutton my jeans, the zip was pulled down and I lifted my hips to help him pull them down to my knees. I had a little pair of, white cotton briefs on, not being a lover of jockey shorts. Carl run his fingertips across my belly and just under the waistband of my briefs, he continued his journey down my groin until I felt his fingertips against the side of my little balls. My cock was growing causing a tent like effect within my pants. Carl’s fingers continued to explore until his hand was inside my briefs and easily cupping my small balls in his mans hand. He kneaded and squeezed them, not hard enough to hurt, but each squeeze seemed to increase my erection, which was now stretched up to the edge of my waistband and flat against my belly. I was experiencing feelings I’d never felt before, so when Carl removed his hand I felt disappointment. I needn’t have worried though as with one swift movement my cock was released from it confines and my briefs joined my jeans around my knees. My little cock stood in all its glory stiffly pointing towards my chin now a good five inches long. Like Carl I was uncircumcised, but unlike Carl I was hairless unless you count a fine dusting of blonde fuzz that now showed up in the sunlight. Carl gently held my cock with one hand and traced its short length with the tips of the other, when he reached the tip he worked his finger under my foreskin and run it around my now lubricated glans. With his finger wet with my precum he started to trace his way down over my shaft over my little ball sack until it rested on my juvenile bum hole, as he probed away at its entrance, his other hand started to wank me off. The new feelings I was experiencing became more intense. The probing away at my bum worked and I gave a small yelp as his finger penetrated me, just the tip at first until most of his finger disappeared inside me. Both his hands worked in unison, as he pushed his finger into my bum his other hand pulled back on my foreskin. Carl was wanking me with only his thumb and his first two fingers, it was all that he needed. His first finger was on the base of my cock and on each upward movement came into contact with the cleft on the underside of the head of my little penis, I didn’t think anything could feel as good as this, I was wrong, with strange but strongly intense feelings way down in my stomach, Carl replaced his hand on my cock with his mouth, his lips took over where his fingers had left off but now his tongue was sending me into ecstasy as it worked away on the most sensitive part of my little cock. The feeling in the pit of my stomach became overbearing and rapidly spread to my balls and into my cock. I can remember thinking now I can wank as stream after stream of cum jetted from my 13yr old cock into this young mans mouth. In the space of an hour or so I had learnt how to toss someone off, how to wank myself off, Oh! And how to cast a bait.

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