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First trip to gay bath house.

(Part 1 from 1)

I had been hearing rumors of gay bath houses and the uninhibited sex that went on in them, I had to check it out. One Saturday night I went looking for it, the guy inside who checks you in asked if I wanted a room or just a locker, I had no idea but I went for the room. The first room you come to has lockers on both walls where you undress and lock your clothes in a locker and wrap a towel around your waist. I was very excited and turned on my cock was hard and throbbing already. 

The next room had a big screen TV showing gay porn,past that was a big open room with some bondage equipment, a guy was chained to the wall with a guy fucking him and 3 guys standing around jerking their cocks, I was in total amazement at the whole place, I had to stop and watch, when the guy fucking finished another guy took his place, it was a hot gang bang with the bottom enjoying it very much. A guy came up and started talking to me, I told him it was my first time there, he told me if I was a bottom to go to a room and lay on the bed naked on my stomach, leave the door open and the tops would know you were looking to get fucked, wow, what a turn on this was. 

The next room was a steam bath, less than half full with a few guys getting sucked, I layed on one of the benches and took off my towel, closed my eyes, my hard cock was sticking straight up, a minute later someone started sucking me, I never opened my eyes, I just shot a huge load into his hot mouth, I loved the idea that I was getting sucked off with other guys watching. The next big room had a sling suspended from the ceiling with a skinny young guy getting fucked by a older guy with a big fat cock

About 6 guys were watching. I was standing there and a guy came up behind me and started massaging my neck roughly, pushing my head down, I turned to look at him he was about 45, thick body, very hairy, his cock wasn't long, maybe 7" but very thick with a huge head. I undid my towel and exposed my ass to him, it felt so sexy, he started rubbing his big cock head up and down my ass crack.

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He pushed down on both my shoulders forcing me to my knees and hung his fat cock right in front of my mouth waiting for me to suck it.

As I sucked him he got bigger and wider, filling my mouth, when he was rock hard he took me to his room and put me on the bed face down,
I had never had rough sex before but I could tell he was into it, I was sort of scared but also very turned on. He roughly put a fat finger in my ass and finger fucked me until I relaxed a little
then he went to two fingers with lube, I could feel myself getting stretched, finally he had three fingers in me up to his second knuckles, my cock was hard again. 

He removed his fingers and roughly rammed his big cock into me, going balls deep his first thrust, I gasped, it hurt but also felt so good. He started fucking my fast and hard, the door was open and a couple guys stood there and watched us. His rough hand reached around and squeezed my cock  and started jerking me hard as he pounded my ass. I came all over his hand and he kept stroking me using my cum as lube, he came after one final hard thrust.

I went and soaked in the hot tub for a half hour watched some rimming and sucking, but I had to try out my room, the idea of laying on a bed naked with ass inviting to be fucked really turned me on. After I got to my room it was maybe 3 minutes before I heard a guy come in, I didn't even look at him, he stood by the bed and  started caressing my ass, I spread my legs and he climbed on and started fucking me, I felt like such a slut, I loved it. He fucked me long and hard and left, I never even saw what he looked like.

I love this place, I will be back for more.

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